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UPDATED DEC 14, 2019

Group fitness is having a moment, especially in the Big D. From Pilates and HIIT classes to boxing and yoga, studios all over the city are getting Dallas sweating. But if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered with a list of all the best fitness studios in DFW.




At this New-York-based boutique fitness studio in Preston Hollow and Uptown, you’re in for far more than your average cycling class. Here, they’re dimming the lights, cranking the high-energy tunes, and guiding you through a cardio-heavy, choreographed ride like no other. It’s the ultimate mind-body, muscle-sculpting experience that will have you coming back for more.

[solidcore] in Knox Park is all about slow and controlled resistance training. But make no mistake — this is NOT a Pilates workout and slow does not mean easy. Each 50-minute session is held on their custom-built [sweatlana] machine, where you’ll work through planks, squats, and lunge-based movements to strengthen your entire body. No worries if you’re just getting the hang of things, they keep classes small, and the instructors are always happy to help make sure your form is right. You may not be running miles or using heavy weights, but you will be working your muscles to fatigue (in the best way possible).

It might seem like Pilates at first, but One Lagree is a workout all its own. Sure, you’ll be sweating on a Reformer, but the studio’s low-impact method will torch your core using a blend of high-intensity cardio and strength exercises while using springs to increase tension throughout the workout. That way, you’ll boost your metabolism and burn tons of calories — even after you’re done. Head to their studio in Oak Lawn to feel the effects firsthand.

If you’re clipping in your cycling shoes for a workout at ZYN22, prepare for a heart-pumping, calorie-torching ride that’s not just about changing your body, but changing your life. Dramatic? Maybe, but it’s hard not to find your happy place on a bike with all the positive vibes floating around at this studio. Plus, the colorful lights and beat of the music will keep your spirits high and your legs on tempo during every 45-minute workout. Experience the ride of your life at their Uptown, Fort Worth, and Park Ln. spaces.

It’s all about maximum efficiency at BMF in Plano, where they offer classes meant to train your upper, lower, or full body in an hour or less. The cardio portion takes place on a treadmill or bike (you get to pick) and strength training exercises go down on the floor. Plus, the music is mixed specifically for each workout by the studio’s personal music producer/DJ, and the LED lighting system changes throughout the class. After your sweat session, feel free to clean up at their spa-like locker rooms and treat yourself to a juice, smoothie, or bowl at the BMF Bar. Fitt Tip: on Fridays after 5:30pm, they offer free beer and wine in the lobby after class.

If you’ve never experienced a heart-pounding workout at Rise Nation, then get ready for a full-body sweat sesh that you’ll be feeling for days afterward. At this dedicated VersaClimber studio in Knox/Henderson, you’ll spend 30 high-energy minutes moving through interval-based, choreographed exercises set to bass-heavy beats. Intimidating? A little. But their knowledgeable instructors will be looking out for you every step of the way. Plus, they offer an intro class so you can dip your toes and get accustomed to the climbing machine before going full throttle.

Consider VITAL Fitness your one-stop studio because they offer everything from boxing, cycling, and TRX to yoga and HIIT classes. Not sure where to start? Try their V3 class that incorporates both strength training exercises to build muscle and yoga flows for increased flexibility. We guarantee it’ll be the best 55 minutes (of high-intensity interval training) of your day. You can find this fitness haven in The Joule Hotel in Downtown Dallas, right across the street from the Giant Eyeball sculpture (so you can’t miss it).

TITLE Boxing Club offers a full-body workout that’ll leave you breathless and dripping with sweat — trust us. Each session is broken down into three parts: the warm-up, the rounds, and the core and cool-down. Rounds are three minutes each, and it’ll go by quick because you’ll be working your arms, legs, back, and core by punching and kicking 100-pound heavy bags based on the trainer’s instructions. Luckily, you’ll get a one-minute active rest session in between rounds to catch your breath and take a water break. Think of sessions at TITLE like workout/therapy hybrids where you can take your stress and frustrations out on the bag. Even better, you’re never too far from a studio — you can get in a hard-hitting sweat at one of their multiple Dallas-area locations.

Perfect for both beginners and experienced yogis, CorePower Yoga in Henderson, Mockingbird, Preston Forest, Victory Park, and West Village is your go-to studio for high-energy flows and good vibes. Here, you can get your zen on in a variety of heated and non-heated classes focused on detoxing, increasing flexibility, alleviating soreness, muscle sculpting, and even boosting cardio with high-intensity interval training. Basically, there’s a class for everything. And when you’re done perfecting that tree pose you can rest and relax in their luxury changing rooms.

When it comes to group fitness studio offerings, the TruFusion maxim is there’s a class for that. With more than 65 class formats to choose from—bootcamp, cycling, kettlebells, boxing, TRX, yoga, Pilates, barre, and so much more—there’s no need to be choosy. We guarantee you’ll be coming back for more. With multiple membership models to choose from and hundreds of classes on the docket each week, it just got a whole lot easier to fit all your favorite workouts under one roof.

Plainly put, Social Mechanics is a CrossFit gym with the belief that fitness is a journey, not a destination. Their training philosophy consists of targeted warm-ups, basic strength exercises, high-intensity conditioning sessions, and recovery exercises all strategically programmed to mimic everyday movements and improve your daily life (aka functional training). The best part? Your membership at this Lower Greenville powerhouse gets you 50% off all food at neighboring restaurant and Dallas foodie fave HG Supply Co. See what the hype is about and try your first two classes for free!

If you've ever experienced an Orangetheory workout, then you know exactly why they've got fans (and studios) peppered all across the US — Dallas included. But in case you haven't, here's what you're in for: a total-body workout where you'll switch between the treadmill, rower, and strength training exercises with weights all while a custom heart rate monitors track your performance in real time. It's intense, and you're guaranteed to leave with a sweat-soaked shirt, but the top-notch coaches and second-to-none community make the muscle burn well worth it.

Experience an elevated, one-of-a-kind workout at Sculpthouse, the world’s first studio to combine modern Pilates and interval cardio. Tone, stretch, and sculpt away in an atmosphere that is not just decidedly chic (check out their activewear boutique for enviable sweat sesh swag) but oh-so progressive. Workouts on two human-powered machines—the Megaformer and Woodway Curve treadmill—create low-impact and high-intensity sculpt sessions that activate all your muscle groups. Receive motivation and close attention from trainers while basking in the glow of Sculpthouse’s chromotherapy — a color light therapy that restores balance while you sweat, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “afterglow”. Check out their CardioSculpt class for an efficient 50-minute workout, or the Sculpt 101 if you’re feeling shy and want some extra instruction.

Did you know that rowing is an activity that engages over 85% of your body’s muscles? Row House knows this, and they’re giving full attention to each muscle group with low-impact aerobic exercise for athletes of all levels. Rowing takes some serious endurance, which is why Row House has adapted a row in-sync philosophy to keep you and your spirited crew going strong. The erg—that’s a name for the indoor rowing machine—tracks your progress so that you can reach your goals and maximize your performance. Head to either their Southlake or West Frisco locations and row, team, row!

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