UPDATED NOV 11, 2019

We don’t always have time to explore the mountains every day, so we head to the gym. And there’s no shortage of places to get you in peak (pun intended) shape around Denver. What sweat spots will hit the sweet spot? Check out some of our favorites below.




This South Broadway spot has an edgy and refreshing take on fitness. Their signature REBEL class incorporates HIIT, functional strength movements, and dynamic power in one killer, all-encompassing workout. But boredom doesn’t happen at REBEL, so mix it up as you like with a cycle, barre, or Pilates combo class.

It’s about exercise for your body and your mind at PSF in Wash Park. This bootcamp-style workout fits a ton of different fitness modalities (think kettlebells, TRX, kinesis, free weights) into their studio space. But most classes only have 10 to 15 people, so if it’s personal attention you want, personal attention you’ll get! It’s a supportive community that prides themselves on developing strong, confident members. Can’t make it to Wash Park? Tune in for one of their free weekly live-streaming workouts.

This stadium-style studio in RiNo, SloHi, and Westminster (opening summer 2019) houses 21 Matrix IC7 bikes. What does that mean? Let us help: Epic Ryde has fancy schmancy bikes with a “coach-by-color” training console that lights up to help riders keep tabs on their WattRate power meter or heart rate output. This technology creates an added element of interaction and motivation. That’s a nice way of saying that you can’t cheat by coasting in a low gear. But you didn’t come to class to coast anyway, now did you? Want to mix it up? Try a cycle/TRX fusion class to take your workout to another level.

Rhythm Revolution packed up their Park Hill studio for greener pastures, hosting pop-up classes around Denver until their space is ready at the new "fitness marketplace" Nurture later in 2019. But once they're back up and running, it's going to be REAL. Founder and “Beat Gypsy” Jasmine Anderson designed the Rhythm Revolution studio to deliver a sensory experience that is simply unmatched. So expect each class to be fueled by some super-strong beats. No, you won’t hear hits at Rhythm Revolution, but you will get out of your head with a legit heart-pumping ride. Need a break from the saddle? Try one of the HIIT or yoga-cycle fusion classes for a full-body (and mind) experience.

How’s this for unique? RiNo Yoga Social is a place where Denver yoga teachers rent space and create their very own classes. No cookie cutters here — every class is creatively crafted by a local yoga teacher and inspired by his or her desire to share their journey. There are no memberships, no advance sign-up required, and each class is paid as an affordable drop-in or donation-based rate.

We know — it’s the yoga giant of Denver, but they're deserving of recognition. They were born here, and man, did they grow here! With studios all over the city (as of this writing, we're at 17, plus a handful in Boulder) and classes ranging from beginner-friendly Core Restore to intense and sweaty Yoga Sculpt, you’ll find your flow at CorePower.

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If you’re new to yoga, big can be intimidating. You agree? Then try The River, a smaller community, with a location near Civic Center Park and in Five Points. Their vigorous but purposeful Power Vinyasa classes manage to be accessible and welcoming to newbies and challenging for regulars. Have an injury or special consideration? The River also offers adaptive yoga classes to cater to almost any need.

Aside from being a consistently top-rated box in the Denver area, CrossFit Broadway offers another way to spice up your daily routine with their exclusive F.I.T. classes. This bootcamp-style workout pushes your body in a different way than classic CrossFit, but it’s just as effective. CrossFit Broadway has a philosophy we can stand behind and a community we’d stand with any day!

Siblings to the ever-popular Movement Boulder, both of Denver's Movement Climbing + Fitness locations are stellar. Check out Movement Denver’s massive and modern space at 6th Ave. and Lipan, or you can head to their newer location at Improper City in RiNo. And in addition to its state-of-the-art climbing at both, Movement has a schedule packed with fitness classes designed to get and keep you in shape for all of your adventures within and outside the walls of Movement. From climbing fitness to interval training, and indoor cycling to yoga, Movement builds some seriously well-rounded athletes. Fitt Tip: your membership to one Movement gym gives you access to all Movement gyms.

This indoor climbing crag is a welcome addition to Stapleton, sitting just down the street from Stanley Marketplace. In addition to its 16,000 square feet of vertical climbing walls, Übergrippen has a 15-foot- tall boulder wall, 10 auto-belay stations, a long lineup of yoga classes, and a seriously decked out fitness floor. And the name? The folks at Übergrippen say it’s for that intense feeling of relief when finding a jug or good handhold after a difficult crux. We feel you, Übergrippen.

With studios all over the city, you’re never too far from an Endo sweat sesh. There’s something for everybody and every part of your body with HIIT, cycle, kinesis, strength, barre, and yoga, plus combo classes like cycle-row and cycle-barre. Endo’s tagline “movement is our drug” describes the vibe well — teachers and students are addicted to this place, and newbies of any level are always welcomed.

High intensity and low impact, Fierce45 reps Denver’s Lagree Fitness scene. It’s 45 minutes of full body strength, endurance, cardio, balance, and flexibility. The movements may not look like much, but trust us — they burn. How do they check all the boxes? They inspire you to be fierce in each class by writing your intention on the chalkboard in front of your routine. Motivation and accountability — check! You can find them in six Denver neighborhoods, plus one in Boulder.

Transform in LoDo doesn’t want you to maximize your workout, they want you to optimize your workout. They focus on efficient and intense movements using body weight resistance and state-of-the art equipment. They offer both Lagree Fitness classes and climbing classes. But these aren’t the climbing classes you’re probably thinking of — rather than a rock wall, they use the Versa Climber for a low-impact, full-body cardio and strength sweat. You’ll use every muscle in your body (including ones you didn’t know you had), and yes, it feels like a transformation.

Don’t let the word gymnastics scare you off from Awaken. They’re consistently voted Denver’s best gym for a reason. And that reason is that they use effective gymnastics-inspired, mobility-centric training methods to build strength and flexibility like you’ve never imagined. Physical honesty and intelligent training are the name of the game at Awaken. Take a look at the bodies and attitudes of the regulars and you’ll be sold. Find them in the Arts District.

Platform Strength is the concept from podcaster, YouTuber, MTV's The Challenge star, and exercise entrepreneur Emily Schromm. But don't think this "hybrid gym" is well-loved just for its star trainer. In fact, all of the trainers are top-tier, bringing the know-how and support whether you're looking for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, functional fitness, or metabolic conditioning. Whether you've never touched a barbell or your callouses have callouses, you'll find the programming 100% scalable and effective. Fitt Tip: you'll have access to the gym 24/7 with a membership.

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