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Hardcore yogi? Timid first-timer? Just looking for a fun way to break out of your routine? It’s obvious that Denver’s full of people looking for a little balance. And our city has no shortage of yoga classes and studios for your perfect mountain pose.

You can down dog in a small un-mirrored studio, feel centered in a serene heated room, or get your blood pumping when pairing your practice with some weights. We’ve broken it down for you so you can find the perfect space to roll out your mat.

Samadhi Center for Yoga is one of Denver’s oldest yoga studios, but don’t let that fool you — they’re far from outdated. The family-owned studios offer a huge variety of classes in three central locations — Uptown, Golden Triangle, and Park Hill. Translation: you’re never too far from a studio, and you’re sure to find your soulmate yoga practice.

Designed to avoid comparison and judgement, Whole Yoga offers their welcoming classes in a small studio without mirrors. Each class also includes time focused on meditation, which Whole Yoga believes is essential to any yoga practice (and is incredibly stress-relieving). What else makes Whole Yoga different? Their pricing. They believe that making yoga accessible also includes charging reasonable prices. Check out the noticeably lower per class and package rates at this City Park studio.

Creating a peaceful place to practice is the focus at Vital. Started with love by two sisters, this West Highlands studio has stayed true to their roots. Take it from us: this is a yoga experience in its most zen form. They also encourage all clients to take part in their Bowspring classes to help with alignment and mobility.

CorePower Yoga

Yoga Studio

CorePower Yoga is the yoga giant of Denver. They’ve got your asana covered with eight studios in Denver, and a handful of others in surrounding ‘burbs. And classes? Literally so many that you’ll find the one you want at any time of day. CorePower is your spot if you’re into mixing a solid workout with yoga mindfulness, too. Check out Yoga Sculpt, and see what happens when you combine yoga flow with weights (hint: lots of sweat and a toned bod — that’s what).

If you’re new to yoga, big can be intimidating. You agree? Then skip over CorePower for The River, a smaller community with studios near Civic Center Park and RiNo. Their vigorous, but purposeful, Power Vinyasa classes are both accessible and welcoming to newbies and challenging for regulars. Have an injury or special consideration? The River also offers adaptive yoga classes to cater to almost any need.

Teaming up to help your community thrive

Teaming up to help your community thrive



What fit freak doesn’t like endorphins? If you’re looking for a well-rounded place with a solid community and high-quality yoga classes, Endorphin is your spot. Endo (as the regulars call it) makes it easy, with studios all over the city. Want to ease in? Try a combo class and tack on a yoga flow after a cycling or rowing session for a truly balanced approach. Bring on the good vibes.

Kindness Yoga

Yoga Studio

True to the name, the folks at Kindness are passionate about people having a place to practice yoga — regardless of their ability to pay. While they do have listed fees and rates, but if you are unable to pay the full price, they open to taking whatever you are able to pay to attend a regularly scheduled class. Pretty cool! While they have multiple studios across the city, the Kindness community is one. You won’t feel judged or out of place in this welcoming space.

No guys, not that kind of high. A yoga high. This downtown spot wants you to feel that bliss you can only get from an invigorating flow! An awesome option for downtown workers, get here for a 55- or 75-minute class to break up your work day. Classes aren’t heated and take a slower pace, so you won’t leave drenched, but you will leave renewed to take on the rest of your day.

Habla Español? FLEX Yoga + Barre is proud to offer select classes in Spanish amongst their hot and toasty yoga classes. But fit yogis looking to mix up your routine will want to get in on the barre classes, too. And get this: they’ve even got the best of both… Hot Barre! Small in size and big on community — this studio will get you excited to sweat. Visit them at their Five Points studio, or check out their new Park Hill spot! Fitt Tip: classes at off-peak times are cheaper, so if your schedule is flexible, save some bills!

The Freyja Project is a mind-body haven in the Highlands. The bright and clean studio offers a variety of yoga (and dance and barre) classes. Keep it traditional, or try something new, like Freyja BUFF (which incorporates weights and cardio into a yoga flow), Candlelight Yin, or Warrior Flow. Wondering about the name? It’s inspired by the Norse goddess Freyja. It was said that she rode into battle to collect the souls of valiant heroes (we have to admit, she sounds pretty sweet).

Heating up Lakewood is Kula Yoga. They’re about more than just the yoga — the Sanskrit word “kula” means “community”, after all. The welcoming vibe is undeniable, too. Newbies and seasoned yogis will be challenged while also feeling completely at home. And yep, the instructor will know your name.

Not your typical yoga studio, Outlaw Yoga is a revolutionary power yoga community. Their classes are technically simple, but physically challenging. They aim to bring yoga to all the people. Whether you’re a young, urban vegan or a middle-aged, meat-loving cyclist, you’re welcome at Outlaw. Check ’em out at their flagship studio in Littleton.

Who says yoga needs to be complicated? RiNo Yoga Social has daily classes that don’t require you to sign up or purchase a membership. A kind of anti-yoga studio, they’re a place for Denver yoga teachers to rent space and offer whatever classes they want. Every class is unique and affordable, so whether you’re a commitment-phobe or just like variety and flexibility, you’ll love RiNo Yoga Social.

Yoga Pod

Yoga Studio

The low-key and cheery vibe at Yoga Pod will take away any hesitation you have to give yoga a try. Sweat it out with a twist on hot yoga, stay with a more traditional flow, or mix it up with a strengthening Yoga Tone class. Plus, Yoga Pod has seven locations around Denver and the ’burbs, making it that much easier to squeeze in some time on your mat.

Bringing yoga to the Tech Center, ONE Yoga offers a range of practices: Power, Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Gentle, Restorative, and Kundalini. Seriously, this clean studio feels like a relaxing spa. Pair your practice with ONE’s bodywork services in the form of massage, acupuncture, or Reiki for a full-on om experience.

With studios in Platt Park and Glendale, Mudra Yoga will take you on a journey. Founded by childhood friends, owners Heather and Tracey aim to make yoga accessible and approachable, while also offering a deep, transformative experience. And they pretty much nail it. Mudra is also a great spot for pregnant women, with dedicated (female-only) prenatal classes. And in case you were wondering, the Sanskrit word “mudra” means “a spiritual gesture, offering an energetic seal of truth”.

Tula focuses on hot yoga, with traditional 60- and 90-minute classes. They also offer a music-only (that’s no talking!) hot yoga class, and a Forrest Yoga class in a heated room. All of the instructors have special training in injury prevention and healing, so Tula is an ideal place to practice if you are nursing an injury or bouncing back after surgery. Find Tula in their Alamo Placita studio.

Park Hill Yoga focuses on traditional Iyengar yoga. The studio also skips the mirrors to stay consistent with their purpose of allowing you to reflect inwardly without distractions. Their goal is  to help you work your body physically while also helping you quiet your mind. Want to try something different? Check out their Yoga for Athletes class (we guarantee that your hips are tight).

If Bikram is your jam, this is your spot. These folks are Bikram purists and want to share that love with you. Classes at their Northeast Denver studio are always heated to 105° (it feels like 200) and make for some intense sweating to match their intense asanas. Don’t worry, though, newbies are very much welcome. They even offer some tips on etiquette and expectations to ease any apprehension.

The Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver focuses on traditional Hatha yoga taught in the Iyengar tradition. Translation? Hatha yoga is considered “yoga of willpower”; Iyengar strongly emphasizes the physical alignment of the body in the asanas (poses), creating a sense of balance and lightness that will be reflected in the mind. It’s just something you have to try. The South Broadway studio is fully-equipped with props used in the practice of Iyengar yoga, including custom-made wall ropes.


**Updated by Hillary Bennetts, August 2018

Teaming up to help your community thrive

Teaming up to help your community thrive

Teaming up to help your community thrive

Teaming up to help your community thrive