Introducing Bella La Crema, a One-of-a-Kind Butter Bar in Lyons

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Introducing Bella La Crema, a One-of-a-Kind Butter Bar in Lyons

You don’t have to be a nutrition expert to know that sugar is out and fat is in. Whether you’re fully committed to keto or just starting to add coconut oil to your coffee, there seems to be a real niche for places pushing the “healthy fats”. So, naturally, there’s a spot in town we think you’ll be pretty pumped about. Say hello to Bella La Crema, The Front Range’s very own butter bar!

What a time to be alive

Bella La Crema is the buttery brainchild of Shauna Strecker. She first remembers churning butter by hand at age five, and after years as a musician, has gone back to her roots by creating her very own bistro and bar dedicated to all things butter. Shauna’s venture was born after a health scare caused her to rethink her diet. She wanted to know the source of her food and ended up buying into a cow share and starting to churn her own butter from the raw milk. Amazed at the health benefits of grass-fed butter, she set out to share it with the community.

Only the best is served at Bella La Crema on Main St. in Lyons — they churn butter with organic cream from grass-fed cows and then culture it by reintroducing the good bacteria that was taken out during pasteurization. They then kick it up a notch by thoughtfully flavoring each batch into a savory or sweet blend. They’ve got over 20 specialty flavors ranging from Sunrise Saffron Shine (turmeric, cinnamon, honey, saffron, and lemon) to Ode to Neruda (paprika, garlic, onions, and lime.

And while it might sound fancy AF, Bella La Crema (translates to “nice cream”) is the opposite of pretentious. The adorably quaint space is cozy and welcoming. They’d love you to try all of the flavors, and if you need some ideas on incorporating them into your day, they’re ready with recipes you can try.

Better with Butter

But it’s more than just a bar. Bella La Crema also has a bistro that serves all kinds of delights that highlight the beauty of butter. The menu changes often to reflect the creativity of the day and the flavors of the season, but you can expect savory eggs, creamy cassoulets, buttery grilled cheese, and sweet eats featuring buttercream frosting.

And, of course, they also have a lineup of butter coffee and other nourishing sips like bone broth with butter and CBD oil.

Butter is officially back, and it’s better than ever at Bella La Crema!