6 Spots in Denver Serving Bulletproof Coffee

6 Spots in Denver Serving Bulletproof Coffee

As soon as that awful alarm goes off, what is the first thing you think of? For most of us, it’s how can we possibly get up to get the day started. Coffee is always the answer but have you thought of trying bulletproof coffee? That’s right, your favorite beverage (coffee) enhanced with MCT oil and grass-fed butter… you heard us, butter.

Most bulletproof coffee advocates claim a shot of healthy fats might help slow the body’s absorption of caffeine, meaning that the drinker will feel a more gradual, longer-lasting sensation of alertness and less of a jolting buzz. Not only that, but it kick starts your metabolism…We’ll take two!

  • Just Be Kitchen

    Just Be Kitchen in Denver
    image via Just Be Kitchen | Facebook

    Of course this entirely gluten-free and Paleo gem serves a delicious cup of Bulletproof coffee. Get the classic cup, or mix it up with maple syrup, chai spices, coconut milk, cinnamon, or honey. No matter your choice, you’ll leave this place a happy—and caffeinated—person.

  • Honor Society

    Denver Coffee
    image via Honor Society | Facebook

    Most of us crave this LoDo hotspot for their healthy meals, fresh juices and smoothies, or maybe even their cocktail bar but you can get your morning started at Honor Society as well with their signature bulletproof “Metabolic Paleo” coffee. There is a slight twist to this cup as this coffee features organic coconut oil, grass-fed clarified butter, maca root, vanilla, molasses, and maple syrup. Need we say more?

  • The Molecule Effect

    Best Coffee in Denver
    image via @veronicaleica | Instagram

    At 6am everyday, The Molecule Effect opens up its cozy, art-filled café doors for business in the Sante Fe art district. You know when a coffee shop pre-measures it’s specialty bulletproof coffee ingredients, it’s a popular (and delicious) drink. No one does coffee and/or cocktails quite like this place.

  • Carbon

    Carbon Beverage Coffee
    image via Carbon Beverage Coffee Yelp

    Over the past year, Denver’s local coffee shop selection has really stepped up their game, especially after adding Carbon to the scene. Known for their donut dispensary (Habit), Carbon also gets our thumbs up for their version of a bulletproof coffee. Have your bulletproof with espresso, high-quality drip coffee or, if you’re feeling daring, ask for the “Superhero” version and you’ll receive your Bulletproof with a shot of booze.

  • Vital Root

    Best Cafes in Denver
    image via Vital Root | Facebook

    Vital Root is passionate about using real food and plant-based ingredients to create delicious, nutritious dishes for Paleo-eaters and vegans alike. Their beverage options are equally as nourishing and satisfying for eaters of all types. So what are we getting at? They do Bullet coffee and they do it well.

  • Mmm Coffee

    image via @lanadegama | Instagram

    Exactly what we say when we walk into this spot in the heart of the Sante Fe art district. Aside from their organic ingredients and welcoming atmosphere, they know how to make a cup of “mmm…Bulletproof Coffee”.  Chose to pair your specialty coffee with any item on their paleo-friendly menu for the perfect breakfast or lunch.