11 Denver Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

11 Denver Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

Fitness trends come and go, but indoor cycling continues to be a solid way to get some cardio in without pounding your joints. Whether you’re an outdoor cyclist looking to supplement your training or just looking for a fun way to get your sweat on, Denver has a studio for you. Read on for Denver’s best spots to get those legs spinning.

  • CycleBar

    Cycle Bar in Denver, CO
    image via @cyclebar

    This isn’t just an indoor cycling class. It’s an experience. The lights, the sound, the scoreboard… it’s everything you need to get in the zone and push past what you think is possible. CycleBar’s studio (or CycleTheatre, as they call it) is tiered and holds 55 custom bikes with personal data monitors, two enormous flat-screen TVs, and some seriously cool audio, video, and lighting tech. You can get listed on the leaderboard to “compete” with others in the class, or you can opt out if you aren’t into that kind of thing. Either way, CycleBar’s five-plus Denver area studios make it super fun to sweat and super easy to track your progress. You can even get your stats and the playlist emailed to you!

  • High Ride

    Denver workouts
    image via High Ride Cycle Facebook

    Think music, lighting, energy, and even some hand weights combining for one hell of a sweat sesh. Classes are held in High Ride’s bright, airy Sloans Lake studio equipped with sweet new Stages Cycling bikes. You can enjoy great views of the mountains while you ride, and when the weather cooperates, they’ll even roll up the garage doors and move some bikes outside. Yep, fresh air in your hair while you ride!

  • The Rebel Workout

    Spinning in Denver
    image via The Rebel Workout | Facebook

    Not into all cycling, all the time? Check out The Rebel Workout on South Broadway. You can feed your cycling craving while also mixing it up with HIIT training, functional training, yoga, barre, and even private and small-group personal training. Their urban, communal space promotes fitness diversity and proper technique and safety. You’ll get fit, have fun, and make some great new friends.

  • StarCycle

    image via StarCycle | Facebook

    StarCycle’s Centennial/Highlands Ranch studio brings legit cycling to the ’burbs. Expect an energetic, inspirational, and balanced cardio ride. Created by two busy, driven moms with a passion for fitness, StarCycle understands that life is busy and we all have competing commitments, so the studio offers affordable child care, easy booking, and a flexible schedule.

  • Epic Ryde

    Epic Ryde
    image via @epicryde

    The stadium-style studio in Five Points houses 21 Matrix IC7 bikes. Uh, what? Let us help: Epic Ryde has fancy-schmancy bikes with a “coach-by-color” training console that lights up to help riders keep tabs on their WattRate power meter or heart rate output. This technology creates an added element of interaction and motivation. That’s a nice way of saying that you can’t cheat by coasting in a low gear. But you didn’t come to class to coast anyway, now did you? So, try a cycle/TRX fusion class to take your workout to another level.

  • Rhythm Revolution

    Rhythm Revolution
    image via Rhythm Revolution Facebook

    This spot takes sound seriously. Founder Jasmine Anderson designed the Rhythm Revolution studio to deliver a sensory experience that is simply unmatched. So expect each class to be fueled by some seriously strong beats. You won’t hear Top 40 hits at Rhythm Revolution, but you will get out of your head with a legit heart-pumping ride. Need a break from the saddle? Try one of the HIIT or yoga-cycle fusion classes for a full-body experience. Fitt Tip: try out an entire week with the RR tribe in its Park Hill studio for free.

  • Endorphin

    Endorphine Spin in Denver
    image via @endorphindenver

    With studios all over the city, you’re never too far from an Endo sweat sesh. Some locations have RealRyder bikes which allow for lateral movements and major core engagement. Others have either Schwinn or Matrix stationary bikes for more stability and data. And if “all cycle, all the time” isn’t your thing, try one of Endo’s combo classes. There is something for everyone, with cycle-row, cycle-VIPR, cycle-yoga, and cycle-barre. Honestly, Endo’s tagline “movement is our drug” describes the vibe well — teachers and students are addicted to this place, and newbies of any level are always welcomed.

  • The Cycling Yogi

    The Cycling Yogi
    image via @lizbethe_castro

    The Cycling Yogi in Lakewood encourages you to balance high-intensity but low-impact cardio with the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Clever name, eh? Classes can be taken individually in 30- to 60-minute formats, or together, with 30 minutes of yoga-inspired cycling followed by 30 minutes of Vinyasa. Consider this your home away from home; the studio has a community vibe with small classes and teachers that remember your name.

  • Shift Cycle

    Cycling in Denver
    image via Shift Cycle | Facebook

    Shift Cycle keeps it simple with one class — a 45-minute ride that incorporates upper body engagement through hand weights. The focus is on making the workout accessible to beginners, but challenging enough for experienced riders. Shift’s Stapleton and Sunnyside studios have a (small) child care area where they can watch your little one for five bucks per kid, per class. FYI: the Shift bikes require cycling shoes (Look Delta or SPD clips). If you don’t have your own, you can rent them at the studio for two bucks per class.

  • Rush Cycle

    Denver Cycling
    image via @rush_cycle | Instagram

    The SoCal favorite cycling studio, known for throwing down a serious sweat sesh while you party on your bike, is making its mark on Denver. The wheels are already turning in The Highlands at 38th and Lowell and in the ’burbs on Lucent Blvd. in Highlands Ranch. If you thought sweating couldn’t be fun, give Rush a go.

  • Flywheel Sports

    image via Flywheel | Facebook

    New York-based Flywheel Sports is known for their TorqBoard competition and “Never Coast” mantra, and they’re making the Mile High sweat at Union Station. They built their following with their signature indoor cycling class, but you can also balance out your bike time with their HIIT-focused FlyFIT (functional interval training) class.


    **Updated by Hillary Bennetts, October 2018