Meet Platform Strength, Emily Schromm’s New 24/7 Strength & Conditioning Gym

Meet Platform Strength, Emily Schromm’s New 24/7 Strength & Conditioning Gym

Local personal trainer, fitness entrepreneur, Women’s Health Fitness Star, and former Real World contestant Emily Schromm is making moves yet again. And lucky for us, her latest venture is right here in town. That’s right — the badass fitness expert and influencer has just opened a strength and conditioning gym in the heart of RiNo.

Train as a community

Say hello to Platform Strength, a fully-equipped, 2,000-square-foot facility with all the goods. It’s got everything from five full squat rack Olympic platforms to a tea and espresso bar with Wi-Fi. And it’s open 24/7.

The inspo behind Platform Strength was Emily’s love for strength training and the energy of a boutique gym or box combined with her desire to be able to workout no matter the time of day. She appreciated the accessibility of other 24-hour gyms but felt they lacked a sense of community and support. So, she set out to create a place that she wanted herself — one with the best equipment, a welcoming and inclusive vibe, high-quality training opportunities, and an accessible schedule.

Grow as an individual

In addition to their 24/7 open gym hours, Platform Strength offers seven strength-training classes each weekday (as early as 6am and as late as 7pm) and two every Saturday morning.

And Platform’s classes are anything but one-size-fits-all. They all start with the same format — a group warm-up and intro focused on functional movements. From there, you choose your path for the day: burn (a metcon-style, cardio-based circuit to build strength, lean muscle, and correct imbalances), build (the “adrenal rehab” option — to slow down and improve strength and muscle endurance), or athlete (to improve balance, endurance, speed, power, and strength. You’re basically getting a customized a group workout for your individual goals (it’s cheaper than a personal trainer, too).

Get in on the action

Can’t get enough of Platform Strength? They offer all types of memberships — get unlimited open gym time, unlimited classes, or unlimited everything. Drop in options are also available for you commitment-phobes. And if getting to the gym entirely is out of your reach, or you want to supplement your gym time, check out the fully-online program, which offers the same class format and content.

Go scope ‘em out for yourself at 3198 Blake. Because if the space doesn’t win you over, the community will.