Wake-up Call: 9 Healthy Breakfast Spots in Denver

Wake-up Call: 9 Healthy Breakfast Spots in Denver

Denver certainly supports a culture of health and wellness with its plethora of outdoor activities and gym communities. So it’s no surprise that the food scene here also presents a wealth of healthy, yet extremely delicious breakfast options.

Whether you’re dietary-restricted or just looking for something green and clean, you’ll be sure to find something at these nine restaurants that fits your needs and fills your belly.

  • Just BE Kitchen

    Healthy Breakfast Denver
    image via @polishedavenue | Instagram

    Just BE Kitchen in LoHi is a newcomer to the Denver health food scene. Serving up a fast-casual yet consciously-crafted paleo menu is Just Be Kitchen’s (gluten-free) bread and (grass-fed) butter. Their breakfast menu, also called “Just BE Awakened”, is comprised of breakfast staples done right — and absolutely paleo-friendly. Indecisive? Let us help: The breakfast burrito is undeniably a top contender on this menu.

  • Vital Root

    Vegan Breakfast Denver
    image via @hungryhungry_hipsters | Instagram

    Vital Root sunk its roots into the up-and-coming Denver neighborhood of Berkley. The brunch here is a simple menu comprised of healthier, vegetable-focused alternatives to your traditional breakfast fare. Whether you want to sit and stay a while or just grab and go, Vital Root offers it all in the healthiest of ways.

  • True Food Kitchen

    Raw Breakfast in Denver
    image via @bombonadb | Instagram

    True Food Kitchen delivers an amazingly healthy menu based off of the anti-inflammatory diet. There is no going wrong with this Cherry Creek outpost’s breakfast menu — every item is as delicious as the next. Enjoy healthy breakfast options that are flexible to any dietary restriction, fresh juices, and even a list of health-conscious cocktails (if it’s a “drink-in-the-AM” type day).

  • BerrieGood Co.

    Breakfast Spots in Denver
    image via @therealgordoraces | Instagram

    BerrieGood Co. can be found in the charming South Pearl District near Denver’s Wash Park neighborhood. There, BerrieGood specializes in acai bowls and smoothies and offers all of the healthiest toppings. You can create the bowl of your dreams or choose from one of many mouthwatering options on their menu. These acai bowls make the perfect option for a clean yet super-tasty breakfast (and are totally Insta-worthy).

  • Fooducopia

    image via Annie G. | Yelp

    The Fooducopia Corner Store has been the Wash Park neighborhood go-to gathering place since 2012. And for good reason — this health food store and cafe serve up some of the freshest, hyperlocal, and sustainable dishes in Denver. We’re talking eggs from less than five miles away! And we hear their wild mushroom omelette is an absolute must-try for a dish that’s made completely of local Colorado ingredients.

  • The Corner Beet

    image via Lindsay P. | Yelp

    The Corner Beet is a bright little cafe situated in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. They keep it simple by specializing in cold-pressed juices made fresh daily and a breakfast menu comprised of different types of toast (yes, avocado toast is definitely on there!). Plus, the cold-pressed juices come in every color of the rainbow, are completely organic, and never touch a plastic container.

  • WaterCourse Foods

    Vegan in Denver
    image via Jen T. | Yelp

    Uptown’s WaterCourse Foods is in a league all their own in Denver, serving up a unique and delicious menu that is completely vegan. Their breakfast menu is a sampling of all the best breakfast mainstays (think biscuits and gravy, french toast, and breakfast burrito) all done completely vegan, and most come with a gluten-free option as well.

  • City, O’ City

    image via Gia G. | Yelp

    City, O’ City was ahead of its time as one of the first completely vegetarian restaurants to open in Denver (Capitol Hill, to be specific).  Their art deco vibes are nice, but the food is so incredible that it will satisfy any breakfast craving whether you are a plant-eater or not. This menu is a mix of traditional breakfast food and truly unique items like their kimchi pancakes (trust us — they’re bomb).

  • ProsperOats

    Breakfast in Denver
    image via ProsperOats | Facebook

    ProsperOats believes that you should know exactly what goes into your food and, more importantly, that breakfast should never be skipped. And they’ve made a healthy breakfast more attainable than ever with their super-simple yet mouth-watering menu and quick service in their Highland neighborhood space. They specialize in fresh bowls, juices and smoothies, and word on the street is they have a killer oatmeal (it’s in the name, after all!).