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SEP 3, 2020



Barre is so much more than ballet moves and funky, sticky socks. It’s actually a really effective muscle-building workout and is SO much harder than it looks. If you’re looking for low impact and high results, or if you’re a cardio-lover who’s looking to break up with the elliptical, this muscle-shaking workout is for you!

Hit up the barre at these Metro Detroit studios.

The Dailey Method studio has been a Birmingham favorite for years. Being one of the first barre studios in the area, you can imagine that they’ve built a fabulous community — everyone seems to know your name there and make you feel welcome. The classic Barre workout is tough but totally doable for newbies, and their teachers are extra-helpful to new students. If you want to up the intensity, check out their high-energy Fusion class, which combines cardio intervals with classic barre conditioning. We promise it will be worth the sweat!

Above the Barre X—also known as ABX—is a charming studio over in Grosse Pointe Park. We love it here because the teachers are super-technical and alignment-focused. Why is that a big deal? It means that you will truly learn how to do the exercises properly, so you’ll really feel that barre burn. So, if you’re looking for a place to learn the moves—whether you can dance or not—this is it. First session or 100th, each class type will be challenging and fun, but our fave is the Cardio Dance class — you’re bound to crack a smile during this one.

The Barre Code lives up to its reputation here in Detroit, fostering one powerful community. New to barre? The teachers are super knowledgeable and bring tons of energy to each and every class. So, just how hype are we talking? Enough to wake up a room of extra-sleepy students for an early morning class! Beyond the classic barre-style burns, they also offer fusion cardio classes and restorative classes. Fitt Tip: Try the cardio-based Brawl class. It’s not for the uncoordinated, but undeniably a good time!

If you couldn’t tell by the name, Relevé (meaning “to lift”) is a ballet-focused barre studio. Their Birmingham space may be small, but it offers a whole lot! We’re talking multiple class types—Basic Barre, Cardio Barre, Power Barre and Barre Stretch—but you can even take a traditional adult ballet class if you choose. Bust out your tutus and give Relevé a try!

We were stoked when the nationally-loved Pure Barre studio opened up here in Metro Detroit. This spot is super welcoming and friendly, but you better get ready to work. Their class is pure (name-reference obviously intended) and mainly incorporates traditional barre techniques with a focus on low-impact isometric moves. Though, ‘traditional’ doesn’t mean easy — their classic Barre class will have your legs like jello. We also suggest the cardio circuit barre class called EMPOWER—it's so much fun!

Never barred? No problem with Nafas. While they’re an all-encompassing fitness studio with cardio, dance, and yoga, they offer amazing barre classes and provide tons of modifications for people new to all the tucks, lifts, and holds. Don’t get us wrong though — the classes are also super challenging if you want them to be. That ab series at the end? The burn is REAL — but it’s the kind of burn we love (duh)!

Detroit Barre is a local downtown favorite and a Motor City original! The studio has a unique and cool urban feel with exposed brick (so trendy). Even better, Detroit Barre sets up shop in a refurbished historic home in the up-and-coming Riverfront neighborhood. Aside from the décor, this studio also has a great little community and super-loyal regulars. However, since it is a small studio, class times are limited, so make sure to sign up early to reserve your spot!


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