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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

If you’re new in town or just want to get more variety in your weekly workout routine, we’ve scoped out all the best places to get your sweat on. Here's the full list of the best gyms and fitness studios around Detroit!




Head to Fuse45 for a class that will whip you into shape in—you guessed it—45 minutes. Fitness fanatics flock to this hot spot for workouts that are the SHIIT (sustainable high-intensity interval training) and combine cardio and strength moves that limit the impact on your joints. And with everything from rowing machines to Air Assault Airdyne bikes, it’s impossible to fall into a workout rut at Fuse.

When it comes to Detroit yoga, Citizen is known for more than just their classes. The community they’ve created is second to none — take a step into any one of their three studio,s and you’ll immediately feel like you’re part of their awesome tribe. Asanas aside, the teachers bring meaning to each and every practice through wisdom and storytelling. Their attention to your body AND your mind is what makes Citizen so special (and zen, obviously).

Live Cycle Delight is bringing the heat to the trendy West Village downtown. From yoga, TRX, and circuit training to super-fun indoor cycling classes, you can expect a high-energy sweat session. Not sure what to try out first? We suggest one of their themed cycling classes or their Bootcamp. Just be prepared — you WILL be sore the next day! Plus, now you can enjoy a slightly sweatier version of all your fave classes at the new LCD Hot just around the corner.

It’s no surprise that Detroiters are obsessed with this West Village studio! Their industrial-chic vibes and cool urban community feel make this the perfect place to get your heart pumping. Each class is catered to a different workout goal, and the trainers really work with you to make that goal a reality. From a calming yoga flow to a full-force, high-octane HIIT class, count on coming to each class with determination and leaving with endorphins!

Yoga Shelter is pretty much a household name around Metro Detroit. With multiple locations, the Shelter has embraced this community for a loooong time, and they’re the go-to for heated Vinyasa, if that’s your cup of tea (or matcha latte). Expect a tangible energy and liveliness throughout your flow that will fill you up all day. Oh, and they have super-fun yoga apparel — so there’s a lot here to love!

CycleBar does high-energy indoor cycling right. Trust us — once you experience rocking your ride with the CycleStars (their awesome instructors) at this super-fun, state-of-the-art studio in Royal Oak, Troy, Northville, Bloomfield Hills, you won’t be able to get enough. As soon as you walk in, you’ll feel the bumping energy from the CycleBar squad (with custom Spotify playlists). And don’t worry — you’re not in this alone in this. They’ll be with you through every dance (and pedal), all the way to the very end.

The cult Pilates chain from NYC has finally made its way here — get ready to strengthen, lengthen, and tone (SLT, get it?) at this new Bloomfield Hills studio. With a motto that reads “Better sore than sorry”, you can already imagine what you to expect during a 50-minute, total-body class on the Megaformer. Slow, controlled movements and high rep counts will have you quivering from head to toe, as the unique machine’s resistance challenges every muscle, big and small. Warning: you may feel this more than your last bootcamp class.

From coast to coast, orange fever is spreading, and Metro Detroit has not been spared (no complaints here). Orangetheory Fitness leads the charge in circuit training, and their high-energy, motivating teachers will push you through each workout to the finish. If you’re not familiar with OTF by now, this is a 60-minute cardio and strength fusion class that will have you running on the treadmill, rowing, and dripping sweat with various resistance exercises. The goal at OTF is to get you in the orange zone — aka the optimal heart rate level to burn the most calories (it’s all very scientific). Easily one of the most challenging studios around, it’s no surprise almost every class is waitlisted.

If you love to bust a move, you’ve got to get to AKT in Royal Oak (and coming soon to Rochester Hills!). This cardio dance party created by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser will change the way you think about both dancing and working out, with strength and toning intervals folded right in. You’ll challenge your endurance as learn, step-by-step, a choreographed dance routine, all while burning your muscles and working up a sweat. Nervous about showing off your moves in front of a crowd? Ease your way into this studio by trying a more strength-based or circuit-style class first. But trust us — you won’t be able to hold out once you get a taste of the energy here!

Pulse Fitness is a true one-stop shop in Pleasant Ridge — they’ve got an open gym, personal training, and group fitness! And with classes that focus on everything from boxing to endurance to HIIT to recovery, it’s impossible to get stuck in a boring workout routine. They even have a shake bar and offer nutritional counseling services if you’d like to start cooking up abs in the kitchen. Oh, and they have outdoor community classes all summer long!

Throw a 1-2 punch, and then some kicks, at this martial arts-inspired fitness studio. Choose from boxing, kickboxing, or MMA classes that include HIIT training, cardio circuits, active recovery periods, and, most importantly, a focus of form. You’ll learn true boxer combinations while you build strength in your arms, legs, and core. And if you’ve never worn a pair of gloves before, don’t sweat it. Each class will go through basic punches, combos, and drills before the timer starts.

It’s time to make some waves — hop off the treadmill and head to the rowing-based workouts at this West Bloomfield studio. If you haven’t noticed, rowing studios are taking over the country right now thanks to their low-impact on joints but high-impact on total-body fitness. And each 50-minute class here will have you using muscles you didn’t even know you had to pace your way to better endurance. Expect to alternate between the erg and the floor (where you’ll pick up free weights) to keep your heart rate up and sweat non-stop.

Jabs Gym is what boxing gym dreams are made of — think rustic digs, black lighting, hip-hop music, and teachers in camo pants (well, sometimes). With two locations and lots of class variety, there are plenty of ways to get your sweat on. We highly recommend the “BoYo” class — an epic combination of high-energy boxing and restorative yoga. Just bring your brightest neons, your A-game, and all the energy you can muster because you’re in for a killer workout.

One of the hottest studios to pop up in Royal Oak, this boutique circuit training studio offers low-impact, high-strength workouts that change every day. Each class features between five to seven stations that you circulate with a partner while being guided by super-motivating and fun instructors. The music is bomb, the ambiance is hype, and the studios are gorgeous! Not that guys aren’t welcome at Lean, but this spot is all about babes supporting babes and women working out together in an encouraging environment.

You can do anything for 15 minutes, right? That’s the theory behind this circuit-style bootcamp studio in Troy. You’ll work at your own level and speed during four, 15-minute blocks that will have you alternating between the tread and the floor. Push yourself in each cardio sprint and free weight exercise for a total-body challenge and full-body workout. Your results are really up to you — and instructors will be there to motivate every step of the way.

Nafas Fitness is a Royal Oak favorite, and for good reason. The studio has a friendly, welcoming vibe and a very loyal community. If you’ve ever been to a studio that feels intimidating and cold, this is the opposite of that — and then some. They pack a little bit of everything into their weekly workout schedule — we’re talking cardio, Pilates, and tons of yoga. So, no matter what your routine, you can find something that works for you. Our pick: Booty Bunz.

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