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APR 18, 2019

It’s no secret that Detroit’s healthy living scene is growing. Juice bars are popping up, yoga festivals have Detroiters rolling out mats everywhere, and indoor cycling studios are thriving (it’s a good time to be here). We’re unbelievably excited, and you should be, too.

Especially when it comes to the cycling part because let’s face it — there’s nothing like saddling up on a stationary bike for an adrenaline-pumping, high-energy workout all to the sounds of killer pump-up playlists. Ready? Get pedaling and crank up your fitness routine with these lively Detroit studios. 



CycleBar is here and we are flippin’ stoked. Rocking your ride with the CycleStars (their awesome instructors) at this super-fun, state-of-the art studio in Troy and Royal Oak. You’ll feel the bumping energy radiating from the CycleBar squad as soon as your step through the doors. These are the same friendly faces who will dance (and pedal) next to you in a diva-themed class or a Glow ride. All about the heat of competition? Check your email after class for your CycleStats.

Live Cycle Delight is bringing the heat to the trendy West Village downtown. The euphoric rush that carries you through their incredible sessions might even change you, no matter if it’s an Express class or a killer 90-minute Endurance class (yes, you can do it!). And, in addition to their full array of cycling classes, LCD is super-involved in the Detroit community. They host outdoor social cycling events throughout the summer months — so you can stay active outside and meet new people!

PureRyde (part of Get Some Fitness in Beverly Hills) is a full-service fitness factory with epic cycling classes. If you like the lights down low, beats turned ALL the way up, and instructors that motivate your every move — PureRyde is your place. But don’t expect an easy ride, their swivel bikes will kick your RPMs to the next level. If you’ve never pedaled your heart out on a swivel bike, you’re in for a treat — you’ll rock and roll just like a real bike (slightly shocking at first), so you truly have to grab control with your core and work it! We definitely see a six-pack in your future.

This boutique studio in Birmingham is killing the cycling game. Core Revolution rocks some unique styles for their classes, mixing strength training and TRX intervals in between spurts of riding. Don’t worry — the classes flow seamlessly, and the instructors could not be more engaged. Oh, and this studio is drop-dead gorgeous. We’re talking clean white walls, spa-like minimalist decor, and matte wood floors.



We love everything about cycling at Fuse45. The ride, only available at their West Bloomfield spot, is tons of fun and the music will get that energy flowing throughout the entire class. Their high-intensity, low-impact approach will keep you coming back for more. Plus, the people at this studio (teachers and students alike) radiate positivity and drive. And beyond the uplifting classes, the community here is tight and the family vibe is real — the studio was founded by a local mother-daughter duo after all!

Rebel Cycle Studio inside the Detroit City Fieldhouse takes inclusivity to a whole new level. A former triathlete, owner Amy Latawiec was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012. Since then, she’s been on a mission to make indoor cycling the perfect workout for every body. Whether it’s been a while since you got your heart rate rising or you’re hoping to push yourself to the limit, they’ve got you. And they’ve got the bumpin’ jams and high-energy instructors to get you there.


**Updated by Meg Blaszak, October 2018