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We understand how tough it can be to stick to your goals of running or walking day after day, week after week. Well, as it turns out, you’re not the only one who struggles with this.

That’s why we’re here to connect you with local groups that can help you hit the ground running. Be it encouraging words, high-fives, dreams of the podium, or the promise of beer afterward, your new running tribe will be there to get you moving.


@run_detroit | Instagram

RUNdetroit is the ultimate running group for those of you seeking to begin your fitness journey. Operating as both a store and a club, RUNdetroit offers the best of both worlds. Arrive at 8am every Saturday—rain, shine, or even snow—prepared to kick it. Over the years, they’ve mastered numerous different routes. And they’ve also mastered all the smaller details, like where you’ll park and they’ll even store your keys while you run. And if you want to amp up the workout a bit more, not to worry. RUNdetroit offers Monday night track workouts as well.


Ken Davenport | Facebook

Okay, let’s start things off nice and slow… or a bit quicker if that’s more your pace — that’s the beauty of this group. The Downtown Runners and Walkers are a group of everyday Detroiters, just like yourself, that get together every Tuesday to walk and/or run the city of Detroit. After meeting for route instructions, members take off and prepare for a four- to six-mile run or walk, depending on how hard you want to go that particular day. Get your blood flowing, make some new friends, and grab a bite to eat afterward — what more can you ask for?


@detroitbodygarage | Instagram

You know Detroit Body Garage? This industrial-chic fitness spot is also down in the West Village and has such a cool urban feel. Count on being excited to get to work, then leaving ultra-motivated (and likely spent). But you should know that they also offer weekend community classes like outdoor river runs in Detroit every Saturday morning. The group, meeting out front of the Detroit Foundation Hotel, will be enough to keep your adrenaline pumping, feet moving, and wallet happy — we promise you will want to come back every week.


Running for Brews Royal Oak | Facebook

Running for Brews running club is built on two things: the fact that everyone should get some sweat drippin’ at least once a week and the fact that (just about) everyone likes a cold beer and some casual conversation. If you’re closer to the Royal Oak area, Running for Brews may just be the club for you. They meet every Monday at 7pm, run (or walk) a 5k (or whatever distance you’d like), and then end at The Royal Oak Brewery.


Michigan Mudders | Facebook

Looking to get a little dirty? Join the club that gets more down and dirty than just about anyone else out there. Focused mainly on mud runs, Michigan Mudders aims to add a bit of a twist to your regular run, practicing for races like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, etc. Sounds like a pretty killer time, right? Meet up with the group at various muddy spots and natural obstacles around Michigan.


@j5gronbach | Instagram

Farmington Brewing Co. Run Club nicknames their participants Growlers and Howlers, and that’s pretty awesome. They’re a full-service brewery seeking to kick some butts into shape while also bringing them together for a great time over some cold beer. Every Tuesday, they strap their runners on, smash a route with their crew, then hit up FBC before smashing some 10%-off pints (perk of being in the club). Getting in shape has never been so easy.


@iiigonzaleoiii | Instagram

If you’re seeking to do a bit more of the running part and a bit less of the beer drinking and socializing part, The Detroit Running Club has got your back. The Detroit Running Club isn’t quite as concerned with the casual conversation and final beer; rather, their goal is to create a healthier Detroit, stride by stride. They meet on Sundays at 7am and only ask that you come prepared to be your best self and don’t try to overdo it — as safety is the biggest priority in their eyes. Worried you won’t be able to keep up? Don’t be. Every member of this crew starts and finishes at the same spot, no matter how long you take.


@lauralyntaylor | Instagram

Let’s take a step back and not forget that you guys aren’t the next New York Marathon winner. Bodyworks Run/Walk Club could be your go-to club if you’re striving to get into the running game or just improve for your next run. Bodyworks Run/Walk Club is totally free to anyone, so bring your mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers. They meet once a week and aim solely to make you a better version of yourself.


Jason B. | Yelp

Established in 1959 by five guys that ran a five-mile event along Belle Isle, this group is legendary to say the least. With that in mind, they’ve also managed to create quite the legendary reputation and aim to keep it that way. If you’re seeking to train for a marathon or even just a 5k, this group could be just what you need. The fee to join is $15, but if you really bring it each time you run, the reward is priceless.


Shannon Collins | Facebook

You’ve probably seen a Hanson’s Running Shop before—they’ve got four outposts over the Greater Detroit Metro area. You’ve probably also seen one of Hanson’s group runs — they run every day of the week except Friday and Saturday. If you couldn’t gather from that, they’re serious about running and they want to make you a better runner. Speed sessions, marathon training, or just covering ground together across the city, you’ll fall right in with this group.


@mazhasan | Instagram

Atwater Brewery in downtown Detroit, unsurprisingly, is the central meeting point for the Atwater Running Club. If you’re free after work on Thursdays, head over to Atwater at 6:30pm, meet the crew, kill a run, and enjoy a few beers afterward with the new gang. Did we mention members get $1 off pints, courtesy of Atwater? Exercise and saving money on beer!? What’s not to love?

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Get Fitt delivered to your inbox.

Stay up to date on what’s happening in Detroit’s health and fitness scene.

Get Fitt delivered to your inbox.

Get Fitt delivered to your inbox.

Stay up to date on what’s happening in Detroit’s health and fitness scene.