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JUL 14, 2020



It’s the brand that needs no introduction: after much anticipation, it’s finally time to get in on the cult-favorite cardio party at SoulCycle Ann Arbor! The new studio, the brand’s first to open on a college campus amongst 87 (and counting) other locations across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, offers an unrivaled, celeb-favorited cycling experience — and you’re going to want to get to know Michigan’s first #SoulFam.


For an international brand, SoulCycle’s Michigan emergence was under the radar. The opening of the studio was first announced on January 1, and in a later Instagram post featuring Briana Krull, SoulCycle Ann Arbor’s senior manager, the brand set the tone for the studio’s January 17 grand opening. Located on S. University Ave. on the University of Michigan’s campus, SoulCycle Ann Arbor is the perfect place to get sweaty between classes — and totally worth the 45-minute drive on the weekend from downtown Detroit.

"I think what’s more is that the hype really hasn’t died down,” said Samantha Cohen, instructor at SoulCycle Ann Arbor. “We have riders driving in anywhere from the west side of the state to Windsor to support us..."

Since its founding in 2006 by Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, the New York-based company has offered indoor cycling workout classes that are designed to benefit the mind, body, and soul. Every SoulCycle ride combines high-intensity cardio, muscle-toning strength training, and rhythm-based choreography led by uncommonly energetic instructors.

Cutler and Rice met on “the best blind date ever” and shared a vision of creating an alternative to fitness routines that felt like work. Together, they developed the concept of SoulCycle — a fun, full-body workout that can be performed almost every day and transform relationships with exercise at the same time.

After 14 years of countless miles pedaled, studio openings and community building across North America and beyond, their own line of activewear called Soul by SoulCycle, and their own app, that lifestyle can now be our lifestyle.


If you’ve never experienced a SoulCycle ride before, get ready to surrender to the beat of the studio’s music and push the rest of your classmates toward the finish line. Most classes run 45 minutes long and take place in a dim, candlelit space that sets the tone for a focused, heart-beating workout. Plus, instructors guide riders through “meditative” fitness sessions to their own curated playlists, making every SoulCycle class you attend an opportunity to get to know a little bit more about your instructor and pick up on their vibe. (You can meet Ann Arbor’s on the studio’s website.)

To be honest, as inclusionary as the brand is, the first-time experience can be intimidating just because of how involved it is. Yet, as long as you hydrate to account for how much you’ll be sweating and give yourself ample time to check in at the front desk at least 15 minutes before your scheduled class, you’ll be fine. SoulCycle Ann Arbor’s staff will even give you a tour of the studio and help set you up on one of their 47 bikes. And don’t worry about having your own cycling shoes — Soul has custom pairs available.

Think they thought of everything? They did. There’s accessible restrooms and showers ready for you to rinse off your well-earned sweat, as well as key-coded lockers to keep your belongings in during your class so they remain safe. And if you’re afraid your phone battery won’t make it till you’re done, no need to worry — some of SoulCycle’s lockers have chargers inside!

On top of everything else, SoulCycle is offering U of M students special pricing for the first time ever — just $22/class (a steal for SoulCycle)! And if you’re a new rider, your first class costs just $20. They’re also offering a new rider value package called ‘Soul Starter”, which includes access to three classes for only $50.

Sold? You’ll find SoulCycle Ann Arbor at 1107 South University Avenue in Suite D. Maybe we’ll see you for Hip Hop Monday ride, but given the early popularity of the studio, only if you’re quick to book your bike.


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