UPDATED OCT 17, 2019

Whether you are looking for a hot flow, a restorative series, or just want to work on touching your toes — we have a welcoming place for you. Check out our list of the go-to yoga studios around Detroit.




At Citizen Yoga, you feel at home. These downtown, Royal Oak, and Bloomfield studios have a strong sense of belonging and lots of smiling yogis, and the classes are inspiring and the teachers are empowering. Every session is a journey, and the instructors share wisdom through storytelling in every single class, allowing you to work your mind and your muscles. From the signature Blend class to the restorative evening series, we just cannot get enough. Class aside, we’re pretty obsessed with their apparel — who could resist buying a shirt that says, “Is it almost savasana?”

EnSoul Yoga rocks the rustic vibes. These eclectic Ferndale and Detroit (and soon to be New Center) studios have everything you need to crush a yoga class. Their Ferndale location is pretty special, offering their signature yoga sesh complemented by country wicker chairs to sliding barn doors. You won’t find a lazy country day here, though — the practice here is high-energy. Every class has killer music that’s timed to the movements (or at least it feels that way). If you do anything, try the Rock EnSoul class. You’ll be rockin’ in boat pose—literally—and you’ll love every minute.

Yoga Shelter is pretty much a household name around Metro Detroit. With multiple locations, the Shelter has embraced this community for a loooong time, and they’re a true fan fave for heated Vinyasa. Come with an open heart — there is a tangible energy and liveliness about the classes here that will fill you up for the day. It’s no surprise to see how their community has flourished (and you will too!).

Detroit Yoga Lab was one of the first studios to pop up in the resurgence of Midtown Detroit, and they’ve been shining brightly ever since. A colorful bunch—the walls are painted a warm orange—expect a super-vibrant flow where every savasana feels like a sunset. And we just can’t get enough of their boutique featuring amazingly colorful threads and an awesome candle selection (major key!).

This Downriver hidden gem has a little bit of everything. Beginners can start with their Gentle Flow class while experienced yogis can join their immersive yoga teacher training program. And, if you’re looking to take your yoga practice outside the studio, 359° Yoga has tons of options. From SUP yoga to hiking yoga to rooftop yoga, you’ll never feel confined to the indoors again.

It’s somehow always sunny at Namaste Yoga. The studio space—housed in a brick standalone building in Royal Oak—is painted a soft, calming shade of yellow, aka sunshine vibes to the max. But also, the amount of natural light there is total bliss. Welcoming to all levels, there are lots of classes to grow in your practice. We’d recommend setting yourself up with the energetic flow class on Sunday mornings — you will be smiling all the way to brunch.

Nafas means breathe — which is actually very fitting for this quaint studio. Hidden behind the larger Nafas dance and cardio space in Royal Oak, the yoga room is a peaceful little oasis for you to enjoy your practice. Every teacher makes a point to learn your name and asks about your comfort level, so it’s the perfect spot for beginner yogis who need a little extra help feeling the flow. We should mention that some classes are taught in a circle where students are facing each other. So, if you are looking for a spot to truly connect with others (and make lots of eye contact) — check it out.

This gorgeous little boutique studio is a Birmingham gem. With tones of aqua and blue in the décor, this place stays true to its name. Known for their intense hot yoga classes and super-talented teachers, members here have a strong pride and loyalty to Blue — and you might too after a few classes. Our fave is the Ashtanga remix class on Thursday mornings — it’s unexpected (surprise sequences keep you guessing), challenging, and very rewarding. They also host some great fusion events like a Spinyasa series (it’s a bike and flow deal, if you couldn’t guess)!

Known for their rejuvenating hot Vinyasa flow, this boutique studio is a Beverly Hills favorite. The garden is a beautiful space—minimalist and spacious—and sets the tone for the entire experience. Meanwhile, in the dimly lit studio, you’ll be focusing on your breath and your movement as the instructor navigates the room (often with quality form adjustments). Plus, sometimes there is a cute dog there to greet you. You may even catch the pup at the Friday happy hour class!

The Little Lotus is the perfect name for this small, intimate studio in downtown Ferndale. Here, you’ll feel all sorts of cozy — there’s no shortage of candles, pillows, and peaceful vibes. The Little Lotus is a one-woman show too — all classes are led by queen bee Heather Rae, and let’s just say she’s got a good thing going. If you are looking for peaceful, meditative, candlelit yoga, this is your spot.

Center for Yoga (aka CFY) deserves some respect; they have graced Birmingham for nearly 25 years. The founder of this studio, Jonny, has been a nationally-known yogi for a long time too. And people just love going to his class — he probably knows your body better than you do. Unrelated, but did we mention they have exposed-brick walls? Your next yoga pose Insta is waiting to happen — after class, of course.

De-stress and increase your strength and flexibility at Detroit’s OG hot yoga studio in Midtown. But don’t expect to unroll your mat and flow through a basic Vinyasa class. Here, they focus on 26 and 2 Bikram yoga, which will take you through 26 asanas and two breathing exercises in a room heated to 95 degrees. Bring a yoga towel — you’re going to need it.

If an uplifting and supportive community, a variety of yoga and movement classes, and the opportunity to participate in mindful events and activities that will help you grow on a personal level sound right up your alley, then The Collective at True North in Woodbridge is your place. Not only do they offer yogis the opportunity to energize and and focus their minds and bodies, they also have an awesome co-working space where you can surround yourself with like-minded creatives. Drop in and reserve a desk for just $25.

Iyengar Yoga in Hamtramck takes the all-inclusive mindset to a whole new level. Looking for a class specifically for people of color? They’ve got you. Have a medical condition or injury that has prevented you from trying yoga in the past? Their special concerns class may be just what you need. They even offer classes on a sliding payment scale, so you can support the community when you’re able and be supported when you’re going through some stuff.

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