Optimize Your Shut-Eye With The Help of Equinox’s Specialized Sleep Coaches

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Optimize Your Shut-Eye With The Help of Equinox’s Specialized Sleep Coaches

With meditation studios popping up in every neighborhood, Nap York staking its claim as the midday sleep oasis, HealHaus turning healing into a lifestyle, and ReCOVER redefining recovery as something that can take place in a public setting, it’s pretty clear that the latest trend promising to reign supreme in this age of wellness is rest. And Equinox is going all in with sleep coaching.

Sleep Is The New Slay

Do you have the guts to go slow? That’s what Equinox is asking after they conducted a clinical study that found regular exercise and good nutrition are not enough to achieve (drum roll, please) optimal well-being. Turns out, rest is crucial, too. And their study was pretty legit — sleep researchers recorded everything from alcohol consumption to middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks to determine participants’ level of restfulness.

And basically, NYC, results showed that our go-go-go mentality isn’t working in our favor. So, in response, Equinox has introduced sleep coaching to the city that never sleeps.

No, a sleep coach isn’t some overpriced gimmick that will leave you wondering ‘what did I just pay for?’. It’s a personal trainer for your unconscious. Someone who helps you reach your peak… by helping you regenerate. And yep, there’s homework. Individual assignments for sleep improvement vary from person to person and can range from adjusting your exercise routine and implementing consistent wake times to increasing your exposure to natural light during the day and decreasing light exposure in the evenings.

The whole thing is very Gwyneth Paltrow, but Equinox claims that engagement in sleep coaching improves aerobic performance measures, decreases body fat percentage, and positively influences glucose metabolism across the board. Talk about doing less to do more.

Put Me In Coach

Showing up for that SoulCycle class and pushing yourself through your Tone House internals are still the most important aspect of your fitness regime, but it’s not a total shock that New Yorkers could be sleeping more, or that an specialized expert could help.

If you’re already an Equinox Tier X member, sleep coaching is included in your package. But if not, a sleep coaching session will cost you. A six-session package starts at $495. Currently, you can only train with a sleep coach at one of Equinox’s 22 locations around Boston, Chicago, California, Dallas, London, and NYC.

So, are you ready to achieve optimal shut-eye? Your fitness performance might just thank you.