Hit The Bike at Home With Flywheel’s New Fly Anywhere Program

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Hit The Bike at Home With Flywheel’s New Fly Anywhere Program

It’s the ultimate indoor cycling experience. If you’re lucky enough to live in a city with a Flywheel studio (like Chicago, BostonPhilly,  or DC), you know the vibe: hardcore, inspirational, badass. Well, we’ve got good news, Fitt Nation. No matter where you live, you can now Fly Anywhere!

That’s right. The boutique cycling favorite that challenges you to “Never Coast” is making it’s way into your home and heart—no matter where you live.

  • Torq on your own time

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    At launch, ten industry-leading instructors will be delivering a Flywheel at-home experience that’ll blow you away (so you better hold on tight). They’ll also add regional favorites to the schedule on a regular basis.

    Immerse yourself in the Flywheel experience while customizing your ride to your goal, availability, or mood. Schedule your day around one of the daily live classes, or reap all the benefits of at-home convenience by taking one of the previously-recorded classes. You can find your soulmate ride by filtering options like time (20-, 30-, 45-, or 60-minutes) and type of class (the classic method ride with hand weights or a more advanced power ride with hills and climbs).

    And don’t think for a minute that you’ll lose the option to compete with other riders by flying at home. Each class—whether live or recorded—will show stats from all the riders who have ever taken the class. You can also filter the stats you see so that you’re only comparing yourself to a certain demographic (we’re talking riding with the girl gang or finding fellow 30-year-olds, for example). Want to see how you improve over time? Compete with yourself by riding the same class as many times as you want and see how your stats compare. Each bike can accommodate up to five accounts, so make it a family (or roomie) affair!

  • Anytime, anywhere

    at home workouts
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    Flywheel rides are streaming now, but keep an eye out for sweet new content. Pretty soon, they’ll be offering their signature FlyBarre classes, as well as other off-the-bike classes focused on stuff like arms, abs, and recovery. Yep, you’ll be feeling the Fly love from head to toe.

    We know you’re wondering: how is this different from the Peloton? Well for one, the tablet on the bike is optional. So if you have your own iOS device (iPad or iPhone), you can save some coin and skip their tablet—it’s 400 bucks cheaper without! Or skip the tablet entirely and stream classes right to your Apple TV. There are some differences with the bike, too: the handlebars adjust two ways, the water-bottle holder and torq knob are more accessible, and the hand weights are in the front, not behind you.

    We could go on, but maybe you should just see for yourself. It’s quick and easy to order one on their website, and your bike arrives, you’re ready to hop on and ride (installation is included).

    And if you do snag a bike, we’re curious: Does it top Peloton, Wanderlust TV, or your Billy Blanks Tae Bo VHS tape? The home cycling and fitness space is heating up, and we’re just along for the ride!