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UPDATED DEC 13, 2019

If you’re looking to try out something new or kick start your fitness routine, this city is a good place to be. From kickboxing in Kaka‘ako to cycling in Kailua, we’ve got you covered.




Sweating is the name of the game at this studio. Sign up for their group barre and cardio classes and get ready to grow stronger, more flexible, and engage your core (hello abs!). Plus, they provide you with all the equipment and amenities you need to make sure the only thing you’re worried about is your workout. Did somebody say complimentary towel service?

With more than 1,000 locations across the nation, chances are good you’ve probably heard of this studio. Known for their fast-paced, high-intensity workouts that will test your limits, Orangetheory Fitness is no joke. And while you’re running, lunging, and rowing, you can literally see how hard you’re working via displays that show your heart rate and how many calories you’ve burned. The harder you work, the greater the payoff, and the greater the post-workout after burn. The best part? They’ve got four locations on Oahu, so you no longer have an excuse to skip your next sweat session.

At The Hang Out in Kaka’ako and Waikiki, you can tap into your inner acrobat and gymnast as you flip, spin, and pull your way through a killer workout. We love their fundamentals class, which makes aerial yoga a lot less scary than it seems. Trust the instructor, your hammock, and yourself, and you’ll walk away feeling accomplished and aligned.

If you’ve never tried out a cycling class, or if you’re looking for a new go-to place to sweat, RIDE Kailua is the move. Their high-tech bikes, bumpin’ beats, and motivating instructors will make any beginner feel at home and any veteran feel challenged. Wanna mix things up? Try their Cycle and Sculpt class, which fuses heart-pumping bike intervals with light hand weights.

This Oahu gym is your go-to place if you want to let off some steam. UFC Gym’s team of professionals will show you how to pack a punch the right way, so there’s no getting hurt during your workout. Stop by one of their four area locations to try out a kickboxing or martial arts. Memberships also include access to a full range of gym equipment for the days you prefer some functional fitness to jabs and uppercuts.

Body Balance is one of the few Oahu gyms with Pilates Reformer equipment, so when you’re working out here, you'll stretch, crunch, and lunge. Head to their convenient Waimanu Street location to test your strength and flexibility in their Pilates, barre, or HIIT classes that incorporate TRX training and low-impact exercises.

Honolulu Club is a fitness facility meets hangout spot. Swim laps, enjoy a sauna session, and then grab a drink—green juice or cocktail—all at this 65,000-square-foot facility on Ward and Kapiolani. They are also home to Oahu's only indoor racquetball and squash courts, as well as an outdoor tennis court where you can practice your serve with a friend or a trainer. After your match, check out the sommelier-selected wine list at the 7th Floor Bar and Kitchen for pau hana.

This Kalihi bootcamp gym comes with a supportive community of fitness fiends that will be with you through every burpee and box jump. R Fit, named after owner Reno, is all about creativity and customization, meaning your workouts can be tailored to your needs and performance level. But you won’t be wondering, “Am I doing this right?” — the circuit-style workout is fully explained, so you can crush your training session without sacrificing form. Just be prepared to be pushed.

Set up in Central Oahu, this homegrown concept in the 'Āina Hana Shopping Center has everything you could want from a yoga studio. They offer a huge selection of heated practices, including everything from sculpting, strength-focused flows to fast-paced Vinyasa and even meditation classes. Plus, their community is second to none. So, whether its your first time unrolling your mat or you've perfected tree pose to toe stand, you'll feel welcome here.

F45 makes "Functional" the name of the game with a mix of circuit and high-intensity workouts geared toward everyday movement. With 36 unique and customized workouts to choose from, you'll have ample opportunities to maximize the burn in under 45 minutes, again and again, making F45 a studio go-to for cardio, resistance, and recovery. Come experience signature workouts like West Hollywood and Abacus at their studios in Pearlridge and Kahala.

Oahu is home to dozens of CrossFit studios, but we recommend checking out this King Street box near the University of Hawai‘i. Go for the workout and stay for the vibe, which is all about camaraderie. After all, friends who sweat together, stay together, right? If you’re new, start with the fundamentals program that begins the first Tuesday of each month; it’ll provide you with the foundation you need to start hitting those performance goals.

CorePower Yoga is popping up all over the place, and for good reason: this studio has yoga down to a science. Whether you’re looking for a heart-pumping workout or a satisfying stretch, any one of their four Oahu studios has you covered. Their classes vary in difficulty, so no matter what level of yogi you are, you’ll find something that fits your needs. Something you should keep in mind, though, is most classes are heated, so be sure to bring along a towel.

This workout doesn't include endless jump lunges or mountain climbers, but don't be fooled — you'll still be getting in a quality sweat. At The Bar Method in Honolulu and Kailua, you'll move through a combination of small, low-impact exercises that will get every muscle in your body burning. And to add a bit of challenge, they even throw small hand weights into the mix. No worries if it's your first time stepping up to the bar, they're happy to modify any movement to your fitness level.

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