9 Go-to Juice And Smoothie Spots in Houston

9 Go-to Juice And Smoothie Spots in Houston

Eating (and drinking) healthy in Houston is easier than it sounds. Sure, we love our barbecue, Tex Mex, and local breweries, but we also really dig a cold-pressed juice. And luckily, the juice, acai bowl, and smoothie craze has more than just hit Houston, it’s become an integral part of the local culinary scene.

Whether you’re craving nourishment after a workout or jazzed about finding a new breakfast spot, here’s your go-to list of the nine best juice spots in H-town.

  • Revolucion Coffee + Juice

    Juice Spots in Houston
    image via Revolucion Coffee + Juice | Facebook

    This newcomer to The Heights culinary scene is definitely revolutionizing (see what we did there?) juicing in Houston. Case in point— have you ever had activated charcoal in your cold-pressed drink? (It’s a detoxifier!) This family-owned, boutique juice and coffee shop specializes in cold-pressed juice, nut milks, pour over and cold brew coffee, and acai and pitaya bowls that will make your mouth water. Fitt Tip: order a pour over coffee with cacao cashew milk. Thank us later.

  • JuiceLand

    image via @gabzillion_ideas | Instagram

    Ah, the land of all things Juice. Situated right on The Heights bike trail, this OG juice destination brings a little slice of Austin to Houston. Sharing a space with Black Swan Yoga, this is a great go-to for a satisfying, tasty drink after you’ve sweat it out in a hot yoga class. And JuiceLand updates their menu occasionally, dabbling with add-ons that range from exotic to marine-based (spirulina, anybody?), so you’ll always find something fun to try!

  • Daily Juice Cafe

    image via Daily Juice Cafe | Facebook

    Another Austin favorite found its home in H-town, and we couldn’t be happier. Serving up more than just juice, Daily Juice Cafe is your go-to for healthy and nutritious eating. With bowls, smoothies, juices, and even grab-and-go meals, getting your daily nutrients is easy. And with three cafes in Houston — Memorial, West U, and Downtown — satisfying your healthy cravings is always within reach.

  • Nourish Juice Bar

    Green Juice Houston
    image via Nourish Juice & Smoothie Bar | Facebook

    When a juice spot has a drink named after Montrose’s dancing roller blader, you know they’ve committed to repping the neighborhood hard (and are now inside Kalos Coffee in The Heights, too!). In addition to the funky drink names on Nourish’s menu (Hawaiian Airlines, Ripped Monkey, and Skinny Honey Boo Boo, to name a few), this juice bar makes sure you only experience good vibes. The hand-painted wall decor, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and Insta-worthy juices and smoothies ensure that you get just that.

  • Beet Box Blend Bar

    Best Juice in Houston
    image via Gloria J. | Yelp

    Drink your veggies — blended into delicious smoothies, of course! (Mom would be proud.) Beet Box in River Oaks serves up blended smoothies and acai bowls chock full of nutrients and vitamins. If making up your mind is a bigger challenge than you expected, try the samples at the register before committing. And because teaching healthy habits early is key, order some Little Blendies for the tiny tykes in your life, too (though, they still taste good to big tykes…)!

  • Buda Juice

    image via @rubyred_artistry | Instagram

    Originally hailing from Big D, Buda Juice has marked its territory in Rice Village (and coming soon, The Woodlands). Buda keeps things simple. With a spartan menu and even more simplistic ingredients, you know that what you’re drinking is the real deal — raw, organic, and real. Not to mention, they’re the only guys in town putting their juice in glass bottles. Located just a few blocks away from the Rice University running trail, Buda Juice is the perfect addition to your post-run meetup rotation!

  • Juice Girl

    Juice Girl
    image via Juice Girl | Facebook

    Juice Girl in The Heights and Montrose serves up all the usual suspects — juice, smoothies, shots, and bowls — but what has us jumping for joy is their soft serve, vegan ice cream. Yup, you heard that right. Some of the tastiest concoctions at this juice bar are frozen treats. Using the most popular juices as a base, the soft serve juice cream (who knew juice cream was a thing?) has us coming back for serving after serving!

  • Sustain Juicery

    Healthy Juice Houston
    image via Sustain Juicery Houston | Facebook

    This Bellaire juice bar has roots in California, so you know the Fresh Prince would approve. And speaking of fresh, everything here is — from the wellness cocktails to whole fruit smoothies. So whether you’re up for a full juice cleanse or just popping in after Pilates at Pure Body down the street, Sustain has your back (and belly). And if you can’t get enough of their nourishing juice, their sister store JuiceWell is now squeezin’ in Greenway Plaza.

  • JuiceWell

    best juice bars in houston
    image via @juicewellhouston | Instagram

    JuiceWell in Houston is Sustain Juicery’s hip, younger sister. Opened as an extension of Sustain Juicery, JuiceWell brings all of Sustain’s top-notch ingredients and freshness to Upper Kirby residents. In the mood for all-things-chocolate? JuiceWell has you covered. Their rich “Coco Loco” smoothie is chock full of chocolate and healthy antioxidants! Coconut, cacao powder, banana, and maca make the base for this delicious, nutrient-dense smoothie.