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JUL 14, 2020


Sure, the holiday season is all about friends and family. Let’s be honest, though — we’re here for all the good eats. So, go ahead and have an extra slice of homemade pie or a few more sugar cookies. But, once the excitement has died down (and the food marathon is over), it’s time to get back on track.

Luckily, Houston is home to Clean Juice—the first certified organic juice franchise in the US—and their nutrient-packed juice cleanses and new winter menu are the perfect way to reset.


If you’re a fan of superfood smoothies, fresh, cold-pressed juice, and next-level avocado toast, you’ve probably hit up Clean Juice more times than you can count. But there’s more to this local favorite than organic juices and wholesome eats — their signature cleanses are incredible, too. And given the time of year, a cleanse could be a game-changer.

During the holidays, we put our bodies through a lot, and an organic juice cleanse is a super convenient way to jumpstart a healthy routine. Along with giving your body a breather, you’ll also be replacing toxins with vitamins and filling up on delicious fruits and vegetables. Get this: for every day that you do a cleanse, you’ll be consuming up to 15 lbs. of fresh, organic produce. All of that produce comes with some pretty sweet benefits, like more energy, improved mental clarity, increased hydration, and a boost to your immune system (it is flu and cold season after all).

And hey, if it’s your first time trying one out, Clean Juice has everything from one-day cleanses to a full five-day option, so you can start where you feel comfortable. Plus, they have plenty of creative cold-pressed concoctions to choose from. There’s the veggie-packed Green and Sweet Green, the spicy Yellow, the beet-infused Red, the cult-favorite White—it’s basically dessert in a bottle—and more. There’s even an organic cold brew coffee!


It’s not all about cleanses at Clean Juice — although theirs are awesome. They also offer made-to-order and bottled, cold-pressed juices, plus protein smoothies, wellness lattes, acai bowls, greens and grains bowls, and toasts we can’t get enough of.

’Tis the season to get acquainted with their new winter menu, launching December 2. It features everything from The Chocolate Cherry One smoothie and The Winter Bowl, topped with organic granola, coconut chips, and cacao nibs, to the seasonal CranJam Toast with a sweet and tart jam that’s made in-house using their elderberry-infused Orange cold-pressed juice. For a warm, seasonal sip, try The Red Velvet Latte made with coconut milk, beet juice, cacao, MCT oil, mushrooms, and vanilla — all organic, of course.

Whether you’re looking for a reset after the holidays or are craving one of their tasty juices and a healthy bite, you can count on Clean Juice all year long. So, head to one of their five Houston-area locations to grab a six-pack, it'll be the best decision you make all week.


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