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APR 7, 2020



Houston isn’t exactly known for being a rock climbing mecca. The city's sprawling, flat terrain and distance from prime rock climbing destinations might make some think twice about how much climbing there is to do in the area.

But what H-Town lacks in outdoor mountain climbing terrain, it makes up for in indoor climbing hot spots. With fun and friendly gyms featuring challenging routes and bouldering areas, there are plenty of places to get your climbing fix.

If you’re in the Northwest area of Houston, you’ll want to check out Stone Moves off Cypress Creek Parkway. You’ll find colorful walls suited for climbers of any level here. With a regular rotation of top roping routes and walls sitting at different inclinations, you definitely won't be bored here.

Just outside Houston’s inner city limits, Momentum Katy has everything an indoor climber could ask for—it’s a triple threat in the indoor arena. From speed climbing to top roping and bouldering, this place has it all (including a fitness area for yoga, strength and conditioning training, and weight lifting). Towering walls over 50 feet (currently the highest in Houston) dominate most of the space for rope climbing, but the gym is also equipped with a bouldering section and a small REI store.

Situated about 15 minutes outside the loop is this triple threat. The colorful space features all types of climbing options, a weight room, a yoga studio, and a child center. Interested in rope climbing but don’t know how? No prob. inSPIRE staff members are available to walk you through the top rope, and how to use the auto-belay for free — something many gyms commonly charge for. They also lend lead ropes at no cost. Hit up the gym’s small pizza cafe—5 Ate Cafe, post-send.

This 43,000-square-foot beast is among the biggest bouldering gyms in the nation. You may not find mountains nearby, but Silver Street’s enormous, sprawling bouldering walls make up for it. The routes vary in difficulty and accommodate everyone from beginners to serious climbers flashing v12s. This world-class climbing facility also incorporates World Cup-style routes that are equal parts fun and challenging.

Just a few minutes north of I-10, you’ll find Houston’s OG rock climbing and bouldering gym. A great spot for lead climbing and top roping, TRG has routes for all levels, from 5. fun to 5.12. And there are plenty of auto belays if you’re climbing solo. With patrons and staff being so friendly at this spot, if you’re looking for a belay partner, you won’t have trouble finding one. Fitt Tip: weekdays are half off for students, so bring your student ID!

Southeast residents of Houston can get their hands on solid routes at Space City Rock Climbing in League City. With 25-foot-high routes and 23 belay stations, this gym offers 5,000 square feet of prime bouldering and rope climbing real estate. The gym tends to be on the quieter side throughout the week, so weekdays are the perfect time to work through that problem you just can't master. Routes are changed regularly to accommodate a little bit of something for everyone, but most aren’t designated with difficulty level in mind, so you're on your own for that one.

Inside this sports and fitness facility, you’ll find this boutique rock climbing gym, featuring 3,400 square feet of climbing area and 35-foot-high walls. Even though there are no bouldering areas, the space has plenty of lead climbing and top rope options, including auto belays. You won’t be tackling the same old problems week after week — they regularly update their routes, so there’s always a new challenge to conquer.


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