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Get ready to engage your abs (and really, every muscle in your body). From River Oaks to EaDo to West U, Pilates studios are taking over the fitness scene and getting Houston sweaty on Megaformers, Proformers, and Reformers. Not hip to the lingo? Just go with the flow until you feel the burn at these must-try Pilates studios in The Bayou City!

This is not your mother’s Pilates. In fact, Lagree likes to say they aren’t Pilates at all. Say howdy instead to Lagree HTX, a concept studio in Upper Kirby offering an intense, low-impact workout featuring a crazy-effective device known as the Megaformer M3S — created by founder Sebastien Lagree. Just be prepared: you’re in for a serious cardio workout.

Boost Pilates


Forget all the straps and multiple loops. At Boost Pilates—in West U and River Oaks—they’re taking a minimalist approach when it comes to your workout. Perfect your plank and get those glutes in gear on their toned-down Reformer. The only thing you’ll have to figure out is whether or not you’ll be able to walk the next day.

Citizen Pilates


The mantra at Citizen Pilates is simple: Come as you are. Which means you don’t have to know your way around a Reformer to feel welcome at any of their three studios in EaDo, Heights Blvd., and Houston Ave. While their Reformer Fitness is their most offered class, if you’re feeling a little tight, check out their signature Stretch class—it offers exactly what your tight hips need—a good, slow-paced stretch and a touch of core.

HIP Fitness


HIP—that’s High Intensity Pilates—is all about getting your adrenaline pumping. Case in point: a 45-minute plank to pike session on their Megaformer 3. But if a round of cobras, spider monkeys, and donkey kicks (aka muscle-burning ab moves) aren’t enough for you, then the Mega/TRX class may be your thing. It combines two low-impact workouts for one incredible sweat sesh. Embrace the shake in West U or River Oaks.

Method Pilates


Every day is a good day for Pilates, but there’s nothing better than starting your week off right with a workout at Method, where the mantra is sweat + good vibes. Stop by their Montrose or Rice Village locations to sculpt and tone in their 50-minute, high-intensity classes featuring a signature reformer. Plus, with a Nourish Juice inside the RV location, you’ll be able to refuel without even leaving the building.

If a killer workout is what you’re after then consider Body Rock your new fitness home. And it doesn’t matter which one of their 50-minute music-driven workouts you take on, their Reformer, Reformer/Cardio, Jump Board Reformer, and Barre-Lates will all find new ways to work that core. Find them in Rice Military or Oak Forest and start working on that six-pack.

Defy Pilates


At Defy Pilates in The Heights and Bellaire, high-intensity fusion Reformer classes are the name of the game. Their 50-minute workouts combine classical and high-energy Pilates elements for one hardcore sweat session. And if you want to show some extra love to those glutes, check out their Hip-Hop Humpday Jumpday class: it’s only offered on Wednesdays and infuses ’90s hip-hop with jump board-based exercises. When you feel like you can’t take one more side plank, just let the music carry you through.

Slow and controlled movements are what you can expect from this Pilates studio tucked next to Siphon, a hipster coffee joint in Montrose off Alabama St. Take a full-body class with featuring Reformers and Wunda Chairs, or focus on the fundamentals in Reformer 101. Want to raise your heart rate? Try Jump & Tone, 713’s take on a jump board class.

This Upper Kirby staple offers an extensive list of classical Pilates and barre classes, meaning you’re sure to find something that FITs your workout style. From Pilates with Props and Restore Your Core to Pilates B U R S T, PostureFIT will push you to your edge (and then some). And if barre is more your jam, check out Burn @ the Barre, a 50-minute cardio barre class that combines stretching, hand weights, and repetitive movements to really fatigue those muscles. Just don’t forget your grippy socks!

Find your spot on one of Sculpt Fitness’s eight Lagree Proformers and take a deep breath — you’re about to embark on Houston’s longest Pilates class, a 60-minute core-focused athletic adventure. But don’t worry — the instructors at this River Oaks studio are trained in the famous Lagree method and they’ll have your back through every move. The best part? They are situated just right down the street from the beloved brunch spot Bebidas, so you can dream about that post-workout juice when your legs start to shake.

At Control Studio on Bissonnet St. they keep their group classes small (like four people small), meaning you’ll get all the personal attention you need to ensure you’re getting the most out of our workout. Their classic classes integrate Gratz Universal Reformers, Wunda Chairs, and small hand weights. Feeling like you need to stretch it out after a particularly challenging full-body session? This place doubles as a yoga studio.

Want to reform your body in 45 minutes? You’re in luck because that’s exactly what you’ll get from this W 34th St. studio. Grab your sticky socks and prepare to perfect that donkey kick at Re/forme Lagree Fitness method. With the music up and the energy high, your focus will be on more than just your core — you’ll sculpt, tone, and elongate your muscles on one of their 12 Megaformers. Welcome to your new routine: re/forme, recover, and repeat.

Wicked Core


We can’t forget our outside-the-loop fitness fam and that’s where Wicked Core comes in. If cardio, strength training, and Pilates had a baby, it would look like this place, which features the Lagree Method. So set your goals and get ready to crush them on the Megaformer M3S at this studio in Spring off Rayford Rd. and in Tomball of Kuykendahl.