Feel The Burn With Studio Lagree’s Intense, Low-Impact Workouts

Feel The Burn With Studio Lagree’s Intense, Low-Impact Workouts

We have a megacrush on the newest studio to take on Houston’s fitness scene. Let us explain: West Coast-famous Studio Lagree has officially landed in Houston. And that means it’s time to feel the megaburn with your megababes on the newest Megaformers, a redefined and high-amplitude take on the traditional Pilates Reformer. Buckle up!

Come on and #LagreeWithMe

This is not your mother’s Pilates. In fact, Lagree likes to say they aren’t Pilates at all. Say howdy instead to Lagree HTX, a concept studio offering an intense, low-impact workout with a crazy-effective device called the Megaformer M3, created by Sebastien Lagree. The “Lagree Method” has drawn attention from the likes of Meghan Markle and Jennifer Aniston thanks to its slow tempo that fatigues your muscle and really makes you feel the burn.

The hot new spot rolled out its red carpet in Upper Kirby at 2630 Richmond Avenue and while the tiny brick building may not look like much from the outside, the studio itself is basically a high-tech laboratory.

Join your megaBABES and megaBROS

Whether you’re hoping to look lean, shed pounds, or make those marathon splits negative, Lagree offers a workout for everyone of all fitness levels. Yet, Lagree offers one class: MEGA 45, a 45-minute class that focuses on four elements: cardio, strength, endurance, and flexibility. This one class will become your favorite though. You can take pride in your personal space because there’s no sharing a Reformer because each class is only 10 people. So, while you’re flowing from your back platform to your carriage (all parts of the machine), you can also know you’re getting good attention from the instructor.

Ready to experience all the megafun? Grab your grippy socks and break a sweat with the newest, hard-working community in HTX.