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Daisy Phillipson

MAY 6, 2019

As a leading publishing house geared towards the UK’s most influential women, The Stylist Group knows what the modern feminist wants. Its established readership are women who are time-poor, thought-rich, and interested in a healthy, active lifestyle, which is why it makes total sense that the brand is moving into the boutique fitness space.

Introducing Stylist Strong, a gym that’s taking the tired idea that the weight room is a male-only arena and flipping it on its head.


A well-thought-out fitness concept for female fitness fanatics who are serious about working out, Stylist Strong aims to offer a safe space for busy, urban women who want to sweat and build strength in every sense of the word. That's why they're offering innovative, group strength training classes designed specifically for women.

Though, this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. So don’t expect workouts created with a specific body type in mind. To challenge the idea that physical fitness is skin-deep, Stylist Strong’s holistic programming embraces the power of exercise to boost self-confidence and mental health, so they'll have a variety of different classes to choose from. Simply put, it’s an opportunity to take the reins of your overall well-being while surrounding yourself with like-minded women.

And perhaps the most exciting element? They’ve brought in Nike global master trainer, Joslyn Thompson Rule to lead the charge, developing workouts that ladies of all fitness levels can get into.


The first Stylist Strong space will open in London’s most exciting new members’ club in May 2019. Situated in the heart of the city’s most prestigious neighborhood, the AllBright Mayfair is a community hub for women to connect, collaborate, and network, making it the perfect venue for the new studio to set up camp.

In addition to workout classes, members will have access to events, talks, and panel discussions centered around fitness, strength training, and more.

From nervous newcomers to eager experts, women of all ages, sizes, shapes, and abilities can feel welcome at this female-focused fitness studio. If you want in on the action, head over to their website, where you can find opening day updates and special offers. One thing's for sure — when you're sweating it out with the crew at Stylist Strong, you'll feel mentally and physically stronger than you ever thought possible.