With so many studios putting their own spin on the traditional cycling class, it can be hard to decide where to go. Don’t sweat it — save that for the studio! We’re here to fill you in on all the go-to places to pedal hard and party on the bike. So, saddle up, London!




This studio’s two central locations are up to something special, making them far from just “another space”. Their signature Cycle 45 class is 45 minutes of pure adrenaline. Combining sprints, hills, and tempo-based intervals, this class will build your endurance and full-body strength. And, if your muscles needs a good recovery after, try one of their hot yoga classes.

Want to party but don’t want the hangover? Then Psycle is for you. With studios in Westbourne, Mortimer Street, Shoreditch, and Clapham, they’re one of the big boys — and there’s no question why. Party hard and spin those legs as the surround-sound system shakes your body and neon flashing lights match your ride's intensity. The 45 minutes will fly as you grind your way through speed, resistance, and endurance work. Climbing the stairs on your way out may take some time, but it’s worth it for the epic smoothie bar waiting at the top.

Love a bit of healthy competition? Like to know how hard you’re working? If so, visit the team at Digme Fitness in Rathbone Square. As you wind your way through the streets in their virtual ride class, you’ll be able to see your metrics on a big screen. Oh, and it’s also visible for the class to see — incentive much? You won’t be able to resist going back to smash your latest ride out of the park, as your results from each ride are sent to you via email. To be truthful, it’s just you vs. you.

If good beats will get you into the cleats, then Boom Cycle will keep you there. Their world-class sound system will sweep you up so much, you might even forget about your burning legs (we said almost). Their studios span London—with locations in Holborn, Hammersmith, Battersea, Shoreditch, and Monument—so there’s no excuse not to get the BOOM experience!

If nothing sounds more badass than pedaling hard to epic music in a low-lit, brick-walled room, then you'll want to head to 1Rebel stat. At 1Rebel, you can smash your way through a 30- or 45-minute themed ride—we’re talking Kanye vs. The World, ’90s pop—all the good stuff! They don’t stop the party there, though. Classes feature live music with drummers and saxophonists, plus there's free prosecco on Friday evenings. And, if you’re keen to see what the world’s first cycling amphitheatre looks like, visit their epic three-floor studio in Victoria.

In the heart of Fulham, this boutique studio has it all. Take to the bike for a killer leg workout, to the floor for core and resistance work, and the yoga studio for a sweat and stretch tailored to the cyclist’s and runner’s body. Even better, the smaller class size means the trainer can really invest in your workout and give you tips to enhance your performance.

Straight up spin at a spa-like studio in Kensington? We’re all about that. This space has a sleek, stylish interior and the kind of low lighting that makes you look good even after a grueling workout. If you’re looking for a pay-as-you-go option, it would pay (see what we did there?) to check them out. To top it off, they’ve got all your pre- and post-workout nutrition sorted with their on-site kitchen offering all the breakfast goods. If Kensington feels like a bit of a trek for you, check out the newest Core Collective openings in St. John’s Wood and Knightsbridge.

Enduro, Power, and Rogue riders, this one’s for you. If you’ve got a cycling goal in mind, whether it be an IRONMAN, triathlon, or you just want to hit certain stats, H2 in Soho and Victoria is the place to make it happen. In short, their Power class is aimed at — you've guessed it — power. In the Beats class, the music is cranked and the stats are forgotten. It's pure pedalling and pure power.

If you love all things canine and you’re partial to an indoor cycling class, Dog House is for you. The genius concept of a dog-friendly fitness studio in Balham offers both boxing-based workouts and indoor cycling sessions like no other. Their Spin class is 45 minutes of sweating it out on a bike, where you're put through whole-body routines that leave you pulling off moves you never knew existed. Bring your dog or get friendly with someone else’s, either way, you’re bound to pet a furry friend.

Ever noticed how soaking up a bit of sun puts you in a much better mood? Enter the geniuses behind FirstLight. They’ve created a fitness studio based on the power of sunlight. Head down to their studio in Westfield, White City for a life-changing ride. You’ll start your workout in a pitch black room and soon after you'll experience breathtaking sunlit-scenes from places like Dubai and Rio. It’s a fully-immersive experience that’s brought to life by a 30-foot Magic Mirror that will take your mind off the killer workout.

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