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APR 15, 2019



Gone are the days when the gym was simply a space to sweat. Instead, the latest concepts are now focused on giving you a full-on luxury wellness experience that brings together health, nutrition, fitness, and well-being services all under one roof.

Harrods led the way with the launch of its holistic beauty, wellness, fitness, and nutrition space The Wellness Clinic back in 2017. And in 2018, Corinthia Hotel London followed suit with BodySPace, a luxury hybrid fitness concept designed to improve your overall health through exercise, nutrition, sleep, and innovative technology.

Now, world-renowned German medical centre Lanserhof has its sights set on London, with plans to launch the capital’s first medical gym later this year.


Wondering what exactly a medical gym is? Let us explain. Already credited for having the best medical experts and cutting-edge treatments in Germany, the Lanserhof has joined forces with iconic private members’ social organisation The Arts Club to reinvent everything you thought you knew about fitness.

A luxury space set up in the former Dover Street Market building, Lanserhof at The Arts Club will offer high-end medical consultations (complete with MRI and ultrasound scans) combined with personalised training regimens, allowing members to enjoy bespoke wellness plans that deliver precise training methods tailored specifically for their bodies. So expect to have your heart, digestive system, nutritional status, and muscle function analysed before you get anywhere near a treadmill.

But following your assessment, you’ll get to work out in their world-class gym. And—trust us—this will truly be a ‘world-class’ experience. Rumour has it that Lanserhof at The Arts Club will feature the very best fitness equipment out there (aka some of Technogym’s latest innovations).

If sweating it out in the gym isn’t your thing, though, you can try one of their many sports treatments, grab a healthy bite to eat at the Members’ Lounge, or—if you’re really feeling brave—chill out in a cryotherapy treatment chamber.


With a completely personalised health and wellness experience on offer, we can’t deny that Lanserhof at The Arts Club sounds like a dream. But, like most dreams, access carries a hefty price tag.

So, how much does a membership to this exclusive, new-age fitness experience cost? The answer is up to £9000 per year — not exactly pocket change.

And while the services they plan to provide are certainly impressive (membership includes butler service after all), you have to wonder if the results will be life-changing enough to convince the majority of us to embrace this all-in approach to working out. We’ll leave it to you to decide.

But if you’re serious about staying on top of your fitness game, then check out Lanserhof at The Arts Club when they open in May 2019 and prepare to change the way you train.


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