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Mimi Biggadike

APR 18, 2019

It’s no secret that convincing yourself to run if you don’t have a partner to lace up your trainers and hit the trails with can be tough. We understand that. Though, when it comes to motivation, there aren’t many who can do it better than London running crew Track Mafia.

And the most amazing part is that they’re open to EVERYONE — your experience or your level of fitness is irrelevant. They believe that they—and only they—have the community (and the vibes) to get you going. Founders Cory Wharton-Malcolm and Julia Good are redefining our urban running culture. And they’re doing it exclusively in Nike.


If there’s one thing to point out about Track Mafia other than the “SPEEEEED” aspect, it’s that they’re just pretty damn cool. And in that enviable, ‘I wish I was you’ kind of way all the popular kids had down at school. Unlike school, though, this time you can be cool too!

They have a simple philosophy when it comes to inclusion: ‘just turn up ready to sweat and smile’. And smile people do; they’ve created a community of people who love running. And also people who love each other — Track Mafia is even responsible for bringing couples together through running!


Their philosophy is as simple as that the phrase #OwnIt, and you can at Paddington Recreation Grounds every Thursday at 6.30pm. And although Track Mafia started out in a cult of secrecy, condemning social media as a distraction to their values, goddamn, they’re all over it now! It means that you can easily keep up with their events and runs, and they’ve expanded from their original grounds to also hold weekly Monday sessions in Shoreditch at 7pm where they host the Frame Run Club.


And just when you thought it wasn’t competitive, there’s a little something they like to call, GET PAID. It’s a multi-race, multi-gender race for 16–25-year-olds and, should you win, you’ll get your mitts on a £1000 cash money prize. The last Get Paid event was in April, and the categories were Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed Team and all are in teams of four. This just goes further to confirming the fact that even though it’s about self-improvement and pushing your limits, the team aspect they cultivate on the track is the true life-blood of this movement.

If you want to be an amazing runner, don’t go to Track Mafia. Doing one run a week is never going to make you a good runner. But if you want to join a community who runs and love running and is all about those vibes and your speed, then Track Mafia is where you need to be. They might just teach you to look the part too.