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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or new to the game, London has you covered with an abundance of places to unroll your mat. And to help you out, we’ve handpicked the best spots where you can zen out. Namaste!




If the stigma of balloon-pant attire and pseudo-spiritual facades hold you back from embarking on your path to zen, Fierce Grace (with seven area locations) has created a safe haven for the more-direct, no-nonsense, and no-fluff yogi. After leading the UK in the hot yoga revolution, this studio has built a reputation for its less uptight approach to the ancient spiritual practice. Classes are built on classical Hatha, Bikram, and Ashtanga yoga styles and combine strength with flexibility to promote health, emotional harmony, and mental clarity. Like it hot? The classes go down in a hot room (approximately 38º) to allow optimum results in the minimum amount of time.

What happens when you take a bright, open space and cross it with infra-red heating and soothing studio-specific scents? You get a calming, tropical, holiday-like warmth by way of Another_Space’s studios in Covent Garden and Bank. With the scene set, you can focus on immersing yourself in their tranquil surroundings. Described as ‘yoga for all’, their classes combine powerful breath with challenging moves that work both strength and flexibility in equal measure to raise your heart rate while helping your mental state. Plus, you get a handful of instructors to choose from, whose main focus is to observe posture and soothe your stresses away.

As its namesake suggests, this Walthamstow-based studio combines the beauty of art and culture into physical rigour. The former tram-works site is flooded with natural light via the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the quaint cobbled street leading into their peaceful oasis. East of Eden offers 15 contemporary fusion or classic yoga styles that cater for every level. And each class has its own passionate teacher with their own curated playlists for an uplifting experience.

When taking a class at Hotpod, you basically step into a womb-like hybrid between a steam room heated to 37º and a cocoon of blissful, purple surroundings. It’s what we consider the perfect way to limber up rigid muscles and stiff limbs through an effective combination of active and passive postures. Instructors at their various London studios are encouraging but don’t pressure you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with — you’re free to sit out and cool down as often as you like. Fitt Tip: bring a towel or rent one if you forget. You’ll be glad you did.

When you want a studio that respects the roots of ancient yoga without asking you to memorise Sanskrit phrases, hit up Fat Buddha Yoga created by DJ and Nike yoga trainer Jessica Skye. As a roaming studio, they practice everywhere and anywhere. Whether it’s on a sunny rooftop, basement nightclub, or at a five-star hotel, Jessica’s pop-up venues (Holborn, Dalston, Shoreditch, Central London) have her tailor-made playlists cued up to provide variety to her classes. FBY is known for never taking yoga practice (or life) too seriously — instead, they teach yoga as a tool for looking after your mind and your body.

triyoga is your go-to for that much-needed restoration from a hectic working week. They offer a great range of styles and relaxation methods led by highly-experienced therapists and instructors to both prepare you for your day or unwind after a stressful schedule. Escape the city chaos for an hour and retreat to a sanctuary of white walls, stained glass windows, open spaces, and calming oasis. The studio spaces (Soho, Chelsea, Camden, Shoreditch, and Ealing) are all fully equipped with a yoga shop, healthy café, and spa treatment rooms — so get ready to unwind, refuel, and pamper all in one spot.

FLY LDN is the new kid on the block, and they’re taking the London yoga scene to new heights. Their studio in Creechurch Lane is dedicated to creating the ultimate immersive yoga experience. Expect breathtaking visuals on a cinema screen and carefully curated playlists in each class. The goal? To help you achieve a state of bliss not found in your average yoga class. There are also seven different classes to choose from — each differing in difficulty level and pace, so there’s something to suit every type of yoga personality. Try your first class for £10. But be warned — you may be hooked afterwards!

There’s nothing but positive feels when you step into Good Vibes’ softly lit, warm, open, and extremely calming studio. They feature a variety of classes to help boost flexibility and improve overall well-being. Take the restorative yoga class if you need a good stretch. It’s what we deem a necessity for any standing-desk deprived office worker (aka 90% of us city dwellers). Say goodbye to pesky muscle pains and hello to a better posture.

With two studios in the heart of the East End, Stretch London has built its reputation on being one of the most inclusive and community-focussed studios. Plus, the real sense of ease stays with you long after your first visit. Classes are led by a team of expert instructors who aim to encourage all levels and styles—minus a holier-than-thou tone—making it an ideal and appealing experience for anyone wanting to dip (and flex) their toes into yoga.

Aptly named with a pun for ‘utopia’, Yotopia will indeed send you to a serene state of mind. Their ‘intelligent movement’-centered, technical styles marry the serious scientific know-how and the traditional teachings of ancient yoga. You’ll find zen, but only after you’ve been put through your paces. From gentle and dynamic flows to relaxing Yin Yoga, Rocket Yoga, and Dharma Mittra, they have a class to suit every ability. Plus, their centrally-located Covent Garden studios are flooded with natural light, and certain evening classes are lit with candles and incense for a truly immersive experience. Major bonus: showers are complete with REN products to stay on par with their luxury aesthetic.

When you’re looking for more than a downward dog or warrior pose, yogahaven is your answer. Complete with plenty of sun salutations, yogahaven focuses on whole-body movements combined with breathing techniques that’ll leave you toned and strengthened. Want the same endorphin rush as you get after a good run? Jump in on a Hot Flow Yoga class, a low-impact session that’ll still rocket your heart rate. Studios dot Clapham, Brighton, Burmingham, and Richmond and are spacious, bright, and mood-lit (it makes a difference; you’ll see).

The Refinery‘s mission is simple: give you the tools to handle the rigours of a 21st-century lifestyle. You can expect the usual suspects here, like power and Forrest yoga, but it’s the integration of music—and the support of unique, playful ideas and talent—that put them in their own league. Think: singing bowls, tuning forks, and sound healing to wittily named classes including Calm the Flow Down, Get Up and Glow, and Candlelit Hip & Hamstring Heaven. If that hasn’t got you sold, then their £5 introductory class and skincare treatments might just tempt you.

A yoga session at this Shoreditch studio is truly unique. That's because at Chromayoga you'll embark on a multi-sensory, chromatic journey. You’ll bend and flow in a room filled with a specifically-selected coloured light to fit the mood and intention. Then, you’ll listen to a soundtrack composed of tones and beats meant to stimulate brain function. To top it off, essential oil scents correspond with it all. Feeling tired or sluggish? Sign up for a Blue class. Want to recharge and destress? Go for an Orange practice. And when you want to truly let go, take on their Pink class that uses Jiriki, a Japanese movement therapy.

This ambitious, community-focused chain is on a mission to provide affordable, accessible yoga classes to every practicing and would-be yogi in the city. And they're making good on that promise. They've spread their reach far and wide, currently operating close to 30 yoga studios across London, with plans to reach 100 by 2020. At any one of them, you can sign up for a £37.50 per month (up to seven classes a week) membership and unroll your mat in everything from a fast-paced Vinyasa class to a candlelit flow or mindful meditation session. As if you needed another reason to love this place, they also work with local charities, businesses, and artists to host workshops and events that give back.

Yogarise loves spreading the good vibes and creating an inviting space where people of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels can feel welcome. Whether you're looking for a beginner-friendly flow to help you dip your toes or want a class that will take you through an energetic, sweat-inducing series of asanas, they've got you. Keep an eye on their schedule, too, they often host community classes that are low-cost or free. Oh, and during the summer, their Peckham studio regularly hosts classes on the rooftop. But you can also find them in the Peckham Bussey Building, Covent Garden, and Streatham High Road.

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