All The Best Sweat Spots in London Right Now

All The Best Sweat Spots in London Right Now

If lack of motivation or just plain boredom become all too familiar feelings when it comes to your fitness regimen, it might be time to switch up your workouts. The trick is finding the right gym, studio, or class that can do both: help you hit your PBs and keep you coming back for more.

With an overwhelming amount of options, London is truly spoilt for choice. To give you a helping hand, Fitt has gathered the best hot spots across the capital to get you started. Whether money is no object (lucky you) or if you’re after no-frills, faff-free gains — we can guarantee there’s a place for you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your kit and go get ’em.

  • Equinox

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    image via @equinox | Instagram

    Equinox Kensington and St James are the type of gyms that could easily become your hub for living your best healthy lifestyle. You can train, eat, and pitch up by a plug socket without even leaving the building. On the gym floor, if you can’t find a certain type of equipment, it’s likely you don’t need it; Equinox has pretty much everything you can think of. Around the perimeter are boxing, yoga, and Pilates studios, and qualified personal trainers are on hand to help you through your individual goals. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a member’s lounge, steam room, spa, and a gym kit shop.

  • Bodyism

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    image via Bodyism | Facebook

    With A-list clientele, including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Elle Macpherson, it’s no wonder Australian PT James Duigan’s fitness philosophy has become so popular. Duigan’s holistic approach to health is simple: eat a nutrition-packed diet (no calorie counting) and lead an active lifestyle. It sounds simple, right? So, what makes it so effective? James will tell you, “the first thing we do with a client is a really good assessment. This tells us exactly what is going on with someone’s body. Stress, muscle imbalances”. The result? A lithe, lean figure in as little as 14 days, depending on which of his fat-burning plans you follow.

  • Metabolic London

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    image via @metabolicldn | Instagram

    Metabolic London has often been referred to as the most ‘gruelling workout your body has ever been subjected to’. Yeah, we get that. Your heart rate will be racing just at the sight of the place (think an immense monochromatic space with wall-to-wall weights and pull-up bars). Classes at the North-West London studio begin with a Tabata-style warm-up of relentless rounds of jumping lunges and burpees. While you catch your breath, you’ll want to take that time to mentally prepare yourself for the eight-minute strength rounds that target both upper and lower body. They’ve also introduced rowing classes, boxing-technique courses, and 30-minute lunchtime lifting sessions. Warning: you may not be able to move the next day.

  • Heartcore

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    image via @heartcorelife | Instagram

    Founded by celebrity trainer Jess Schuring, the ethos at Heartcore is all about living a balanced life of positivity and well-being, which echoes throughout their nine studios across London. Their power yoga sessions cater to all levels and involve a combination of mobility, strength, and breath work — perfect for improving balance, flexibility, and stamina. With airy interiors and a spa-like atmosphere, their studio spaces are guaranteed to instill ALL the zen.

  • Ten Health & Fitness

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    image via @tenhealthfitness | Instagram

    Ten Health & Fitness is where you go to get toned, long, and lean. It’s not a quick-fix, but a long-term commitment to your improving your overall fitness and strength. They have eight studios across London, including Notting Hill, Mayfair and St James’s and they all practice Dynamic Pilates, which is basically like traditional Pilates, but with a twist. The concept is designed to engage and strengthen your core, waist, and lower back muscles, while also helping to improve overall posture and prevent injury. And all workouts are centred around a patented Reformer, which allows for movement-based exercises with the added resistance. Sounds easy enough, but don’t be fooled — although the exercises may look simple, the muscle groups are so isolated that in just a short period of time, you really start to feel the burn.

  • The Library at The Clock

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    image via The Library | Facebook

    Strapped for time? The Library in Notting Hill is for you. They offer a super-effective 15-minute HIIT class, so you always fit a workout into your busy schedule. The key to their sweat sessions, though, is founder Zana Morris’s timepiece, a beautiful machine that resembles the inner workings of a clock. The equipment features that each focus on a specific area of the body for optimal muscle burn. And you’ll quickly learn that Zana is known for her eagle eye — for instance, she can spot if you are putting a strain on your neck as you work your glutes… and stop you. Here, you’ll train safely, quickly, and effectively. Soon enough, you’ll be bulletproof.

  • KX Life

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    image via KX Life | Facebook

    Often described as a ‘five star hotel’, KX Life is based in Chelsea (naturally) and is a real treat. All the equipment is completely state-of-the-art and classes range from Yoga Sleep to Pilates Reformer, Circuit Training to Olympic Lifting, and everything in between. After all your hard work, pamper yourself in their steam room, sauna, or plunge pool. Oh, and there’s a ‘nail lounge’ dedicated to manicures and pedicures, too. We don’t blame you if you never leave.

  • Method Movement

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    image via @methodmovement | Instagram

    At Method you can overhaul your body and mind thanks to their fitness classes, personal training, meditation, yoga, and nutrition advice. Opt for the Bondi Method, where you’ll race around circuits; or take on the Brazilian Method: glute-punishing pulses that integrate resistance bands. Their airy studio is based in Chelsea (complete with heated yoga terrace) and is welcoming for newbies and fitness veterans alike. Fitt Tip: their Mindful Garden is the only space in London where you can practice al fresco yoga and soak up all that fresh Prana energy.

  • Blok

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    image via @maxoppenheim | Instagram

    Occupying a converted Victorian tram depot in Clapton and a trendy art gallery-inspired space in Shoreditch, Blok is the place to be if you’re looking for a large selection of carefully-curated classes. These sweet sessions range from traditional HIIT or yoga to more unique methods such as primal movement and Methodology X — the workout for women created by Dan Roberts (aka the trainer to a plethora of international Victoria’s Secret models).

  • Sweat by BXR

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    image via @bxrlondon | Instagram

    Sweat in Marylebone is Anthony Joshua’s “passion project” — which means you can expect to walk into the nothing less than a knockout space. And this place is a triple-threat. Choose between three pay-to-train studios concentrating on boxing, strength and conditioning, and cardio (complete with those hellish and oh-so-trendy VersaClimbers), and get ready for a high-energy, adrenaline-boosting workout.

  • UN1T

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    image via UN1T

    This is a class you can get through with a workout buddy. It’s a 45-minute, high-intensity circuit and relies on you completing your required round of weight and cardio reps per exercise before you can tag in your partner (and catch your breath). Just so you know, it’s around 50 reps per exercise shared between the two of you — and with four exercises per circuit as part of four circuits, well, you do the math. Needless to say, you’ll want to pick your more motivational friend or the most hyped-up-looking stranger in the room. Just get through the session at their Fulham or London Bridge sites; you can share a well-earned drink and a pat on the back afterwards.

  • Third Space

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    image via Third Space London | Facebook

    Third Space is about training for posterity, not just for aesthetic. That’s why they’ve got every element of your training covered: recovery, injury prevention, and form. Before you dive into your workout, members are taken through a detailed movement screen to highlight any imbalances, back problems, weak knees, and posture alignments. This ensures your fitness plan is totally bespoke and you’re clued-up on how to train independently. Combine that with unrivalled equipment and luxury facilities and you can see why this one of London’s most reputable fitness studios.

  • BXR

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    image via BXR London | Facebook

    This spot is considered the heavyweight of boxing gyms — that should be obvious, seeing as BXR is the Anthony Joshua-endorsed space in Marylebone. BXR challenges members to “train like a champion”, so if head boxing coach Gary Logan can’t teach you how to deliver a punch of professional standards, no one can. While perfecting your jab and uppercut is the focus, the gym also comes fully-equipped with all the strength and conditioning equipment you’ll ever need.

  • SOMA House

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    image via SOMA House | Facebook

    Training inside the trendy Old Spitalfields Market, founders Jennifer and Theo have a combined 50+ of years of expertise across the yoga, sports, fitness, and academic worlds. So it should come as no surprise that this studio offers integrated training across hot yoga, cycling, TRX, and barre. You’ll sweat it out in a space with a warm, homey feel and, if you’re a member, you’ll have access to the three main studios, as well as a rooftop bar/cafe serving superfood vegan smoothies, beer, and hot drinks — not to mention a selection of signature Spitalfields food stalls for a post-workout refuel.

  • KXU

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    image via KXU | Facebook

    KXU (aka the little sister of luxury private member’s club KX) is a no-membership, pay-as-you-go boutique fitness hub in Chelsea. They offer everything from cycling to sparring, deadlifts to detoxes; you can train how you want and on your own terms. You can still train with a PT, but it’s really about the classes at KXU. They’ve created an integrated approach to group fitness that’s centred around strength, stretching, and cardio disciplines (each offers resistance and interval training). And that idea extends to everything from Vinyasa and gravity yoga to Paola’s Body Barre classes and interval cycling.  Fitt Tip: check out their Nutrition Bar for a gourmet take on post-workout refuelling.

  • Barry’s Bootcamp

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    image via @stephanieyyyyyy | Instagram

    Oh, you don’t know Barry? If you don’t, you soon will. Barry’s Bootcamp’s signature hour-long workouts involve 25–30 minutes of intense cardio treadmill routines mixed in with 25–30 minutes of strength-training intervals. The classes are known to burn up to 1,000 calories (the more you put in, the more you get out) and cater equally to fitness fanatics and complete beginners. You choose your speed and weight, but the energy in the room—and from the ripped bootcamp instructor—will be enough motivation to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Sweat-drenching, fat-burning, and highly-addictive, Barry’s studios can be found in Euston (central), Queensway (west), Old Street (east), and Belgravia (south west).

  • F45

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    image via @f45_training | Instagram

    Born in Australia, this group training concept has swept our shores with studio franchises all over London, and they’ve got more in the pipeline. As a class-based studio, they keep it interesting by switching up their themes every day with a focus on either strength or cardio exercises. A class can involve up to 27 stations, each exercise lasts 40 seconds (with a 10-second break for change-over), and then you’ll get a minute break before doing it all over again. These training sessions are no joke, but because you’re moving so often between stations, it feels achievable and it definitely never gets boring.

  • 1Rebel

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    image via @1rebeluk | Instagram

    These classes are seriously effective. Whether you’re pounding the treadmill or pedalling to your get your heart pumping, their range of classes are accompanied by amazing playlists, live MCs, and even the occasional jazz band that will have you feeling pumped, sweaty, and accomplished. Their luxury boutique gyms are based in St Mary Axe, Broadgate Circle, Southbank, and Bayswater. And if you want to see what the world’s first cycling amphitheatre looks like, visit 1Rebel Victoria — it’s spread over three floors! All five studios feature modern, spacious changing rooms that are stocked with the best high-end beauty products. You can also refuel at their Roots & Bulbs smoothie bar for a post-workout pick-me-up. Fitt Tip: go on Fridays; there’s prosecco for anyone at the last class of the day.

  • Speedflex

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    image via @speedflexdallas | Instagram

    If you’re the type that gets bored easily with conventional exercise, Speedflex is about to be your new favorite place. The studio, which is just a two-minute walk from Monument station, is filled with hydraulic machines and flat screens. That sounds scary, but don’t worry — it is quite the opposite. The machines are specially designed with a built-in hydraulics system that responds to the amount of force exerted on them so you can make the class as hard as you want it to be. The best news: their low-impact training and the technology in the machines means there’s little (or no) pain involved. Although, you can expect to burn a whopping average of 700 calories per session with minimal stress to the body. Sounds like a win-win.

  • Centric:3Tribes

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    image via @centric3tribes | Instagram

    Described as “a new fitness experience in Crouch End”, here are three boutique specialised environments in one: a high-intensity interval training space that goes by the name of Warrior; a state-of-the-art indoor cycling arena named Rider, and a zen-inspired, mind-body studio that focuses on lengthening, toning, and strengthening. Within, you’ll experience a well-executed transition from treadmill to gym floor to bike to yoga mat — and from experience, we’ll tell you that you may be practically crawling into the hyper-cooled Zen room, sweat and steam pouring off your back. Finish your visit propped up at the in-house juice bar, which serves up an array of smoothies and shakes to weary tribespeople in need of refreshment.

  • Core Collective

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    image via Core Collective | Facebook

    If you’re looking for a fitness class in luxurious surroundings that will push you to your limits, then make your way to Core Collective. Their studios High Street Kensington, Knightsbridge, and St John’s Wood are spacious and feature classes are super-challenging but equally as fun. Plus, this pay-as-you-go class-based gym focuses on three main class themes: Velocity (HIIT), Resistance (TRX), and Accelerate (cycling), so you get to choose exactly how you’d like to fatigue your muscles.

  • Boom Cycle

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    image via @boomcycle | Instagram

    Just picture a epic night out at the club, but without the horrific hangover. Instead, you leave feeling fitter, happier, and enthused about life. We are, of course, describing Boom Cycle. Classes are all about the high-energy music and empowering vibes led by Muireann Carey-Campbell, aka ‘Bangs’, and her army of equally-pumped instructors. You’ll get 45 minutes of cardio and HIIT in one full-body workout. Oh, and it’ll all be set to the beat of a specifically curated playlist — it’s a ‘party on a bike’, as they like to call it. Head to one of their studios in Holborn, Hammersmith, Battersea, and Monument so see what the hype’s about.

  • Kobox

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    image via @kobox | Instagram

    Going the distance on the King’s Rd. and in the City, Kobox is a studio that offers high-intensity boxing-based classes that will get your heart racing. They provide the gloves, you just need to buy your wraps and bring your A-game. Workouts involve alternating between exercises both on and off the punching bag. Around the room are mats, dumbbells, and weight plates that are used at different times throughout depending on the focus of each class. Every day is different, though. In 60 minutes you’ll move from punching the bag to a gruelling interval session at your corresponding wall (think burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, squats with weight plates) before switching back to do it all over again. Rounds can last anywhere from three to seven minutes, so needless to say, you’re left soaked in sweat by the end of it.

  • Psycle

    psycle london
    image via @psyclelondon | Instagram

    If you have a serious love affair with indoor cycling, Psycle needs to be part of your fitness routine. With studios in Canary Wharf, Mortimer Street, Shoreditch, and one on the way in South London, Psycle is the place to be if you like your workout hard, fast, and fun. Their state-of-the art music system and club-style lights will keep you in the zone, making sure you finish the full 45-minute class strong. Not a cycling fan? Don’t worry. Despite their name, Psycle isn’t just about sweating it out on bikes. Barre, strength, and yoga sessions are also on offer at all of their sites — perfect for switching up your workout! And don’t forget about their Energy Kitchen. No visit to Psycle is complete unless you grab one of their legendary smoothies on your way out.


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