Coming Soon: Halo Burger is Bringing Its Delicious Plant-Based Burgers to Brixton

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Coming Soon: Halo Burger is Bringing Its Delicious Plant-Based Burgers to Brixton

You’ve probably already heard of the bleeding plant burger — it can be found peppered across menus in various vegan-friendly restaurants around the globe.

But now, the infamous Beyond Meat Burger is getting a place all to itself thanks to new eatery Halo Burger that’s set to open in Brixton.


Yes, you heard right, a new restaurant dedicated to plant-based burgers is setting up shop right here in South London.

Hailing from Flint, Michigan in the US, Halo Burger is on a mission to satiate your cravings for great tasting food whilst helping you reduce your impact on the planet. And the result is a nostalgic fast food experience that combines good vibes, great tunes, and veganism.

Heaven on Earth

Ready to treat yourself to a Halo Burger? Well, prepare for plant-based paradise.

All of their Beyond Meat patties come layered with diced onion juicy tomato, crispy lettuce, and a slice of vegan all-American-style cheese (aka “the works”). Finally, there’s the tangy signature house sauce to top it all off.

While the burger is delicious, the secret sauce alone is worth going in for. The team spent almost an entire year developing the craveable seasoning that you’ll be dreaming about well after you’ve left the restaurant. And it doesn’t stop with this special condiment — feel free to play chef and customise your creation with add-ons like halopeños, olives, and banana peppers!

Consider yourself a committed carnivore? Trust us — you might just be converted by this angelic burger. The taste and experience mimic the real thing so closely, you may even forget the patty you’re eating is sans meat. Seriously, cut into the patty and watch lip-smacking beetroot juice ooze out!

Whether you order a traditional cheeseburger or try out their signature Olive Burger, make sure you save room for a side of pink Himalayan salt fries and a shake to wash it all down!


Halo Burger plans to open its London locale at Pop Brixton in December, and there’ll be loads more heavenly vegan offerings on the menu.

Keep an eye on their Instagram for more tantalising updates.