19 London Brunch Spots For Healthier (And Delicious) Eats

19 London Brunch Spots For Healthier (And Delicious) Eats

It’s no secret Londoners love a boozy breakfast sesh, but if you’re dancing on the healthier side of life, we’ve found the best places in London for you to get your weekend brunch fix. Plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free—whatever your requirements—one of the below cafés are sure to cater.

Now comes the hard part  — choosing from the menus!

  • Dishoom

    Brunch in London
    image via Dishoom | Facebook

    Swap out the Prosecco for a healthier option—chai tea and creamy porridge—your body will love you for it! Dishoom, London’s Bombay-inspired café, has spaces in Kensington, Shoreditch, Carnaby, King’s Cross, and Covent Garden. Well known for their plates full of Parsi food (we’re talking egg, egg, and more egg), their cafés are constantly buzzing with hungry Londoners.

  • Daisy Green Collection

    Brunch in London
    image via Daisy Green Collection | Facebook

    Bringing Down Under dining to London, this Aussie-owned café collection is keeping it real, calling a fancy bacon roll… a “Fancy Bacon Roll.” What they lack in elaborate dish names, they make up for in delicious and healthy meals. Their signature activated charcoal sourdough is a must-try. Fitt Tip: Beany Green, Darcie & May, Timmy Green, and Peggy Jean make up the rest of the collection and are spread across London, so a delicious meal is never far away.

  • Coppa Club

    Best Brunches in London
    image via Coppa Club | Facebook

    They said it, we confirmed it ­ — Coppa Club in Tower Bridge and St Paul’s, is a great place to eat, meet, and unwind. What’s better, they’ve got healthy goods on offer including a “Super Bowl” that’s practically overflowing with health and kale toast with avocado. If you go with a group, know that your pancakes and bacon friends will be taken care of, too.

  • Aprés Food Co.

    Best Brunches in London
    image via Aprés Food Co. | Facebook

    You’ll see the queue before you smell the food, but it’s worth hanging around to get a spot at this Stoke Newington café. Owned by a nutritionist, the menu is refined sugar- and gluten-free. Your friends can still order a mean stack of GF pancakes, but it’s the healthier options (we vote the the Aprés eggs), that deserve a breakfast bravo.

  • Caravan

    Best Brunches in London
    image via Caravan | Facebook

    If the smell of coffee from their on-site roastery doesn’t wake you up, their food sure will. Gracing King’s Cross, Exmouth, Bankside, and Fitzrovia (coming soon) with “well-travelled” food (majority of it being of the healthier variety), are the guys at Caravan. And let us just tell you, their Green Baked Eggs are a 10 out of 10.

  • Sunday

    Best Brunches in London
    image via Sunday | Facebook

    This Islington café knows how to do breakfast. Don’t let the queues turn you away (or the mismatched chairs get to your OCD) because EVERYTHING on the menu is worth sticking around for. Their menu is on the healthy side, serving up cornbread with avocado, egg, and halloumi, and simple, yet effective, eggs on toast with mushrooms and spinach (and a catalogue of sides to add). Fitt Tip: despite the name, they’re open Tuesday to Sunday.

  • Detox Kitchen

    Brunch Spots in London
    image via The Detox Kitchen | Facebook

    There’s nothing like a colourful, great-tasting smoothie bowl to start the day. Detox Kitchen on Kingly and Mortimer streets is serving liquid bowls of health with flavors like avocado spirulina, acai berry, and coconut dragon. And there’s always an abundant breakfast bar with oats every kind of way, plus open sandwiches. The best part is most of the options are grab-and-go, making this a true healthy food pit stop.

  • Wild Food Café

    Brunch Spots in London
    image via Wild Food Café | Facebook

    100% raw vegan, 110% tasty. These guys in Covent Garden are your go-to for healthy food from a friendly café. The space has communal seating (so feel free to go alone), plenty of natural light, and overlooks Neal’s Yard. It’s basically a brunchers paradise.

  • Mildreds

    Brunch Spots in London
    image via Mildreds Soho | Facebook

    When it comes to Mildreds, one of the first vegan/vegetarian restaurants on the London scene, you can’t go wrong. Their menu is stacked with healthy options (gluten-free, too), so your body will thank you just as much as your taste buds will. Think Tostadas, Blueberry Waffles, Wood Roasted Peppers, and even a big brunch option that’s a riot of colours. Find them in Soho, Camden, King’s Cross, and Dalston.

  • Ethos

    Best Healthy Restaurants in London
    image via Anna M. | Yelp

    Ethos is a self-service veggie buffet in the heart of Central London handing a healthy morning to you on a silver platter (literally). Here, you’ll find a menu filled with international vegetarian dishes just waiting for you to break your fast. We know it’s never too early for a sweet treat, so finish things off with their healthy black bean brownie. Fitt Tip: you pay for your food by weight, so easy on the servings.

  • Bodyism Cafe

    Vegan Brunches in London
    image via @bodyism | Instagram

    The team at Bodyism Gym in Notting Hill has a “Clean and Lean” menu that’s to their members as well as the public. You’ll find everything on it is—you guessed it—clean and lean. With health in mind, all of their selections are gluten-free, free from refined sugars, and organic wherever possible.

  • The Good Life Eatery

    Vegan Brunches in London
    image via @nani_pht | Instagram

    The crew at Good Life Eatery are all about keeping things simple, and when a menu is as epic as theirs, we’re on board. Avocado chilli toast, salads packed with superfoods, and loaded wraps and sandwiches are filling hungry tummies out of their St John’s Wood, Marylebone, Belgravia, and Chelsea cafes. There are even options for meat-eaters, so it’s the perfect Sunday brunch meeting spot — just make sure you’re the first to get your hands on their baked goods (we recommend the peanut butter cups).

  • Redemption

    Best Brunches in London
    image via Redemption, Shoreditch | Facebook

    Brunching at Redemption’s shops in either Shoreditch or Notting Hill is never a bad idea. The food menu is sugar-, wheat-, and dairy-free, and their drink menu is alcohol-free. Can it get any healthier than that? Try their Blueberry Super Porridge or Creamy Mushrooms on toast and you’ll see why people talk about this place so highly.

  • Hemsley + Hemsley

    Vegan Brunches in London
    image via Hemsley + Hemsley | Facebook

    A hit cookbook, and now a popular café inside Selfridges on Oxford St., the sister duo behind Hemsley + Hemsley are on a mission to bring healthy food to London. Their menu is free from gluten, grains, refined sugar, and hydrogenated vegetable oils, but certainly isn’t taste-free. If you’re out and about shopping in central London, it’s the perfect spot to recharge. On their small, but quality, menu, you’ll find smoothies, buckwheat porridge, and quinoa carrot toast. But FYI: they’re closed on Sundays.

  • Daylesford

    Vegan Brunches in London
    image via Daylesford | Facebook

    Daylesford’s menu was created by nutritionists, so you can’t go wrong here even if you tried. Full to the brim with gluten-free and healthy options, the only problem is deciding what to order. And despite being on the slightly more pricey side, we’re pretty sure you’ll be won over by this charmer with locations in Notting Hill, Pimlico, and Marylebone.

  • Farm Girl

    Where to get Brunch in London
    image via Farm Girl | Facebook

    A trendy, very Instagrammable café in Notting Hill, Chelsea, and Soho, Farm Girl serves up food that tastes even better than it looks. Specialising in healthy varieties, you’ll find omelettes, smoothie bowls, and all kinds of superfood goodness on their menu. Come hungry!

  • L’eto

    Vegetarian Brunches in London
    image via L'eto | Facebook

    If you’re venturing out on a weekend morning with a group of friends and you’re feeling like spoiling yourselves, look no further than L’eto. Though, you should know that their jaw-dropping window display full of cakes and sweet treats doesn’t reflect their menu, which boasts plenty of healthy options. It’s a bit pricey, but being able to choose from delicious red or green shakshouka and eggs any style (including Benedict-style with roast turkey) is priceless. The café has branches in Brompton, Soho, King’s Road, Belgravia, and Mayfair. And delicious can come to you; grab these guys on Deliveroo.

  • Farmacy

    Vegetarian Brunches in London
    image via @jasminkuusiniemi | Instagram

    Any café heading their menu with the saying “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” has GOT to be good for you. At this Notting Hill hot spot you’ll find delicious plant-based dishes free from dairy, refined sugar, and additives. The Protein ‘Omelette,’ a chickpea pancake filled with roast butternut squash and avocado, is heaven sent, and any of their Earth Bowls will definitely keep the doctor away. Wash it all down with one of their Farmaceutical Syringe Shots.

  • Farmstand

    Where to get Brunch in London
    image via Farmstand | Facebook

    The folks at Farmstand in Covent Garden are committed to creating healthy, eco-friendly, and sustainable food (you won’t see bottled water and they try to use compostable materials for their packaging). The menu is gluten-, dairy- and added sugar-free, and boasts amazing breakfast dishes like multigrain and coconut porridge, smoked salmon and eggs, and more. Know you’re doing the best for the environment and your body when you dine at this sustainable cafe.