Head to The Brook on Mare St. For Vegan Tapas & Creative Cocktails

Head to The Brook on Mare St. For Vegan Tapas & Creative Cocktails

On the busy road that is Mare St., directly opposite the interchange, you’ll find a quietly nestled treasure that provides a real refuge for those inside — The Brook.

It’s that most rare of balances where the 100% vegan menu isn’t too junk-based but also isn’t too overtly health-based either. This meeting in the middle pretty much defines how we like to live: a feast that you won’t end up feeling all that guilty about.

Mexican Theme

Inside the restaurant, there’s an unassuming and funky interior. It’s casual and cool with its pineapple and skull motifs, neon signs, and amazingly well-stocked bar. The bar promises delights that the cocktail menu fulfills — it’s a strong and full selection with a Mexican twist, meaning there’s (figurative) fire in every glass.

Xocolatl, for example, is a heady concoction of tequila AND coffee tequila liqueur with liquid chocolate and chilli. Deadly and delicious, much like Satan’s Little Helper, which is comprised solely of Courvoisier, Cointreau, and amaretto.

Tapas for Two

The Brook’s ethos stems from the idea of seasonal sustainability, and you can taste it in their food. Everything is fresh and light, even the most heavily battered items, to such an extent that you leave feeling nicely full and satisfied. Not the heavy ache of over-eating but the full smugness of eating well.

Their recommendation of five plates per a couple is spot-on, especially if you’re thinking of saving room for dessert… which you should be — they have raspberry and vanilla cheesecake. Nuff said. But we’re here to talk tapas.

Sweet and Sour Cauliflower, Charred Tenderstem Broccoli, and Beer Battered Guac would make enough of a menu for anyone to be happy about. Throw Jackfruit Quesadillas and Cajun Nugz (read: crispy, floured seitan nuggets with homemade BBQ sauce) into the mix and you’ve covered all bases, even for the most fervently carnivorous!

For the future

There’s even better news than vegan chicken nuggets, too. Believing, as seriously as they do, that making sustainable choices shouldn’t come with a sacrifice, The Brook is expanding their horizons. This growth means that they’re constantly redefining their business model to channel into many different directions. Soon, they’ll be selling ready-made meals for you to take home, and they even offer bespoke supper clubs and pop-ups for events or just for fun.

There’s a lot of potential in this place, and we can’t recommend heading over there to dig into this promise enough. But we definitely need to leave you with this: order the guac balls.