A Meatless Revolution: Vegan Burgers Are Taking London by Storm

A Meatless Revolution: Vegan Burgers Are Taking London by Storm

Long gone are the days where a soggy field mushroom in a bun was the only vegan burger option. Now, there are all sorts of amazing alternatives popping up, with everything from beetroot falafel patties to a vegan burger that bleeds making their way to our plates!

Officially battling beef

We’re in the midst of what some may call a revolution—vegan burgers are taking the restaurant industry by storm—and we’re not talking about tasteless, frozen veggie burgers, either. Yep, thanks to the likes of the Impossible Burger, the Beyond Burger, and other alternatives, the battle against beef is officially on. And Londoners are embracing these mouth-watering meatless patties with open arms.

All the plant-based patties

Plant-based burgers have worked their way to the top of menus — as result, you can stop at almost any restaurant in the city and order yourself a vegan burger so good even your most carnivorous of friends will do a double take. Don’t believe us? Maybe this will convince you.

In Camden, there’s VBurger, a trendy little eatery that couples their tasty burger choices with little puns. Case in point: their Up-beet burger. If you happen to find yourself in Covent Garden, you can stop by New York favourite by CHLOE. — they’ve recently made the jump over the pond and everything, including their delicious Guac Burger is made in-house with predominantly local ingredients.

And in Hackney, The Advisory serves up a sweet potato and avocado delight that’s nutty, crunchy, and has all the elements you’d want from a burger right down to the gherkin. In Westbourne Green, Farmacy has also hopped on the vegan burger train, offering a meaty black bean and mushroom patty that takes pride of place on the menu as their House Burger.

The Vurger Co. is your option in Shoreditch — all their patties are made from 100% vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, and legumes and are good enough, you’ll think they’re the real deal.

Innovation and Inspiration

And that’s just the start of it! There’s so many options are out there, and a lot of innovation and inspiration going on, too. One thing’s for certain, whether you’re fully vegan or just fancy trying something new, you won’t be disappointed with what London’s cooked up.