17 Spots For Vegan And Vegetarian Eats in London

17 Spots For Vegan And Vegetarian Eats in London

It’s no secret London loves a gravy-drenched roast. Thankfully, the plant-based food scene is growing FAST, so vegetarians and vegans now have plenty of options when dining out.

At Fitt, we know there’s more to meat-free meals than kale and kombucha, so we’ve compiled a list of London cafes and restaurants making plant-based food that’s worth talking about. Go on, sink your herbivorous teeth into this list.

  • Mildreds

    Vegetarian Restaurants in London
    image via Mildred's | Facebook

    Entirely vegan chocolate peanut butter brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream… glad we have your attention. As one of the first all-veggie restaurants to grace London’s food scene, Mildreds (vegan desserts and all) has popped up shop in Soho, Camden, Kings Cross, and Dalston. Their menu boasts countless options from burritos to Sri Lankan sweet potato curry. Even meat-eaters can’t say no to that.

  • Vanilla Black

    Vegetarian Restaurants in London
    image via @londonrestaurantfestival | Instagram

    Simply say ‘Vanilla Black’ to a vegetarian and watch them drool. If you’re up for something different (we’re talking eating mushrooms for dessert kind of different), a short walk from Chancery Ln. will bring you to Vanilla Black‘s chic space. They’re a little more upmarket than the others, so bow ties and kitten heels are welcome.

  • Club Mexicana

    Vegan in London
    image via @vitamin_buddy | Instagram

    When they say you won’t find chickpeas and chia seeds on their menu, they aren’t kidding. What you will find is delicious, 100% vegan Mexican street food. Their menu is something everyone can get excited about, even the most devout carnivores would be more than a little curious about their fully-loaded nachos which—trust us—has the works. Find these guys in Camden Market seven days a week, 11am-6pm (always best to book ahead!), Dinerama Thursday-Saturday from 5pm, and Pamela Wednesday-Friday from 6pm with weekend hours from 12pm.

  • Deliciously Ella’s Weighhouse Street Deli

    Vegan in London
    image via Deliciously Ella | Facebook

    From the famous food blogger Ella Mills comes a natural extension of Deliciously Ella, and it’s more like deliciously everything. After recently closing two delis in Marylebone and Herne Hill, Ella has been flexing her vegan muscles, pouring 100% of her attention into Mayfair’s Weighhouse Street Deli. The idea is simple: fill a bowl with soup or salad options, or if you’re a rebel, try out a mix of the two. Just make sure you save plenty of room for the organic juices or sweet treats.

  • Mooshies

    Vegan in London
    image via Vegan Burgers by Mooshies | Facebook

    Could be vegan, but could also eat burgers every day of your life? Here’s your solution. Mooshies in Shoreditch’s beloved Brick Lane is serving up all the old-school favourites, and what’s better, they have vegan beer and wine (that means their processes are free of any animal additives) to wash it all down. Their menu isn’t complicated; all you need to know is that you’ll get a hearty burger, chunky fries, and an alcoholic beverage. Sorted.

  • Ethos

    Best Healthy Restaurants in London
    image via Anna M. | Yelp

    Fancy a go at a buffet full of delicious dishes from around the globe? Ethos in Central London is the place to go. Armed with an empty plate and a set of tongs, it’s hard not to get excited. Fitt Tip: remember that you pay by weight, so a mountain of food could mean you leave with a wallet that’s a lot lighter.

  • Farmacy

    Healthy Eats in London
    image via Farmacy | Facebook

    It looks like a Notting Hill pharmacy from the street, and to be fair, these guys are serving up plates of food the doctor would order for a healthy, nourishing meal. Farmacy’s menu is stacked with options, too; we’re talking Ayurvedic Beetroot Dahl packed with mixed lentils and beetroot, cooked in coconut milk, and served with steamed buckwheat and coriander ‘yoghurt’ and bowls of every kind — macro, Middle Eastern, winter, and Mexican. They’ve even got a 100% plant-based high tea option going — um… yes, please!

  • PickyWops

    Healthy Eats in London
    image via @pickywops | Instagram

    We’re all about the base… and the toppings. Okay, we’re all about the whole pizza, and so are these guys, serving piping hot vegan pies straight outta Fulham and now Peckham, too! To top it off, they have the largest selection of alternative pizza bases in the UK. Here, you’ve got all the vegan trimmings you could ever want.

  • Palm Vaults

    Healthy Eats in London
    image via Palm Vaults | Facebook

    With their pastel colours, marble-topped tables, and exposed brick walls this vintage-inspired café is asking to be ’grammed. Palm Vaults in Hackney is humbly serving up cakes topped with mountains of icing, great coffee (did someone say avocado and lavender lattes?), and a vegan-friendly, fully-vegetarian brunch menu. Expect the place to be packed to the rafters at the weekends, and note that they take their ‘no laptop’ rules seriously!

  • Redemption

    Healthy Eats in London
    image via Redemption, Shoreditch | Facebook

    Redeem all past food binges by lunching at London’s purest restaurant in either Shoreditch or Notting Hill. You can never go wrong with their avocado toast or daily Buddha Bowl, but know that whatever food you order off the menu will be sugar-, wheat-, and dairy-free, and their drink menu goes as far as being alcohol-free. Mischief managed.

  • tibits

    Best Healthy Restaurants in London
    image via Tibits | Facebook

    Fast, fresh, and served up in two cosy cafés across the city, you’ll be spoilt for choice at tibits as there are over 40 dishes to load up your plate with. Try to exercise some self control as you pour over all of the healthy choices (just remember the pay by weight game!). Find them on Southwark St. or at the original Heddon St. store just behind Regents St. — the perfect antidote for a day’s shopping. Fitt Tip: try the seaweed salad!

  • Cookies and Scream

    Best Healthy Restaurants in London
    image via @nourishing.amy | Instagram

    So what if your lunchtime sandwich happens to be filled with ice cream and the bread is actually (vegan, gluten-free) cookie dough? Scooping on Holloway Rd., North London, Cookies and Scream boasts selections of donuts, pies, slices and, of course, cookie sandwiches to satisfy your gluten-free or vegan sweet tooth. They even do Scream Shakes where brownies or cookies are blended into the ice cream base. We’ll scream for that.

  • Wild Food Café

    Healthy Spots in London
    image via @emelie.gren | Instagram

    Wild Food Café is a vegan sanctuary tucked away in Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden. Their menu is 100% raw, wholefood based, and their dishes are a riot of colours. Plus, the communal seating tables make the space feel homely and welcoming. And after a meal, you’ll feel full of all the good stuff, and might even have some new mates.

  • Bonnington Café

    Healthy Spots in London
    image via @fleurs.de.sel | Instagram

    New day, new chef. A small army of chefs work the kitchen of this café in Vauxhall. What’s on the menu at Bonnington will be influenced by where the cook of the day is from — you can, however, count on them catering to vegans and vegetarians. Liked a particular menu? Check in with them to see when your favourite chef will be back or simply scroll through their chef rota on the website. Fitt Tip: Bonnington currently only accepts cash, so make sure to stock up on pennies before you head over.

  • The Good Life Eatery

    Healthy Spots in London
    image via The Good Life Eatery | Facebook

    The crew at The Good Life Eatery are all about keeping things simple, and when a menu is as epic as theirs, we’re all on board. Avocado chilli toast, salads packed with superfoods, and loaded wraps and sandwiches are filling hungry tummies out of their Marylebone, Belgravia, Chelsea, and St John’s Wood cafes. There are even options for meat-eaters, so it’s the perfect Sunday brunch meeting spot —  just make sure you’re the first to get your hands on their baked goods (we recommend the peanut butter cups).

  • Aprés Food Co.

    Healthy Spots in London
    image via Apres Food Co | Facebook

    This Clerkenwell café is redefining comfort food. Owned by a nutritionist, Aprés Food Co. encourages you to actually enjoy your food knowing that it’s free of refined sugar and gluten. Instead, the menu is packed with whole, nutrient-dense dishes. Need an AM recommendation? Order the Vegetarian Cooked Breakfast with homemade ketchup.

  • Karamel

    London Vegan
    image via @villageraw | Instagram

    And finally, the promised vegan roast! Based up in North London, you’ll find this vegan restaurant and performance space glittering well into the night with their evening menu, cocktails, and full-line up of entertainment! More exciting yet, Karamel has been leading the way for years with their sell-out fully-vegan roast dinner, complete with all the roast potatoes you can eat and selection of puddings. There’s an artsy community vibe and plenty of space for old and young alike. Fitt Tip: Karamel is a mere stone’s throw from Alexandra Palace, the perfect place to walk off that pastry wrapped vegan wellington!


    **Updated by Mimi Biggadike, September 2018