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JUL 14, 2020



There's no lacking in the bowl department in Los Angeles, but alas, not all of these nutritious meal options are created equally. You want something pleasing to your taste buds and, frankly, your eyes. You want something healthy, but that doesn’t taste like dirt.

We get it. So we’ve rounded up the best places you can get a bowl — whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Because, seriously, in this town, you can indulge in the bowl trend all. day. long.

There is no better place for an acai bowl in Los Angeles than The Hive. While it seems every corner is getting its own acai spot, this superfood café in Santa Monica has set itself apart from the rest by offering a wide variety of bowls, including variations from ghee butter to coconut nectar. It’s also a beautiful bowl, and let’s get real — Instagramming your #acai bowl is half the fun.

If you’re in The Valley, specifically Sherman Oaks, this is the place to satisfy your fruit bowl cravings. They do a fantastic tropical blend in their Island bowl, which puts your tastebuds on vacation between the pineapple, mango, and coconut shreds. Who doesn’t love closing their eyes during bites of their acai bowl and pretending they’re on the beach and not the 405? Fruit bowl not the right fit today? They've also got a full build your own oatmeal bowl menu.

While traditionally a juice bar (boasting an extensive menu of juices, wellness shots, and smoothies), their bowls are the real stand-out. The "Cliff Hanger" bowl has cacao, carob, and peanut butter, so it’s pretty much the closest thing to a Reese’s cup you can find in the world of fruit-based bowls — and we would consider that a major win.

This eatery is wildly popular for a good reason. It’s a total scene — and we’re not just talking about watching the guys smash down your acai in the almost-soundproof room. Work an appetite waiting on the acai or pitaya bowl of your choosing.

Berry Bowl in Highland Park serves massive acai bowls. But while their acai is a great choice, it’s their pitaya that always has us coming back for more, and not just because it’s the prettiest pink color around. If you're up for something new, check out Berry Bowl's "White Coconut" bowl, with a coconut, agave, and coconut cream based, you'll be dreaming of your next topical vacation.

Whether you’re in Brentwood or the Palisades, Acai Nation is the place to go. Come for the acai but stay for the granitas! The frozen treat (that’s sort of like Italian ice) is what every person in LA needs when it’s painfully 100 degrees in October.

Acai is seriously everywhere in the City of Angels, even Burbank has one! (we’re kidding — we love Burbank). This spot has hemp granola, which we wish every acai place had, and a huge variety of fruit like mangos and dates for the more adventurous bowl-eaters.

This place isn't exactly grab and go, but you can enjoy a margarita while waiting on your meal. They have three different delicious bowls—each with a different base: lentil, brown rice, or quinoa—all vegan and satisfying. There’s a reason why in the background of everyone’s GM Instagram posts you see everyone eating out of a bowl.

From Santa Monica to Silver Lake, you can get a bowl topped the signature crispy onion that makes everything better (especially when paired with their kelp noodle base). At Sweetfin, they'll let you pack your bowl to the bring with fresh flavors and toppings. If crafting your own bowl is too intimidating, check out their full menu of seafood (and plant based!) bowls.

This isn’t the place for a stunning Insta (sorry!), but it's the place for delicious meal. While you can do the whole make-your-own-bowl thing, the Chef’s Menu is really where it’s at, especially if you’re a poke newbie. Their chef has designed five perfect bowls, but in our opinion, the best is the "Honey Garlic Shrimp" (is your mouth watering? Because ours are!).

We have made the trek to this Anaheim spot because of their half-and-half bases (not the coffee creamer). Half of anything, you ask? Yes, we’ve done half chips and half salad base, and we don’t want you to judge. Sometimes you just can’t decide if you want to be healthy or not! With the opening of a second location in Hollywood, stopping by is a no brainer.

This place is literally everywhere these days (okay, more specifically WeHo, SM, Marina del Rey, Glendale, and Beverly Hills). Any of their shops are the perfect lunch or dinner spot for incredibly high-quality fish and super-nice staff who don’t nickle and dime you when it comes to things like extra sauce. They've got freshly sourced, sushi grade fish for their bowls, as well as vegan alternatives!

Eastsiders love this Silver Lake and Downtown place for its authentic Hawaiian cuisine (and by that we mean they have Spam here — what’s more Hawaiian than that?!). Grab it musubi-style (basically sushi with Spam) with a dash of sriracha.


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