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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

When it comes to working out, Los Angeles delivers. Whether you’re into boxing, yoga, strength training, cycling, or barre — the sweat sessions at these local gyms and studios are hands-down the best.




The Studio (MDR) is no joke. Their 50-minute Lagree Method class is taught on the Megaformer and integrates Pilates, cardio, and resistance moves that’ll target each and every muscle (even ones you never knew you had). Add in the energetic instructors and the positive vibes and it's no wonder this is one of LA's top places to sweat. And while it might never get easier, you will get stronger. Check out one of their four studios to see for yourself what the hype's about.

With locations in virtually every LA neighborhood, this indoor cycling studio phenomenon enjoys a cult-like following thanks to its dance-party-on-a-bike experience. Picture this: for 45 minutes, you’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder riding as a pack, crushing hills and sprints to the beat of one-of-a-kind playlists. The lights are low and you’re in the zone soaking in every motivational word from the instructor (what we imagine a bootcamp taught by Oprah would be like). Up for a challenge? Try SoulActivate, a cycling class that includes 60 minutes of HIIT and strength training (think: Tabata and heavier weights).

At Rise Nation, you can simulate climbing the Santa Monica Mountains without leaving the streets of West Hollywood. During their signature class, you’ll stand vertical on a VersaClimber machine and move your arms and legs to different speeds and intensities for a 30-minute full-body burn. And it might just be the most lit climbing experience you’ll ever have, since the studio looks and feels like one of LA’s hottest nightclubs. There’s even a light-up art installation hanging from the ceiling!

New York transplant Rumble has gone cross country to open their first LA location in WeHo. With a roster of celebrity clientele, a swanky vibe, and killer hip-hop and house beats to motivate you, this is far from your average boxing studio. And, no surprise here, the workout is legit. You'll spend 45 minutes alternating between punching it out on their water-filled bags, HIIT exercises, strength training, and metabolic conditioning moves. Trust us — you'll leave feeling like a total badass.

Pushing beyond our limits is the name of the game at this posh Miracle Mile studio. They’re hardcore proponents of strength training before cardio to burn fat and maintain muscle, which is how all of their classes are set up. Take, for instance, their signature 123 STACK class that packs in 10 minutes of ab work, 20 minutes of strength training, and 30 minutes of cycling. Along with their chic design, luxe amenities, and state-of-the-art heart rate monitor tracking system, they have a friendly (not to mention chiseled), all-star team of instructors that makes this place stand out from the rest.

Australian accents. Cheeky humor. Intense training. What more could you ask for? With circuit-based HIIT workouts named Thunder Down Under (their signature lower-body class) and Bondi Burn (their upper-body class), you know you’re in for a good time — not to mention a solid sweat. Just make sure you're prepared for an insane mash-up of cardio and resistance training that doesn't let up. But, hey, you can do anything for 45 seconds, right? Grab your mates and hit up their WeHo, Studio City, or SaMo locations.

You’re not only doing your body a favor by sweating it out at Cycle House, but you’re also helping others. For every ride, the studio gives two meals to a person in need. Their signature class is an intense 45 minutes of calorie-torching interval training mixed with curling, pressing, and shadow boxing. Whether you stop by the West Hollywood, Santa Monica, or Studio City location, you’ll find upbeat music and top-notch instructors to ensure you crush it every time.

The OG of HIIT, Barry’s Bootcamp features run-your-heart-out cardio, body-toning strength training, signature red-tinted studios, killer music, and kickass instructors. Each day focuses on opposing muscle groups, so you’re sure to get a balanced workout with enough time for recovery in between. And when you're running, you'll be sweating it out on high-end, eco-friendly Woodway treadmills here. They’ll make the 25 minutes of intervals that much more enjoyable (okay, tolerable). Fitt Tip: pre-order your shake from their famed Fuel Bar before your workout so it’s waiting for you after class.

Boxing has taken over the fitness scene, and for good reason. The hard-hitting, high-intensity workout is the perfect combination of cardio and stress relief. But slipping on your first pair of gloves and coming face to face with the bag can be intimidating. That’s why at BoxUnion in Santa Monica and in Robertson, it’s their mission to make sure you feel welcome, and most importantly, have fun. First-timers are encouraged to take their Form and Footwork class, just so you can get down the fundamentals. And once you do, check out their all-levels signature class that’s sure to make you sweat.

No matter where you are in the city, there's likely an F45 nearby. And that's great news, because there aren't many workouts as challenging as this concept's workout that combines heart-pumping intervals, cardio-focused exercises, and strength training moves. Even better, they only enlist the city's top trainers and instructors to lead the charge. So you can expect them to be right there with you every step of the way, pushing you to dig deep and waiting with encouraging words and a sweaty high-fives at the end.

There's a reason that CorePower Yoga is one of the most recognized names in the fitness world. That's because here, you're not going to experience a slow, mindless flow set to the sounds of gongs and chimes. Nope, you're in for a challenging, high-intensity practice meant to strengthen your full body. If you're new to yoga thing, try out their CorePower Yoga 1 class that'll help get you familiar with all the basics. And if you want to take things up a notch, try out their Hot Power Fusion class that takes place in a room where the thermostat is turned up to a cozy 98-100º.

Like many of LA's fitness studios, this popular bootcamp concept sees a high-profile roster of models and actors sweat it out on the gym floor. But even though you may be bumping elbows with the likes of Hailey Bieber, there's no need to feel intimidated. At DOGPOUND, you'll get a personalized training program in an authentic, no-judgement environment. Check 'em out in WeHo and prepare for burpees, tire flips, and some serious weight training.

If you like your sweat sessions with a side of choreography, then you’ll be stoked on cardio dance fitness concept AKT. Created by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, the boutique studio specializes in full-body classes that combine heart-pumping dance moves, conditioning exercises, and bass-heavy beats in one truly incredible workout. Stop by their locations in WeHo and Yorba Linda to experience it for yourself!

At LIT Method, the focus is low-impact training, which means you won't be running on the treadmill, box jumping your heart out, or even introducing weights into your workout. Instead, you'll use the rower, resistance bands, and TRX to build strength and endurance in a way that has the least amount of impact on your joints. And when you can't stand the thought of one more squat, just remember that every class ends with a five-minute foam rolling session.

As the name suggests, every class at Sweat Yoga takes place in a sweltering 100º room. But don't let that deter you. Aside from heated flows, this yoga studio is also known for bringing the energy with curated playlists that will make you forget all about that pool of sweat forming on your mat. No worries if you're still easing into things, their teachers encourage students to go at a pace that they feel comfortable with, offering adjustments and tips along the way. The best part? They have studios spread across the city, in Santa Monica, Little Tokyo, Playa Vista, and Westlake Village.

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