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UPDATED OCT 31, 2019

LA has so many fitness options that it can seem impossible to choose just one. The bad news: you’re gonna have to. The good news: we’ll help you get there — here are all the go-to gyms and fitness studios in the city.




Want to see how far you can push your limits in only 25 minutes? Stop by this studio’s West Hollywood and Westwood locations (with more to come) to try out the Supraformer — celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree’s newest fitness innovation/torture device. Instructors control these machines to tilt up, down, and side-to-side while you test your balance through core, ab, and leg exercises. Trust us — this fast, yet efficient, full-body workout will get your muscles shaking… and leave you sore the next day! If that sounds a little too intense, ease your way into it with their 50-minute Megaformer (the predecessor, and less intimidating cousin, of the Supraformer) class.

“Good, good, good… good vibrations” is the core of PLATEFIT. With locations in Brentwood, West Hollywood, and Studio City, all PLATEFIT classes are done on Power Plates. Traditionally used as medical devices, these plates vibrate 25 to 50 times per second to intensify movements and help you burn calories faster. But it gets better — PLATEFIT offers a variety of classes, including BootcampFIT, HIIT – FIT, and TRXFIT. Feeling intimidated? Don’t worry — all classes are only 27 minutes long!

You can find this HIIT training workout nestled in a gritty, narrow room just two blocks from the Staples Center in Downtown LA. In a four-part, full-body circuit workout, you’ll run, row, suspend, and lift your way to a more toned bod. Expect a fast-paced, playlist-curated program guaranteed to keep you on your toes. And even though you might not have much energy to spare at the end of class (you’ll burn up to 900 calories during class, after all), Speedplay saves lots. Their studio is equipped with Woodway Curve treadmills that are manually-powered (read: you’ll be using your own two feet), so you can feel good about all electricity you’re saving while working up a sweat!

If you want to turn up the heat during your workout, Hot 8 is for you. They’re cranking up the heat to a toasty 100+° at their six studios across the city. But Hot 8 trainers say a little heat does your boy good — increasing your flexibility, boosting your metabolism, and detoxifying your body. Whether you want to stretch it out or get your heart pumping, you can choose from over 200 classes per week, ranging from Yoga Sculpt to Yoga Barre. And no matter what, you’ll leave so sweaty you’ll look like you just took a dip in the Pacific!

The Studio (MDR) is no joke. Their 50-minute class is taught on the Megaformer using the Lagree Method (read: torture) and integrates Pilates, cardio, and weight-bearing moves that’ll target each and every muscle (even ones you never knew you had). You will work up a pool of sweat, but you will also see the results (hello, strong, lean bod). And fast. The total-body-sculpting class is full of energy, the teachers are hands-on, and the environment is positive. Trust us when we say it never gets easier, you just get stronger. Check out one of their four studios to see for yourself what the hype's about.

If you haven’t heard of SoulCycle, you might be living under a rock. This indoor cycling studio phenomenon (with locations in virtually every LA neighborhood) has built a cult-like following and is one big dance party on a bike. Picture this: for 45 minutes, you’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder riding as a pack, crushing hills and sprints to the beat of one-of-a-kind playlists. The lights are low and you’re in the zone soaking in every motivational word from the instructor (that sounds a lot like what we imagine bootcamp taught by Oprah would be). Oh, and their newest class, SoulActivate, takes things up a notch with 60 minutes of HIIT and strength training (think: Tabata and heavier weights). Whichever kind of ride you choose, you’re guaranteed to leave drenched. That’s what we’d call a successful sweat sesh.

At Rise Nation, you can simulate climbing the Santa Monica Mountains without leaving the streets of West Hollywood. During the class, you’ll stand vertical on a VersaClimber machine and move your arms and legs to different speeds and intensities for a 30-minute full-body burn. And it might just be the most lit climbing experience you’ll ever have, since the studio looks and feels like one of LA’s hottest nightclubs. There’s even a light-up art installation hanging from the ceiling!

New York transplant Rumble has gone cross-country to open their first LA location in WeHo. From their cult-like celebrity following and swanky vibe to their killer hip-hop and house beats, you’ll feel as though you’re walking into an ultra-exclusive club. Rather, you’ll be getting ready to give it all you’ve got in a total-body sweat sesh. 10 rounds of bag work, HIIT, strength training, and metabolic conditioning — all packed into 45 minutes. You’ll punch it out on their specially designed teardrop-shaped, water-filled bag (as opposed to sand), making it safer and easier on your joints. The best part? Letting your inner Ali out and feeling like a total badass.

Breaking down our inner walls, pushing beyond our limits, and experiencing a breakthrough is the name of the game at this posh Miracle Mile studio. They’re committed to giving you the highest-quality service and workout with their lineup of weight training and cycling hybrid classes. Trust us — they’re celeb tested and approved (just ask Kate Hudson). They’re hardcore proponents of strength training before cardio to burn fat and maintain muscle, which is how all of their classes are set up. Take, for instance, their signature 123 STACK class that packs in 10 minutes of ab work, 20 minutes of strength training, and 30 minutes of cycling. Beyond their uber chic design, luxe amenities, and state-of-the-art heart rate monitor tracking system, they’ve got a friendly (not to mention chiseled), all-star team of instructors that makes this place stand out from the rest.

At Physique 57, every (tiny) movement and minute counts. We’re talking muscle-defining arm exercises, intense thigh and booty sequences, waist-chiseling ab moves, and fluid stretches that’ll get your muscles shaking and flat out fatigued. The Beverly Hills barre-based workout claims to transform your body in as few as eight workouts. If you’re new to barre, start off with their Beginner class. But once you’ve got a few classes under your belt, you’re going to want to go big or go home and take their S.B.T.® (Sweat Burn Tone) class — a non-stop, fast-paced, high-intensity sweat sesh that will always keep you and your muscles guessing. And if you can’t make it to the studio, don’t fret — you can get the same workout at home through their On Demand online program or their DVDs.

Australian accents. Cheeky humor. Intense training. What more could you ask for? With circuit-based HIIT classes named Thunder Down Under (their signature lower body class) and Bondi Burn (their signature upper body class), you know you’re in for a good time (and a great sweat). This studio’s take-no-prisoners approach uses a combination of resistance and cardio exercises, and stands behind their motto “You can do anything for 45 seconds”. Your first class is free, so grab your mates and hit up one of their two locations (WeHo and Studio City). Cheers!

You’re not only doing your body a favor by sweating it out at Cycle House, but you’re also helping others. For every ride, the studio gives two meals to a person in need. Their signature class is an intense 45 minutes of calorie-torching interval training and curling, pressing, and shadow-boxing. And it doesn’t matter whether you stop by the West Hollywood or Studio City location, you’ll find upbeat music and even more upbeat instructors as you jam out and push your cardio limits!

The OG of HIIT, Barry’s Bootcamp is a magical combo of run-your-heart-out cardio, body-toning strength training, signature red-tinted studios, killer music, and kickass instructors. Each day focuses on different opposing muscle groups, so you’re sure to get a balanced workout with enough time for recovery in between. And it should come as no surprise that you’ll find high-end, eco-friendly Woodway treadmills here. They’ll make the 25 minutes of running intervals that much more enjoyable (okay, tolerable). South Bay is their newest LA outpost with all the Barry’s touches we know and love, like their famed Fuel Bar, but you can also find them in Hollywood, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and Venice. Fitt Tip: you can pre-order your shake before your workout so it’s waiting for you after class.

Boxing has taken over the fitness scene, and for good reason. The hard-hitting, high-intensity workout is the perfect combination of cardio and stress relief. But slipping on your first pair of gloves and coming face to face with the bag can be intimidating. That’s why at BoxUnion in Santa Monica and in Robertson it’s their mission to make sure you feel welcome, and most importantly, have fun. First-timers are encouraged to take their Form and Footwork class, just so you can get down the fundamentals. And once you do, check out their all levels signature BoxUnion Class that’s sure to make you sweat.

With so many locations in LA, no matter where you are in the city, there's likely an F45 nearby. And that's great news, because there aren't many workouts as challenging or as fun as this concept's signature sweat session that combines heart-pumping intervals, cardio-focused exercises, and strength training moves. Even better, they only enlist the city's top trainers and instructors to lead the charge, and they'll be there with you every step of the way, pushing you to dig deep and waiting with encouraging words and a sweaty high-fives at the end.

There's a reason that CorePower Yoga is one of the most recognized yoga studios in the US and that's because here, you're not going to experience a slow, mindless flow set to the sounds of gongs and chimes. Nope, you're in for a challenging, high-intensity practice meant to strengthen your full body. If you're still new to this whole yoga thing, try out their CorePower Yoga 1 class that'll help get you familiar with all the basics. And if you want to take things up a notch, try out one of their Hot Power Fusion class that takes place in a room where the thermostat is turned up to a cozy 98-100º. The best part? No matter which of their handful of LA studios you check out, your first week is always free.



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