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UPDATED AUG 18, 2020

Few workouts can drench a t-shirt like HIIT. And these LA gyms and studios know a thing or two about a strength-building sweat. Let’s get after it.




If you bore easily, Sanctuary Fitness is the place for you. Their signature HIIT classes rotate daily with a new theme (push, foundation, charge — you get it) that focuses on different parts of the body. One day, you’ll work your arms and abs, the next, your glutes and quads. And seeing as their studios are located in DTLA and Pasadena, you’ll surely want to explore after your workout, which makes the free showers and lockers an added post-sweat perk.

If you only have 27 minutes to spare, PLATEFIT has your name on it. The classes are designed to not only heal muscles, but also strengthen your entire body using a “Power Plate” machine. The goal: tone muscles, increase endurance, and boost flexibility through a series of interval-focused moves. Classes start as early as 6am and go as late as 8pm, so early-risers and night owls alike can pencil in a workout. Check ’em out in Studio City, Brentwood, West Hollywood, and Sycamore (coming soon).

Embrace your inner Rocky at Rumble Boxing in West Hollywood. The fitness studio’s interval-based, full-body workouts are broken up into 10 rounds complete with high-energy, boxing-inspired moves, bursts of cardio, and strength and conditioning exercises. And if you squint with enough sweat in your eyes, you may even think your workout studio has turned into a nightclub. The red lights and bumping beats make Rumble more of an experience than just another place to work out.

Training Mate believes “You can do anything for 45 seconds,” and their circuit-based HIIT classes put that mantra to the test. Here, they break down a mix of resistance and cardio exercises into 45-second intervals meant to build endurance and improve your muscle strength. We can’t promise it’ll be a breeze, but you can bet you won’t find a heart-pumping sweat sesh like this anywhere else. While they specialize in bootcamp-style workouts, don’t expect any drill sergeant instructors. Training Mate is all about creating a humor-filled, come-as-you-are space, which means all the perks of a group class with none of the intimidation. They’ve got locations in Studio City, Santa Monica and West Hollywood, so whether you’re westside or eastside, you can squeeze in a 45-minute class — your first is always free!

Barry’s Bootcamp is a must on this list. The international fitness powerhouse has taken the US (and beyond) by storm, and for good reason. Their OG workout is divided into two sections: 25 minutes of cardio on a treadmill and 25 minutes of strength training. And if you’re not into that treadmill life — there’s always the Double Floor class, which is a full-body strength workout that will push you to your edge. No matter what class you choose, you can be sure to never experience the exact same routine twice, but you will get used to the “red room” vibe. Even better, post sweat, you can snag yourself a protein shake at their in-house Fuel Bar. Barry’s is located all over the city with spots in Sherman Oaks, West Hollywood, Venice, and more on the way. Fitt Tip: Their Venice location features the only Flex Lounge in CA, a complimentary recovery space complete with instructor-led stretching classes.

Three is the magic number at HIIT House LA on Fairfax Avenue. Each class is divided into three circuits of three exercises that you’ll complete three times. While the exact workouts vary depending upon the class, at the end of every 50-minute session, you’ll focus on abs and stretching. You’re in for a challenging, fast-paced sweat, but when it’s all over, you’ll walk away with a renewed sense of accomplishment and probably a few new friends — HIIT House LA is known for its approachability and welcoming atmosphere.

A combination of bootcamp and studio cycling, The Wall pairs 30 minutes of HIIT with 30 minutes of cardio for a muscle-sculpting workout that’s going to require you to dig deep and muster every ounce of willpower you’ve got. But trust us — it’ll be well worth it. The studio room is open, minimalist, and modern, so you won’t have to sift through a bunch of equipment to find your space. And if you’re hungry after your ride, you can grab a bite at their on-site cafe The Bar, which features cold-pressed juices and plant-based meals from LA foodie faves like Café Gratitude and Clover Juice. Plus, there’s free 90-minute parking, which on LA Brea, is a real gamechanger.

Any yogis looking to dabble into HIIT? Meet Psycho in Beverly Grove. The classes include 40 minutes of interval-focused exercises to get your sweating and 10 minutes of yoga and meditation to help you re-center. It’s all part of their plan to keep you balanced and recharged for your next class, and we’re here for it. Plus, first-timers get a freebie class if you want to scope it out before you commit. Namaste to that!

You may know this boutique studio for its upbeat cycling classes, but what you might not know is that they also offer a handful of HIIT-focused classes that will keep your muscles guessing. Torch your muscles in their traditional HIIT - Total Body class, or get your heart rate up in their cardio-heavy, weight training Build workout. And if you’re short on time, they’ve also got a 30-minute express class to get you in, out, and on with your day. The super clean studio also has all the vibes of a hip, friendly neighborhood coffee shop and you’ll surely smile every time you see the “Silver Lake, we love you” wall art inside.

“Build you not break you,” that’s the motto at this boutique studio on La Cienega Blvd. And here, they’ll take you through a series of low impact exercises meant to minimize the amount of stress you’re placing on your joints, all while sculpting and strengthening your muscles. In case you were wondering, that does not mean the workouts at LIT Method are easy. The signature classes integrate the water rower, resistance bands, and TRX for a full-body burn. But don’t worry — the last five minutes of every class is dedicated to foam rolling.

A no-frills, homegrown gym with friendly vibes and encouraging staff, it doesn’t get much better than Basecamp Fitness. But don’t be fooled by the welcoming atmosphere, when show up to one of their locations in Pasadena, Santa Monica, or West Hollywood, you better come ready to work. Luckily, you’ll only have to give it all you’ve got for a quick, 35 minutes. And since the workouts are broken down into 60-second intervals, it’ll be over before you know it. You’ll spend your time alternating between strength training moves and bursts of cardio on the assault bike, topping things off with 10 minutes dedicated to core work. You’ll have to dig down deep for this one, but you can count on their second-to-none community to have your back through every kettlebell swing and medicine ball throw.

At Ritual Gym in Santa Monica, they understand that when your schedule gets busy, the first thing put on the backburner is your workout, and they’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. That’s why they’ve created a 20-minute, bootcamp-style workout that you can fit in no matter what the week throws at you. And because their classes feature different levels of progression, both beginners and elite athletes will find a personalized fitness routine to fit their needs. Plus, their classes max out at 10 people, so you can expect the type of one-on-one instruction you’d get in a personal training session.

Ever walk into the gym and not know where to start? Not at Orangetheory Fitness. When you step inside this gym, they’ll have your workout ready and waiting for you to crush. You’ll split your time between the treadmill, the rower, and floor exercises using the TRX during an endorphin-fueled sweat sesh designed to elevate your heart rate and challenge your body. And if you want some science to back up your workout, Orangetheory has interactive fitness equipment that delivers heart rate data and performance metrics in real time. Curious? Check out one of the many locations sprinkled throughout Los Angeles from Thousand Oaks to Marina Del Rey.

There’s a reason this functional fitness-focused gym has locations peppered across the US and beyond. Workout enthusiasts can’t get enough of their tried-and-true classes that integrate squatting, lifting, twisting, and jumping during 45 minutes of sweat-dripping, high-intensity exercise. And if you’re a member, you’ll get the added bonus of access to a free personal nutritious program featuring daily meal plans and community support. While F45 is already open throughout LA in Venice, Culver City, and West Hollywood, they’ve got a ton more locations in the works, so be sure to keep an eye out.

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