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Sarah Bratman

We’re all familiar with the trendy dining concept “farm-to-table” — but new Beverly Center spot Farmhouse is taking that concept to a whole new level. Farmhouse is the love child of restaurateur Laurent Halasz and Nathan Peitso of Kenter Canyon Farms. And with Nathan in the driver’s seat as executive farmer, you can bet that every bite you take of their mouth-watering, flavor-packed food is coming straight from the, well… farm.


Farmhouse Los Angeles | Facebook

Just in case you need some convincing when it comes to Farmhouse’s boundary-pushing approach to dining, they’ve come up with a new way to talk about their style. Forget about farm-to-table, they’re talking seed-to-plate.

And with the unique advantage of having an executive farmer to provide insight into growing cycles, Farmhouse’s menu highlights ingredients at their peak. While not all proteins or produce come from Kenter Canyon Farms, the executive farmer is there as the go-between, connecting the restaurant to regional farmers. The result? A constantly rotating menu of seasonal, farm-traceable, and delicious eats.

Whether you’re going with your SO or a bigger group, Farmhouse can accommodate. From salads and veggies to large plates, pizza, and pasta, there’s definitely something here for everyone. But whatever you do, don’t skip the Mushroom Pizza with taleggio, braised leeks, parmesan. And you can’t go wrong large plates like the Wood Grilled Striped Bass or Roasted Petaluma Chicken (yum!).

Fitt Tip: Farmhouse’s IG stories often feature Kenter Canyon Farms, so you can trace your food back to the source, and get more out of your farm-to-fork experience.


Farmhouse Los Angeles | Facebook

Produce isn’t the only component that’s elevating the experience at Farmhouse. The spacious dining room is reminiscent of a traditional American farm with rustic, yet elegant, features like vaulted ceilings, wood detailing, and, of course, plants.

So if you’ve ever wanted to go dine on a farm, but don’t want to leave the comforts of city life, Farmhouse has the best of both worlds — the freshness of a farm and the convenience of a Beverly Center restaurant. Head over to Farmhouse, where they’re redefining the traditional restaurant model and making all of your seed-to-table dreams come true.