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JUL 14, 2020


2020 just won’t quit, and it’s got our mood swinging non-stop. That makes working out, well… almost impossible. But we’ve found the trick to staying (somewhat) consistent is finding a workout to match your mood. So, we went ahead and covered all the bases.


You’ve cleaned, cooked, painted, and watched Netflix until your eyes hurt — now what? Break out of that funk with a few activities off this good vibes menu, then figure out your ideal workout based on your zodiac sign. Tauruses, get ready for squats on squats on squats followed by some foam rolling action.

Switch things up: skip and sweat it out with a jump rope workout from AK! creator Amanda Kloots, or make it a leg day with this quick Billie Eilish-synced “Bad Guy Booty” mashup courtesy of Cassey Ho’s Blogilates. And if you don’t have any weights lying around, your Instapot will work just fine.

Tune into AARMY’s motivational livestream chats hosted by co-founder (and former SoulCycle Master Instructor) Angela Manuel-Davis — on Friday, she’s interviewing fashion designer Jeremy Scott. Or, channel your inner Kelsea Ballerini and multitask during your workout like a boss.


Some days you got it. Some days you don’t. (This guy got it).

Three-time American Ninja Warrior Angela Gargano has been pushing us with her quick at-home workouts — check out the one using a pillow. And ICYMI: Halle Berry is aging backward; if we can have abs like hers, we’ll never miss a #FitnessFriday session.

An Olympic-sized challenge: try Russian swimmer Yuliya Efimova’s core-shredding move, or work out with gold medalist skier Lindsey Vonn on the Wellness Coach app.

If you’re ready to give everything you’ve got, AKT’s SWEAT class will certainly do the trick: HIIT, dance cardio, core conditioning, and full-body movement all in 45 minutes. And for an extra ass-kicking, join Nike Trainer Ashley Guarrasi for a boxing-inspired workout that’ll take you from 0 to 100 real quick.


This summer is going to be different. But you can still sweat (and share) with the Tone It Up squad during their six-week “I’m In For The Summer” challenge.

Partner up: Working out is always better with a partner, so rally your roommate or your S/O for a two-person plank challenge. Think all those choreographed TikTok videos are hard? Try timing your exercises to the beat.

When the group Zoom needs an energy boost, throw on your favorite workout fit, cue up one of Caleb Marshall’s dance sessions, and have some fun with it. And keep an eye on LIT Method's schedule — they're hosting weekly strength training classes followed by a virtual party.


It’s struggle city at home right now. Get your mind right with The Class by Taryn Toomey, a meditative, immersive experience that’ll help you tap into your emotional side. (Free 14-day trial, FYI.)

Feeling down? Unroll your mat and move through this soothing yoga practice. Yoga with Adriene has a breathwork-focused flow for reducing anxiety and stress, and YogaWorks has posted a tension releasing shoulder mobility stretch you can do in less than six minutes.

Or, let it all go with a hardcore sweat — Health House has targeted workouts that’ll leave you sore for days.


So your instructor’s energy level is at a 10 and you’re a hard two (at best). We know the feeling.

It’s okay to take a rest day, even if the most you’ve done is taken nine steps from the living room to the fridge. But when you’re ready to move, even a little, try these hacks for slumping energy and get your heart rate up with fitness all-star Kayla Itsines — you won’t need to go far from where you’re sitting. Or, why not just lay around and try out some… let’s call them unique stretches from StretchLab?

Bed time: Work up a sweat in your PJs with obé fitness’s bed-bound sculpt, add these CorePower poses to your nightly ritual, or welcome sweet dreams with Alo Yoga’s relaxing yoga nidra.


Chill isn’t a state of mind reserved for the weekend, and treating yourself to some self-care can happen any day. Go ahead and challenge your friends to this wellness-themed game of tic-tac-toe.

Go with the flow: Modo Yoga LA is ending each day with a mindful Yin yoga class. Plus, lululemon ambassador Janet Stone’s grounding asana is EXTRA mellow if you pair it with a playlist from DJ Sol Rising.

And only Sky Ting could get us this excited for a sound bath.

Meredith O'Connor and Ryan Deer contributed to writing this list.


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