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Ravyn Rowland

Who said going vegan has to be hard? These days, swearing off meat, dairy, and eggs is so common that restaurants and grocery stores are jumping at the chance to offer vegan-friendly foods. But if you’re meat-free and recently found yourself staring a little too long at your friend’s turkey burger… we’d advise passing on the next quinoa burger you see and holding out for something a bit more artisanal.

Vegan “butcher” shops have been popping up across the country and they are single-handedly changing the faux meat game. And these “butchers” aren’t just slicing up zucchinis and calling it a burger — they specialize in crafting only the most flavorful and tasty small-batch meat-alternatives. Our hometown hero: The Abbot’s Butcher.


The Abbot’s Butcher, serving LA and OC, is among this new crop (sorry, we couldn’t resist) of plant-based butcher shops. Abbot’s was founded by Kerry Song, a vegan and animal rights supporter who found herself disappointed with the available selection of meat alternatives. Since nothing Song could find tasted quite right or had ingredients she should could recognize, Song decided to create her own animal-friendly proteins.

This, of course, led to the founding of The Abbot’s Butcher. The name? A nod to not only her old stomping grounds in Venice, but the famous conservationist himself, Abbot Kinney.

Song struck a chord with her plant-based “meat”, and now The Abbot’s Butcher offers everything from “Turkey” Burgers to Italian “Meatballs” and “Chorizo” (GF). As a bonus, all of Song’s products are 100% plant based, non-GMO, and free of any preservatives or artificial ingredients.


When we first heard about Abbot’s, we knew we had to give it a try — though, there’s no actual counter service like a true butcher shop/deli. And since there are only a couple restaurants in LA to try Abbot’s (GreenLeaf Chopshop is our pick), we went with the delivery route. Fortunately, getting Abbot’s delivered is super easy — if you live in LA you can order via or and get delivery straight to your door.

Our take on the popular “Beef” Burger? It’s positively heaven-sent. We’re not kidding — it’s so good that even non-vegans will love it. The texture is perfect and it comes packed with tomato and porcini mushroom to deliver on its “early umami flavor”. And if you are following a vegan diet, you’ll be happy to know that one “burger” comes with 24 grams of protein. Interested? We thought so.

Now is the perfect time to hit up your local vegan butcher and brush up on your healthy grill game.