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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

All it took was some club lighting and fire Spotify playlists to make indoor cycling explode. When you’re ready for tapbacks, hill climbs, and possibly a hair flip, check out the best rides in LA.




If you’re looking for the ultimate challenge and are ready to drive your heart rate up the wall, Cycle House has your name all over it. The instructors will push you hard and the studio’s devoted members will follow, so it’s only natural that you’ll be motivated to take yourself beyond your limits. But first, coffee. The West Hollywood location shares a courtyard with Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, a cute coffee shop next door.

Santa Monica’s RYDE4 will give you a good sweat and the feeling that you and your fellow riders are all in this together. Occupying Burn Fitness’s rooftop space, you’ll pedal away in a small, airy room within a near spitting distance from the ocean. On the nicest days, they’ll even wheel the bikes out into the open air. With a room (or roof) full of all ages, RYDE4 is the spot for anyone from the newbie to the pro cyclist. Fitt Tip: when you’re inside, book bike #19 or #20 and you’ll feel the cool ocean breeze from the window behind you.

Get ready to find your soul at what’s honestly the hottest place in town. With 13 studios throughout LA and OC, SoulCycle has proven to be the place you have to try, even if just once. With themed rides, a tight community, and tons of celebrity clients, SoulCycle has become the standard for LA cycling. Other studios might place more emphasis on the technical aspects or mind-body connection, but there’s a reason SoulCycle has an almost cult-like following — they’ll blow you away with their fiery, hot beats, enthusiastic instructors, and choreography Beyoncé would be proud of.

Previously known as Sunset Bike House, Ratio Cycling on N. Wilton Pl. is all about bringing people together under the same roof for the same goals: harmony and peak health. Their cycling program is athletically oriented for this reason. Their standard is the Ratio Ride, but they also have a Ride + Build class that will lead you through a 30-minute high-intensity Ratio Ride followed by 15-minutes of strength training off the bike.

You’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back in time when you enter Made In LA, a grungy fitness center in Hollywood Heights that’s adorned with Rolling Stones logos and an old-school vibe. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense workout, look no further; there’s no choreography, no rankings, no frills, just the ultimate endurance test. With punk rock music blasting throughout class and quite possibly the fastest sprinters in town, you’ll let the hardcore energy push you to your limits. Oh, and you need to get down with their Ratchet Ride, a fierce class to a dirty mix of rap and hip-hop music. And if you’re lucky, you might just get pink spinning shoes for rentals.

When this La Brea studio joined the LA cycling landscape, it came in with a bang. Their self-proclaimed “more than just cycling classes” combine core work, circuit training, and indoor cycling into one muscle-blasting sweat session. And classes are rhythmic, meaning everyone moves together without competition or technology getting in the way of your workout. Plus, each class is geared toward mindful awareness and a specific intention, so you can set your fitness goal and then proceed to crush it.

This place is just what it sounds like — a heated cycling studio. Warmed to an ambient 84°, The Sweat Shoppe will have you breaking a sweat even before you start spinning those wheels. Why heat? The heat is a training tool to optimize athletic performance. To take things up another notch, try their signature Sweat Cycle class — it’s a grueling 55 minutes!

CycleBar is all about Rocking Your Ride. Known for its CycleBeats (a music library made just for cycling) and CycleStats (a compilation of performance metrics), this studio has truly thought of everything you need to make your ride the best it can be. Rides range from Classic to Performance-based and Themed rides. But the game changer is the Connect ride, where they turn off the monitors and turn up the music. Get in the saddle at one of their LA studios in WeHo, Culver City, or Santa Monica — with Manhattan Beach coming soon.

There’s one thing for sure — HYPE in Silver Lake is totally worth the hype. If you’re looking to mash up your ride with some of your favorite workouts, this place is for you. You can pedal in their 45-minute Hype Cycle class, break a quick sweat in the 30-minute FLASH Ride, or mix it up with their combo classes: Cycle Sculpt (45-minute cardio and strength cycle with weights), Cycle + BURN (split between the bike and Pilates moves)), Cycle + FLOW (signature cycle class, plus a Vinyasa flow), Cycle + HIIT (interval ride plus total-body strength moves)), and Cycle + CORE. Here, there are plenty of options for you to kick your workout into the next gear.

At this boutique cycling studio (with seven locations in SoCal), you’ll find a spacious blue-lit room, cardio-fueled workouts, and plenty of sweating cyclers. Get ready to rock out to the beat of the music in a high-intensity, full-body cycling class. And once you hit the end of class, they’ll give you a cool eucalyptus towel to relax after a tough ride. (Hello, spa treatment!) As if we couldn’t love them any more, GritCycle is super community-oriented, organizing “Karma Rides” each month where they team up with local, like-minded charities and fundraise through donation-based classes. A good workout for a good cause? Sign us up.

From the moment you walk into EvolvCycle in Studio City, you will feel the good vibes from its sleek, modern studio and reception space. The classes take it up a notch in what they like to call a “spiritual party”, with a dark room, loud music, and a kickass instructor. And their signature ride emphasizes strength, endurance, and mindfulness as you pedal to the beat — prepare for a variety of choreographed movements for a full-body workout. If you want a challenge, try the Sculpt & Burn Bootcamp class that features more interval training, intense hills, speed, and resistance. It might be tough love, but we promise the ride will be worth it.

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