The Best Healthy Brunch Spots in Los Angeles

The Best Healthy Brunch Spots in Los Angeles

You woke up early, hiked, ran, went to the gym — you are on it. That’s kick-starting your weekend with productivity… and better yet, you don’t have to worry about going into work later! But, there’s a problem: you’re hungry.

Stressing over where to brunch now? Don’t. Reward yourself with delicious and nutritious food at one of our favorite weekend brunch spots scattered throughout Los Angeles. Just go ahead and shower before heading out — your company will appreciate it!

  • Sqirl

    image via @arthurstreetkitchen | Instagram

    While weather hardly changes between seasons in Los Angeles, Sqirl’s brunch menu does. With a market-driven focus, this Silver Lake spot reinvents brunch classics while dishing out (rather than storing… because squirrels) seasonal specialties. Craving something sweet and healthful? Try their Buckwheat Pancakes, made with buckwheat & cactus flour, cocoa nib pudding, and coconut. Your favorite fruit in season? You’ll find it as a preserve accompanying a hearty slice of toast. And want to know what’s cool? Sqirl produces all their preserves on-site per techniques developed in the 1500s.

  • Hugo’s Restaurant

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    image via Hugo's | Facebook

    Hugo’s Restaurant, in Agoura Hills, West Hollywood, and Studio City, focuses on clean foods. Hugo’s mixes American and Mexican cuisine for a robust selection of hearty and healthful brunch staples. From Almond Energy Pancakes to Huevos Rancheros (all egg dishes can be substituted with organic tofu free of charge), brunch at Hugo’s guarantees two things: a full belly and a happy you. Best of all, Hugo’s accommodates our vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free friends with dishes that won’t make a hugo hole in your wallet.

  • Ubatuba Acai Bowl

    Brunch Acai Bowl
    image via Ubatuba Acai Bowl | Facebook

    With locations in Koreatown, Tarzana, Northridge, and Thousand Oaks, Ubatuba Acai Bowl is as accessible as it is healthy. A Brazilian café, juice bar, and acai bowl hybrid, Ubatuba pleases weekend warriors with sweet+cold and savory+warm food. A standard Acai Bowl consists of the Brazilian berry as well as granola, bananas, strawberries, and one other topping of your choice. Extra toppings (treat yo’self) cost small, additional fees. Ravenously hungry? Balance the sweet+cold acai bowl with some savory+warm empanadas.

  • Kreation Organic Juicery

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    image via @keep_it_up_bitch | Instagram

    Whether you’re looking to chow down, cure a hangover, or just cleanse your system, you’ll find whatever remedy you need at Kreation. If you’re looking for a savory option, get to one of their “kafes” around LA and try a lox plate or the Huevos Cancun, or snack on a refreshing acai bowl if you’re in the mood for something sweeter. And, if you’re all about juicing, some of Kreation’s spots are liquid-focused, offering dozens of cold-pressed juices and smoothies to go with grab ‘n’ go food! You’ve got options: sit and eat in a zen, plant-filled atmosphere, or take your snacks and jam.

  • Blu Jam Café

    image via Blu Jam Cafe | Facebook

    A guaranteed long line (perhaps over an hour wait?). Normally, we’d say bail. But, with Blu Jam Café, we’ll make an exception. Ranked as the best breakfast spot in Los Angeles for a few years running, Blue Jam Café—with six locations around town—never fails to satisfy. From cucumber-infused water (H₂O at its finest) to signature dishes like Crunchy French Toast, you’re bound to leave Blu Jam Café fresh and ready to tackle the day.

  • Flore Vegan

    image via @skyee.taylorr | Instagram

    What’s in a name? In this case, everything. Delivering vegan interpretations of breakfast classics, country comforts, and sandwiches & salads, Flore Vegan in Silver Lake charms both vegans and meat-eaters alike. Snap into our favorite pressed juice, the Gingersnap, to power through your day. And the cherry on top? A Chocolate Strawberry Cake as sweet as your newfound appreciation for vegan cuisine.

  • Fratelli Cafe

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    image via @fratelli_cafe | Instagram

    Sporting all-day breakfast items named after The Bee Gees and The Jacksons, it’s no wonder Angelenos sing high praise for Fratelli Cafe. From croissanwiches—that’s hard, food science at work—to tartines (a fancy French word for open-faced sandwiches), Fratelli Cafe offers more than just the breakfast classics. And this family-friendly café aims to please; most items can be made with vegan restrictions in mind. One day, you may find yourself on Melrose Avenue eating The Baldwins (a breakfast burrito, guys) while sitting next to a Baldwin (Alec, Daniel, William, or Stephen).

  • Zinc Cafe & Market

    Vegan in LA
    image via Lea N. | Yelp

    Hoping to recharge your battery from the wears and tears of city life? Look no further! Simply venture down to DTLA’s uber hip Arts District. Cultivating a restful space through a thoughtful and artistic environment, Zinc Cafe & Market is one of LA’s chillest brunch spots. For a unique eat, we suggest the Breakfast Bahn Mi, a wonderful Vietnamese brunch item. And for a healthy spin on a SoCal favorite/love of our life, try the Avocado Breakfast Toast topped with radish salad, chives, and lemon zest.

  • Lemon Poppy Kitchen

    La Brunch
    image via @jennpan | Instagram

    Introducing and popularizing the Romanian specialty planchinta (small pastries stuffed with poppy seed paste, almonds, and ricotta) to Los Angeles, Lemon Poppy Kitchen in Glassell Park prides itself on serving inspired meals. An assortment of delicious smoothies, savory snacks, and aromatic coffees broaden your brunch options here, but you gotta chow down on the Planchinta Breakfast. Can’t because of a gluten allergy? Fret not! The Polenta Cakes & Eggs, as well as Cauliflower Hash, are delicious gluten-free picks.

  • Café Gratitude

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    image via Karen Farber | Yelp

    True to its name, Café Gratitude in DTLA, Venice, Beverly Hills, and on Larchmont expresses thanks to Mother Earth by producing food that is entirely plant-based and designed with your body in mind. Pancakes dubbed “Open-Hearted” are made with buckwheat flax and topped with cashew whipped cream sourced from sustainable, local farms. Wellness Shots, (4 oz glasses of concentrated, healthful concoctions) including the “Brave” immune boosting and “Recovering” liver detox shots, address specific bodily needs, like hangovers. You’ll be feeling healthy and happy upon leaving, knowing you’ve treated your body, and the Earth, well by brunching here.

  • Urth Caffé

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    image via Winnie W. | Yelp

    A menu loaded with options and a cool, casual atmosphere make Urth an LA staple and a perfect place to stop and fuel up after a morning workout. Try a yogurt parfait or egg dish for lighter fare, or munch on the breakfast sandwich or a breakfast pizza if you have a larger appetite — whatever you choose you can’t go wrong. Plus, Urth has five locations across the city, meaning you’ll probably be able to find one wherever your adventures take you. We recommend trying a Spanish latte to get you fueled up, caffeinated, and ready for the day!

  • Malibu Farm Cafe

    Vegetarian Brunch in LA
    image via Serena W. | Yelp

    Pushing plates at the end of the Malibu Pier—about 25 minutes up Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica—brunch at Malibu Farm is a must for any adventurous day along Malibu’s sunny shores. Here, you can score farm-fresh local dishes while taking in panoramic views and shoreline of LA’s most star-studded city. Refuel from a morning hike or surf sesh with the quinoa oatmeal or a smoked salmon scramble, and be sure to pair your meal with a fresh squeezed juice or share a pitcher of sangria filled with fresh fruit! Fitt Tip: say hi to Helene, the woman who started Malibu Farm — she’s the sweetest person alive.