Introducing Cheat Day Land, An Interactive Pop-up Museum Coming Soon to LA

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Introducing Cheat Day Land, An Interactive Pop-up Museum Coming Soon to LA

Picture this: it’s cheat day and you can have all of your favorite junk foods, but this time, you won’t rack up any calories, gain any weight, or bear any guilt. Think that’s just a fantasy? Think again. At Cheat Day Land, LA’s newest interactive museum, you can live that fantasy IRL.

All you can eat

An interactive pop-up museum at the Arts District in Downtown LA, Cheat Day Land is made up of 12 cheat meal-themed rooms stocked with larger-than-life food art. But unlike the typical museum, touching the artwork is not off limits.

You’ll never look at dumbbells the same once you step foot into the Donut Sweat It room and rep out some curls with delectable donut dumbbells. All about Taco Tuesday? Live your most legendary one yet in the Taco Bout It room. Perhaps the cherry on top, though, is the Alphabet Delight room, where you can dive into the world’s largest bowl of cereal and suspend from an equally large spoon for the ideal do it for the ‘gram photo op.

If that’s not interactive enough for ya, how about becoming a piece of the food art? “Take flight” with (chicken) wings that adorn one of the many double tap-worthy art walls or climb mounds of food for an experience you’ve only dreamed about. And if fashion is more your thing, don a hamburger dress. Who knows, it just might become a thing.

Immersing yourself in all that food art would be somewhat tortuous without some actual food to go with it, right? Lucky for us, cheat day samples will be offered in different rooms and they’ll alternate weekly, so you’ll never know what you’re gonna get!

Have your cake and eat it, too

The museum is the brainchild of Rubi Rymenmy, who was inspired by Japan’s interactive museums and came up with the concept for Cheat Day Land by mixing her love of art and food. Described as a “sensory explosion,” she created this whimsical world for health and fitness fanatics to take a break from their green smoothies and Buddha bowls and give them a taste of cheat eats of epic proportions.

But Cheat Day Land isn’t just about indulging. It’s about celebrating food in a positive, entertaining, and healthy way. That’s why the made-for-Instagram exhibition will also provide tips about balancing a healthy lifestyle (tasty guilt-free snacks included). And the final ingredient in this recipe for success? A portion of the proceeds will go toward education around fun, healthy eating.

Whet your appetite

Here’s the scoop: Cheat Day Land will make its debut at 2018 E. 7th St. October 1 and will run until October 31. Like your favorite fitness class, the experience will last 60 minutes and you’ll need to reserve your spot ahead of time.

While you’re embracing your inner child exploring a modern-day version of Willy Wonka’s factory, you’ll be counting anything but your calories. So go on and treat yo’self!