A Triple Threat: Le Petit Marché is an All-in-One Restaurant, Bar, & Market

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A Triple Threat: Le Petit Marché is an All-in-One Restaurant, Bar, & Market

If you’re even slightly acquainted with the City of Angels, then you know that it isn’t lacking in delectable dining options, healthy convenience stores, and bangin’ bars. But what if we told you the city is now home to a dream destination where you can get all three in one place?

Yep, we’re talking about Le Petit Marché, a new all-in-one, all-day restaurant, bar, and gourmet marketplace in Larchmont.

Small, but mighty

Though their name literally means “the small market” in French, Le Petit Marché’s offerings are mighty. Think fresh, organic produce sourced from local farms, hormone-free and ethically-raised meats, natural and unique wines, and freshly-made, gluten-free pastries. And if that doesn’t already have you reaching for your car keys, maybe the fact that you can also pick up the finest cheese and apricot jam straight from France will. (Your charcuterie board just got a MAJOR upgrade.)

And while their name speaks to their market, if you’ve got some time on your hands, pull up a chair and order a mouth-watering meal from their French-inspired, California-influenced restaurant menu. Don’t worry — everything’s made with the same locally- and ethically-sourced ingredients you’ll find at the market.

Brunch and lunch are surefire wins, but really, anytime is a good time to eat at Le Petit Marché. Try the Homemade Gravlax Tartine with salmon gravlax, pickled cipollini onions, and smoked cucumber or the Kale Mac N’ Cheese with kale, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and cheese sauce. But if you’re in a rush, their grab-and-go salads and sandwiches like the Le Parma (prosciutto ham, goat cheese, pesto, mixed herbs) make for the ideal take-out meal.

Not to be missed is their plant-based menu, namely their Choux de Bruxelles Grillés featuring grilled brussel sprouts, chickpeas, beet purée, apples, and wine dressing. Now that’s a meal we can feel good about both in our hearts and bellies. And if you’re looking for a nightcap, you can sip guilt-free with their “no refined sugar” cocktails made with honey, agave, and almond instead of syrups.

The trifecta effect

Set up on the ground level of The LC apartment building at the corner of El Centro and Melrose Ave., Le Petit Marché provides the Larchmont community with a place to do it all.

Stop by for their can’t-miss croissant and a cup of Verve coffee, stay for their happy hour and French fare, and stock up on pasta, spices, and oils for a homemade gourmet dinner fit for your most discerning foodie friends and family. Yes, this is what we call living, folks.