One Box: YogaClub is Giving Back One Subscription at a Time

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One Box: YogaClub is Giving Back One Subscription at a Time

They say the key to happiness is community. So it only makes sense that fostering a strong sense of community is one of the pillars of a successful yoga practice. But when it comes to cultivating a community that’s going to thrive, it’s important to focus on the future, or rather, the youngest among us.

Many yoga studios have tapped into this very idea. It’s no coincidence that more and more yoga classes are aimed at including the entire family and focused particularly on the youngsters of the group.

But your neighborhood yoga studio isn’t the only one trying to make an impact. YogaClub, a monthly yoga apparel subscription box company, is using its influence to reach out to kids in local neighborhoods around Los Angeles.

  • Welcome to the club

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    Come on, you know there’s nothing like a relaxing and restorative yoga class after a long day at work (or school) to help calm your mind and stimulate positive energy. With that in mind, YogaClub has partnered with LA’s BEST, a non-profit focused on providing children ages 5 to 12 with educational and enriching after school programs, to offer kids in LA’s most vulnerable neighborhoods the opportunity reap the benefits of yoga.

    With their gaze focused squarely on the mission at hand, YogaClub helped fund a pilot program for LA’s BEST that is enabling elementary school children in the area to participate in after school yoga and meditation classes.

    The brand’s already hard at work, co-teaching quarterly yoga class events in schools around Los Angeles (they’ve already held two!). Bonus: Every child that attends a class gets their own yoga mat to keep at school for future use, all generously donated by Manduka.

  • One Box. One Class.

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    Real talk: We all have a dresser drawer bursting at the seams with yoga pants and tops. Very real talk: None of us can stop buying more.

    Since we all know you’re going to buy yoga gear on the reg. anyway, double down and treat yourself and someone else at the same time. With every subscription box bought through YogaClub’s One Box. One Class. initiative, a yoga class is donated to a child in need.

    It’s not complicated. It’s community.