WeHo’s Pura Vita is The First Fully Vegan Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar in The US

WeHo’s Pura Vita is The First Fully Vegan Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar in The US

Sure, we’ve got our pick of vegan beer in La La Land, but when it comes to wine, what’s a vegan to do? Well, thanks to WeHo’s plant-based paradise, Pura Vita, you can rest easy knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of the delicious Italian meal you’re chowing down on or the vino you’ve paired it with.

Strictly meat-free

Setting a precedent as the first 100% plant-based Italian restaurant and wine bar in the US, Pura Vita is not your average Italian restaurant (obvi).

And you’re in for a real treat because self-taught head chef and owner, Tara Punzone, a vegan herself for over 25 years, has recreated all of her family’s traditional southern Italian recipes into clean, healthy, home-style vegan renditions. Everything—from the sauces to the vegan cheeses—is made in-house and from scratch. As if that isn’t impressive enough, all of the ingredients Pura Vita uses come from local, organic farms or straight from the motherland.

Team spaghetti or team linguine? We’ll let you make the call. Although, between their Spaghetti Pomodoro and their Linguine di Mare, tossed in garlic white wine sauce and served with king oyster mushroom scallops and toasted breadcrumbs, it will be hard to choose. Fitt Tip: many of their pastas can be made gluten-free.

But it’s not all pasta at Pura Vita (we wouldn’t be mad if it was). They also bring out the big guns for brunch and lunch. Trust us — their tofu egg and shiitake bacon dish and their hero jackfruit sausage and cashew mozzarella sandwich are no afterthoughts.

Finish off your unforgettable meal with an equally memorable Italian classic — their tiramisu made of vanilla bean cashew mascarpone, espresso, and cocoa.

You had me at wine

Need something to wash it all down? Choose from a 40-bottle vegan wine list featuring traditional Italian varieties like Barolo and Montepulciano that are not only vegan but also sustainable and sourced from organic or biodynamic farms.

If you’re wondering why wine isn’t vegan to begin with, you’re not alone. Some wines contain animal products like egg whites or gelatin in the filtration process, but you won’t find those ingredients here!

The real deal

Really, it doesn’t get more authentic Italian than Pura Vita. With a 30-foot wine bar, dark colored walls, and wood throughout, this cozy, posh eatery sets the perfect romantic tone.

Come see for yourself what the hype is all about — a taste of Italy is waiting for you in WeHo.