The Kind Ones is Bringing Their Healthy Breakfast Eats to Beverly Hills

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The Kind Ones is Bringing Their Healthy Breakfast Eats to Beverly Hills

In LA, breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day. It’s arguably the best meal of the day. And The Kind Ones, opening in Beverly Hills in September, is looking to prove just that.

Breakfast of champions

The Kind Ones will be joining the ranks of long-standing breakfast institutions in the 90210, but the owners have shown they’re ready to put up some stiff competition. The Beverly Hills location will be their third location to open in less than eight months, so they must be onto something. All three owners call Kuwait home, where they opened the OG restaurant earlier this year and where they say breakfast is all the rage.

Their menu, small but mighty, is made up of breakfast sandwiches, bowls, and coffee drinks.

Whether you’re jonesing for a classic breakfast sandwich (perhaps one with sausage, eggs, and cheese?) or a Middle Eastern version with falafel, tahina, tomato, cucumber, hash brown, and pomegranate molasses, The Kind Ones delivers.

All of their sandwiches are served in an open-top paper box, keeping all the goodness together while you eat ’em up, and come with brioche buns they claim are unrivaled. Made from a top-secret recipe that the baker reportedly signed a non-disclosure agreement for, we’ll take their word for it. Prefer your sandwich in a bowl? Go for the Bae Bowl with bacon, smashed avocados, eggs, hash browns, and chili flakes.

And if you’re one for sweets at breakfast, you’re in for a treat. You can’t go wrong with their french toast or pancakes — both will be the thickest and fluffiest you ever will meet. Trust us. Want to satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining that summer bod you’ve worked so hard for? Try the Bru Bowl with granola, greek yoghurt, maple syrup, and assorted berries. Drinks wise, choose from freshly-squeezed OJ and lemonade, their namesake latte, or any of their coffee classics (espresso, anyone?).

Kind vibes only

Like their menu, the Beverly Hills shop is small, measuring in at 600 square feet. If it’s anything like the OG spot, it’ll be simple in design and decor, letting the food speak for itself. Just look for their signature daisy logo (#discoverthedaisy) and follow their #staykind vibes.

Come September, they’ll be opened weekdays from 7am to 2pm and 8am to 4pm on weekends. Prepare to become a morning person.