lululemon Opens Its First Meditation Space in New York City

lululemon Opens Its First Meditation Space in New York City

Yoga — it’s all about mind and body, and lululemon is putting some extra emphasis on the ‘mind’ aspect of this popular practice. The all-yoga-everything retailer is switching up the game and introducing a new way to experience some of the benefits of yoga off the mat.

We’ll let you in on a secret: It has nothing to do with yoga pants.

  • Mindfuloso—what?

    Meditation Space in New York
    Image via @lululemonnyc

    lululemon’s very first “Mindfulosophy Space” just opened in New York City right across from Rockefeller Center. (We promise that name is totally legit, by the way.) Completely zenning out the second floor of the store, the space is meant to give New Yorkers the chance to escape, unplug, and recharge with a quick meditation sesh.

    Complete with super-sweet  “zen pods” (aka large, ultra-comfy couches built for one), headphones, and 12 self-guided meditation recordings, the Mindfulosophy Space is the perfect spot to kick back and take some time to slow down your brain in the midst of the city that never sleeps. Take a seat, turn to the touch screen dashboard on your left/right, and get your zen on.

  • It gets even better

    Meditation Space New York
    Image via @lululemonnyc

    Oh, did we mention it’s FREE? Yep, lululemon has you covered on this one. When you’re really feeling like you need to chill, take a minute (or 30) to recollect yourself without any of those pricey studio fees.

    A second Mindfulosophy Space is already in the works and will be opening in Williamsburg. On top of just being an awesome concept, the Brooklyn space comes with some other perks. This location will be hosting weekly rooftop fitness classes at The William Vale Hotel. It’s a class with quite a view! Be on the lookout for a rotating selection of yoga, HIIT, Pilates, and more.