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UPDATED FEB 24, 2020

Miami is filled with top-notch indoor cycling studios set up across practically every district in town. From club-like atmospheres to virtual courses and everything in between, here are the best cycling spots in the city to check out for your next workout.




This homegrown studio is all about channeling that Magic City flavor, which means when you’re breaking a sweat at RedBike in Brickell or Midtown, you’ll be jamming out to rumba and reggaeton music. And don’t forget the synchronized strobe lights (yep, just like the ones at your favorite club in South Beach) that change color and frequency based on the beats and pace. Just think of this place as a rhythm-based cardio party. And since they’re committed to giving you a full-body workout, you’ll dedicate 10 minutes to upper-body exercises using free weights before it’s all over. Fitt Tip: keep an eye on their schedule, they frequently host themed rides like Kanye West vs. J. Balvin and Cardi B and Rihanna mash-ups.

If you’re looking for some friendly competition, a workout at Flywheel Sports is a no-brainer. Using a digital tracking system on the bike (which takes note of how far and fast you’re riding), their beats-driven, no-frills fitness classes will challenge you to push your body harder than ever before. Afterward, your stats are posted to an app and on a leaderboard, showing you where you placed among your fellow riders. You can find them in Boca Raton or Miami Beach, so no matter where you are, there’s likely a Flywheel nearby.

Think of VirtuRide in North Miami Beach as the high-tech twist to your average cycling studio. With a floor-to-ceiling monitor at the front, riders move based on what’s on the screen. Taking on an upward climb? Your bike will literally incline up to 20°, providing you with the real-life sensation of biking up a hill. Moving in tandem with VirtuRide’s virtual terrain, there’s even a large fan that blows air to imitate wind on the road. We’re officially riding into the future, folks.

One of our absolute favorite neighborhoods to hang in is Wynwood. So naturally, WynWheels is the go-to workout spot if you live, work, or just happen to be in the area. And trust us when we say a sweat sesh at this cycling studio is no joke. They’ll get your heart pumping with hills, sprints, and endurance rides, pushing you to ramp up those RMPs even when you feel like you've reached your edge. But don’t worry, you’re in good hands — the instructors put together carefully-crafted playlists filled with pop, electro house, hip hop, and Latin jams to carry you through the muscle burn. Fitt Tip: they’re also one of the most inexpensive studios in Miami, with single classes priced at $15 and unlimited monthly rides at $89.

Whether you’re a die-hard cyclist or just starting out, you’ve probably heard of SoulCycle. This boutique concept may be one of the most popular cycling chains in the country, but they hold a special place in Miami’s heart because they were one of the first cycling studios to set up in our city. Here, you’ll pick a class (45-, 60-, and 90-minute sessions) and lose yourself to the rhythm of the music. But this is no walk in the park, be prepared for high-intensity cardio, choreography, and so. much. sweat.

We love a good cycling class, but we’re not as enthusiastic about all the sweat that comes with it. Cue ELEMENT AQUA, a water-based cycling studio on NE 4th Ct. focused on toning and strengthening your body without all putting all that extra impact and stress on your joints. Get your feet wet (we had to) with their basic class for beginners then turn up the cardio with their "Turbo Cycling" workout. No matter what you choose, you’ll be cycling in the water, meaning you won’t even notice the sweat.

Wynwood-based studio Innerride is all about making sure your workout is equal parts muscle burn and fun. That’s why they’ve created a welcoming and inviting atmosphere where you’ll not only get a killer workout, you might even make a few friends, too. Classes focus on full-body exercises and their instructors practically double as DJs, playing a mix of party and pop beats to keep that energy up. Fitt Tip: wanna see what the hype is all about? Your first class is on the house.

Throw on a bathing suit — WaterBiking Studio in Coral Gables is submerging your entire bike in the pool. But don't be fooled, just because this ride is more low-impact than the others doesn’t mean it’s easier. Choose your resistance level and sculpt your body with strength and endurance circuits. Once class is over, you’ll leave glistening, refreshed, and ready to take on the day.

CycleBar is not your average cycling studio. We’re talking a concert-quality sound system, high-definition display screens, and heart-rate monitored fitness trackers. Oh, and did we mention the studio itself is tiered like a theater? And thanks to their second-to-none instructors (CycleStars, as they call them) and class variety, no two rides are ever the same. It’s safe to say clipping in and going through the motions is not an option here. Book a bike at one of their multiple Miami-area locations.

If you're familiar with this luxury fitness experience, then you already know that Equinox is known for offering high-intensity group workouts that will push you harder and make you dig deeper than you ever thought was possible. And lucky for us, that also includes cycling. Their classes are grouped into three different categories: "Road Rides", "Competition Rides", and "Beats Rides", so whether you're in the mood go head-to-head with your fellow riders, or you're looking for a terrain-based or music-driven sweat, they've got you. Once you've fully fatigued your muscles, you can take advantage of their top-notch amenities like a cold eucalyptus towel, steam rooms, showers, and more. Even better, they've got a handful of studios set up around the city.

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