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UPDATED FEB 18, 2020

Miami has plenty more to offer than just greasy delights; it’s peppered with dozens of outstanding eateries that want to help you jumpstart your day properly. From old-school spots to new organic cafes, meet the heroes serving the healthiest brunches in Miami.




Dr Smood — a wellness café and juice bar — offers up “smart food for a good mood”, the namesake actually stems from the words ‘smart’ and ‘food’. Yet, this organic health joint hasn’t been popping up all over the 305 just because of their nutrient-rich menu crafted by certified in-house doctors. Their minimalist yet modern setting make it appropriate for a trendy AM hangout. At any of their five Miami locations, you can thoroughly enjoy your avocado toast with "Matcha & Maca Chia Pudding" and dairy-free coffee for a quick brekkie or leisurely brunch.

Lilikoi Organic Living, right next to South Pointe Park, makes its case for the #1 healthiest brunches in Miami. It's one of the most beautiful restaurants in Miami — airy, wood-accented, and plant-filled. For owners Manuel and Tina Torterola, this Hawaiian-inspired farm-to-table concept’s vibe is intentional. It’s casual, meaning you can have a drawn-out brunch with friends, but it’s also designed for those that live a healthy lifestyle. You’ll see what we mean with the locally-sourced breakfast platter, with chicken sausage, roasted tomato, mushrooms, mung bean stew, two eggs, and homemade whole wheat toast to sop up every last bite. Fitt Tip: brunch is served all day!

“Once upon a time, all food was organic.” Their slogan sounds like a sequel to The Lorax, but Organic Bites proves why organic matters with its seasonally-sourcing restaurant. OB is an OG in the MiMO District when it comes to not only an Earth- and diet-friendly breakfast but affordability as well — they strive to challenge the misconception that all organic food will cost all your budget. Need brunch recommendations? Some of our favorite meals that you can get before 11:30am are the salmon and eggs, a fresh acai bowl, and parfaits with organic honey and homemade granola.

Two themes are apparent in this intimate downtown cafe connected to the Epic Hotel: quality food and authentic art. Here, you can expect a temporary escape from the Latin breakfast options that rule the city — LaMuse will make you feel like you’ve traveled to a modern French museum. The breakfasts are always too pretty to eat, served in artsy, rainbow-hued dishware, but the croissant sandwiches and breakfast bowls will encourage you to dig into these masterpieces.

GreenLife Organic Bistro has you covered with one of the most quintessential breakfasts in Brickell and Coral Gables. The "Hummus Toast" or O.G. acai bowl are classic moves, but the dragonfruit coconut chia parfait or vegan fudge brownie are also solid picks if you're in the mood for a fairly guilt-free sweet treat. And if none of those options suit you, you can build your own egg breakfast — we recommend the spinach wrap.

At Threefold's three cafes, breakfast is served all day and you can guarantee every ingredient used is sourced locally. The star of this Australian-owned restaurant is the avocado toast, which may seem basic, but it’s finished with feta, lime, basil, roasted mushrooms, and an optional poached egg. Oh, and don't worry about leaving the kiddos at home — there's a designated children’s play area, so you can sit back and sip your cappuccino with a carefree, Aussie state of mind.

Orange Blossom reigns as top dog for Miami egg-based brunches. Here, you can score favorites like a tasty egg white omelet with multi-grain toast, or the amazing dish of quinoa “fried rice” with kale, bacon, and two sunny side up eggs. The atmosphere is perfect, too: the interior pays homage to the spirit of “old Florida” — their wood-lined dining room was inspired by the Orange Blossom Special, the luxury passenger train that ferried the earliest snowbirds from New York to Miami for the first half of the 20th century.

Green Gables Café in Coral Gables is an eatery focused on creating meals that honor not only your taste buds but the body and soul. They care less about up-charging their menu items and more about supporting our environment and the community’s health goals. If you make a stop in this bustling cafe in the heart of Gables, be prepared to find the best organic, reasonably priced breakfast foods you can find in Miami (a crazy concept, we know), like a sprouted wheat bagel, eggs any style with honey butter toast, or a vegan or paleo breakfast bowl.

Beachy cafe, vegan eatery, smoothie bar, coffee shop — call it what you will, this shop is doing something right in the organic and health food department. With what are now four locations in Miami and no plans of slowing down, Pura Vida has steadily gained more and more popularity as the go-to spot for superfood meals, shots, and bottled juices. Enjoy locally sourced ingredients from their 10-part menu, which include classics made with a twist, like cream cheese bagels topped with nutrient-rich microgreens or açaí bowls with added protein powder, drizzled almond butter, or even bee pollen!

Slow it down and start your morning off right with a smoothie at MyRoots, picking from a wide offering of superfruit smoothies from the always popular acai to the intriguing hot mango. But not only does the casual eatery have a brunch in the liquid form — they’ve got a number of vegan breakfast offerings. Go with a classic avocado or cashew cream toast, or switch things up with their offering of vegan empanadas — and it wouldn’t hurt to take a smoothie to go.

Love Life Cafe prides itself on simple, clean, and delicious plant-based menu items. Stop by for breakfast any morning to enjoy their signature “Miami Breakfast” that includes a jackfruit “carne”, or go with the classic avocado bread topped with a “parm” crumble and a side of sweet potato herb fries.

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