Say Hello to minigrow, a Fast-Casual Spin on Fan Favorite honeygrow

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Say Hello to minigrow, a Fast-Casual Spin on Fan Favorite honeygrow

Fitt favorite stir-fry and salad spot honeygrow has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the six years since it was founded in Philadelphia. With innovative ordering through touchscreens and over 20 locations from Chicago to Manhattan, they’ve brought their nutritious eats to the streets, fueling the fast-paced lives of the healthy and hungry.

Their latest endeavor, minigrow, takes the concept of “fast casual” and elevates it to new, incredibly delicious levels. By streamlining the menu from nearly 90 possible ingredients to 36, they’ve curated a customizable dining experience that’s able to bring high-quality and healthy to the masses in record time. And with these types of dishes on the menu, this might be your fastest option to impress a date.

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    Yes, you can get a salad just about anywhere these days. But how about one topped with dashi-poached salmon, sesame cucumbers, slow-roasted tomatoes, and miso corn? As you make your way down the assembly line, try not to drool over the zucchini noodles and fresh, briny crab.

    minigrow also offers honeygrow’s signature line of cold-pressed juices, and everyone knows that green juice is practically dessert you can drink.

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    If you’re ready to add seaweed kimchi and pickled chilies to your meal/life and live in New York, you’re in luck — there are already three locations in Midtown just waiting to fulfill your online or in-person orders. As for Chicago and Boston — hope you’re hungry. minigrow is slated to open their Loop and Beantown locations in the next few months! And Philadelphia, home of the original honeygrow, can rest easy knowing that location scouting for the minigrow has already begun in the City of Brotherly Love.

    As minigrow raises the bar from fast casual to grab-and-go gourmet, we can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning of a movement. Trendsetters or trail-blazers, we’re excited to get our hands (and forks) on whatever the team from honeygrow creates next!